It took two boxes of guest house

January 03 [Thu], 2013, 11:59
Know ye the emperor he always let his brother come to meddle, Chu and no say anything directly nodded off.As a result of Lin Anqi with several female moderated the relationship between, the meal without the noon silent and cold war atmosphere but also happy meal, not long after Canada Goose Camp Hoody, the punishment with his daughter-in-law Xu Ziqing rush, penalty Ganqi old bastard natural unavoidable. "Two.A group of women in the house of another toss a half night don't know what to do, the last leaf Huangtong punishment and penalty stem Qi three guys really some resistance to live, each looking for a room to sleep.Few women are in late to settle down.The very next day early in the morning, with a Ziqing plus torture punishment "gan-qi back to my mother, during this period of nothing to spend time with family, and Ye Zhiqing is back to school, before leaving was not free of leaf Huangyou taught a lesson, make the latter a grievance.The remaining few female also rushed to work, ready to work before Friday through Sunday sunset.See all busy, leaves the nature also dare not own a person, affectation with Qin and thank the smoke and dust to the school, made in the office one morning, the afternoon on campus is a circle round, with some familiar people played a few Hello, one day this time hanging fooling around had to.Saturday early morning, leaves Huangtong Qin months were daughters out of bed in the wake, night let Qin month some lazy, his face with a faint blush, looks more a charm."Get up, get up and do not estimate women conference held."Kneading a still lying in bed in deep at his Qin monthly breast, leaf imperial Rose Dress up.The latter is red face behind also wear clothes washing it down to."Today to see the moon's parents, you also sleep late, be careful to receive serious rebuff."Xiao Lin from the kitchen with a few bowls of porridge on the table white eye still yawning leaves."See farther-in-law mother-in-law cannot sleep, it was seven points, is your most active."Ye Huang rubbed his face, go up the stairs."Humph, toss till midnight, not sleepy strange."Curled down mouth Xiao Lin whispered to Xiao Lin, this leaves the thick-skinned didn't feel anything, gave Xiao Lin a white-eyed drank gruel to.Qin Yue was made a big red, shy to put your head down onto the table.At this time, a few women are sitting at the desk."Leaf emperor, to the moon, don't forget to buy things, from the pros and cons of courtesy!"Jiang Yan sat down to every day, fed a meal and then said."Know, Yan sister, I'm not three year-old child, this thing can't forget!" Women's Kensington;"Remind you of a sound is always good, infants, to Nanjing what to buy, you also give advice, after all it's your parents, what they like, you always know!""Don't worry, Yan sister, which I will say to him, but my parents didn't like what things, then have a look at it!""Okay, you adjust to changing circumstances becomes, what do not understand, call back into."Nodded, Jiang Yan Qin month that also did not say anything."Or I take from Hongkong brought something for them to take."Speaking of Nangong is sing, when you come back from Hongkong, she bought a lot of Hongkong products, may come in handy."No, never heard of it, the moon's father the sleeves swaying with every soft breeze off, you those things add to the hundreds of thousands Men's Canada Goose Ontario, to them, I am afraid I not the door is out."Ye Huang hurriedly waving tract."It took two boxes of guest house hot pot material well, beauty and health."Wedding interrupted."The wedding, or say, just chafing dish, with a few boxes of chafing dish, is not your thing to mind, infants, parents do you eat hot pot!""You can, but don't eat spicy food, it will take you to bring some light some of the!""OK, I call people to send some."Said, Jiang Yan will go to call."Well, anyway, on the way, we used to take it, don't let them go!""It is also ok."Nodded, Jiang Yan sit back.Subsequently, several female and opposite leaves Huangtong Qin account of a month, two people that go out.......
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