from the sun to the Shi Huaiying residence

September 01 [Sat], 2012, 10:42
Left cold hut ,Li River with two jewels ,two pieces of gold ,from the sun to the Shi Huaiying residence ditch .Have a look ,it was four a.m. .Early winter wind Meng Meng blowing, Li River while scantily clad Mens Puma Trionfo Tour SF Shoes,but just in a cold ,drank some forty years old ,then the body warm ,do not feel cold .
Rapping, three door ,just listen to the sound of the door light footsteps ,thereupon ,the slightest aroma into the Li River in the nostrils, Li in a river god ,the wire is Shi Huaiying the body aroma aromatic .
Sure enough, the door is Shi Huaiying .A month ago, Shi Huaiying still and paralysis in the bed of the mother-in-law lives together, after Li Zhonghe Ma Jinwang and communication ,her mother-in-law had been receiving Yu Dongzhuang girl went home, so ,this fresh farmhouse small courtyard, only one Shi Huaiying .
Has just entered the gate ,Li River will take Shi Huaiying into the arms ,Shi Huaiying also actively hold the Li River ,active attack on Li River in the face ,two on the hot lips ,instantly butted together ,Shi Huaiying fell on the Li River in the instant soft arms .
Li Zhonghe holds a history of Huai Ying that ,came into the room, the door is tightly plugged in .The room has a charcoal fire ,then the house warm ,cold was driven away ,a pair of lovers ,love to kiss each other, without any words ,only sincere action .
Again and again into the body of Shi Huaiying ,and again a fused together .Finally ,they tired of lying in bed .However ,Shi Huaiying tears drip drip down ,fell on the Li River . I really don let you go .
Shi Huaiying choked .Li River stroked Shi Huaiying smooth sides ,as not all touch ,kiss ,said: if you want me ,just give me a call ,if not too busy every weekend ,I will come to you ,such as peach communication highway ,from the crow Town to peach ditch ,the car is not a hours .
Listen to the Li River ,Shi Huaiying filled with infinite ,into the Li River arms ,long tunnel: will you forget me ? You see .Li Zhonghe smile .I have no idea. Shi Huaiying . Sister ,your ass so wet? When Li River into the hands of Shi Huaiying ass when, suddenly felt a little sticky stuff .
People ,they want to do ... ... I want to ,this time, I want to kiss you the following . I ,I want to kiss you for the following . Then we change places ,you kiss me ,I kiss you .
You ,you do not shoot . Came to you, into your body shot .However ,you also do not shoot . I want you to use a bit of force . I your pain . I . Endless love, endless ecstasy ,endless has ,as the sun rises to had ended, they look forward to a climax to come as soon as possible .
.. ... ... ... Li River left the peach ditch when the village ,villagers would spontaneously to send, help the aged and the young people here, straight to the Li River to the strains of a wry neck under the tree .
King big camel and mulberry cloud wipes a tear ,pulling the Li River in the hand ,find it difficult to tear apart .Zhang Deyan ,Liu Heidan and so on more than 10 cadre masses to help Li River took the salute ,twists and turns along the road towards crow Town stride .
Li River looking at the four mountains ,my heart be filled with a thousand regrets .Think of the original to the peach ditch hangs duty time, Wang Xiaoqiang ,Tang Jialong ,Xu Dazhu, happy to help brothers escort to ,but only after a hundred days ,he left the quiet village ,to the lonely ,leaving glory ,why this difference to other contrast ,Li River in the heart of nature there ,it is all his own efforts to .
Li River believe ,the county government to help deficient up to do the work to the crow ,must have its own starting points .After leaving the peach ditch before, Li River have not eaten the vacuum-packed beef ,pork ,ham sausage and did not finish ,Moutai Wuliangye ,eat and drink to Mr King cold ,camel ,Qi big mules ,mulberry old lady and other villagers ,his own bow and not much ,but the villagers on Li Zhonghe return is rich ,Qi big mules took many years old mountain ginseng ,sang the old lady also gave him were made several pairs of Melaleuca at the end ,all the luggage into the Li River ,Li River natural moved .
Morning ten o Li Zhonghe line came to the river stone town government in front of .Li River to Liu Heidan and others in the county government opposite Hu master support noodle shop to rest ,he and Zhang Deyan to the town government and the town leaders .
After all ,it spent more than three months ,the town leaders on the Li River is not too bad ,though, because Fu Chengran do with Ma Jin Wang took place between such as conflicts ,but Li River now about to jump out of the wide valley, all the unhappiness was also the end of .
Moreover, Qian Shuwen of secretary of town Party committee has always been against him is very optimistic ,although in the county before the leader did not say how much he speaks well ,but didn poke black ,especially the director of General Office of Chai Qiuju ,Li River should go and have a look ,the reason not to say .
The town government watchdog Laozhang head saw Li River ,to cheerfully greeted, Li River throw Zhang head with a red ,Lao Zhang head look cheerful ,quickly said: the leadership of the town is waiting for you .
Li River slightly started ,it seems puma shoes mens,my old Li leave this matter in the leadership of the town is very important .Sure enough, when the Li River and Zhang Deyan embarked on a familiar town government two floor corridor, just met Chai Qiuju .
Chai Qiuju face the sun Mens Puma Brazil Edition Series Shoes,from her face can not see any psychological fluctuation . Small Li ah ,fast ,fast to the conference room ,the leaders are waiting for you . Firewood Qiu tao .
Li River whispered : I just come to say individual leadership ,do not want to disturb you ... ... Chai Qiuju interrupted the Li River ,said: soon come ferrari puma shoes,you in our river stone work in the last few months, we want you to go .
The Li River entered the meeting room ,incredible to see ,elliptic to the conference table ,actually ,melon seeds ,peanuts are fruits ,sugar .Qian Shuwen of secretary of town Party committee ,town mayor Ma Jinwang ,director of National People ,Wu Ming, vice mayor Zhang Xueding ,Zheng Guobing ,Lv Defu and other town leaders all reign .
Leaders good ! Li River into the conference room ,quickly come up with a pack of leaders ,to one one in sporadic . Oh ,small Li ah ,we from the morning until now . Money Secretary offered his hand to shake hands Li River ,several other leading nature also one one Li River to shake hands with .
In the town leaders in mind, the first Li River enters the peach ditch attachment is not valued ,they think the Li River as the cadre that hang duty to respect as his walk ,never more than a month !Most importantly ,Li River it doesn without background ,they think ,Li Zhonghe such as the cadre that hang duty ,there is no development in the future .
However ,Li River experience has let them surprise Puma Wheelspin,only three months time ,Li River in the mountains around famous peach ditch ,three months time, has made adequate performance ,now the wind scene light to jump off a mountain ,such people ,not pool .
Can say ,Li River peach ditch tour ,is a starting point for success !Maybe ,there are two things the town officials do not know : one is the Li River from peach ditch away about two million !Two is the Li River beauty Village peach ditch the first beautiful Shi Huaiying conquered .
The first thing ,in addition to Li River and Hao Xianglin ,no one else knows .And the second thing ,but a lot of people know ,but really knows the inside story ,perhaps only Ma Jinwang and wood chrysanthemum .
Small Li ah ,I have and the town guest house greeted ,at noon today ,we for you to feast off River rock . Qian Shuwen absolutely Frank tunnel .Li River wanted to refuse ,but his tongue and swallowed it ,after all ,the leadership of the town people are kindness ,pushing no meaning .
Then ,Li River simply sat down ,with a few towns leading to talk down ,little not say thank you words such as .Town leaders also very honest ,in congratulations, also do not forget to send him some good advice for the future work ,Li in the one one recorded in the diary .
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