but understaffed defects to surface

October 10 [Thu], 2013, 10:32
Fu Bo: no, on the contrary we are in the process, have been emphasizing what we play this team at all, and let everyone know what we should stick to. Practice transfer and cross from the bottom, and not just in Indone adidas howard light 2.0 cheap sia, but also let players know, which means to play on the field can be selected. In the East Asian Cup and in the two warm-up matches in September, our requirements are sometimes intentional, is to let players play and cooperate with habit, because, after all, everyone in the Club's playing style is not exactly the same as before. From now on, I think we slowly need to understand that sometimes can be more efficient on the pitch selection, in adhering to our inherent style on the basis of, we have to be in a more effective way to get the ball to the other side through the door of the football: through your studies in your eyes what Indonesia is the opponent? Fu Bo: Indonesia we have seen so far this year, including his two matches of the Asian Cup qualifier, also includes warmup matches. Overall, Indonesia's detachment even in the face of this team was better than him, or you don't want to recycle the defense, he's playing aggressive is quite strong. Soccer: you say you want to win in Indonesia, after which both strength study conclusion? Fu Bo: terms from strength, even if we are missing several players, are better than Indonesia. But we all know, football is not a strong team will win, otherwise we would not beat France. I say to beat Indonesia, are now because of the nature of the game asked us to China and Indonesia, the two games must be won, there is no more discussion, as a coach must face up to the responsibilities and pressures.

Guangzhou evergrande [Twitter] into the AFC Champions League final and the Super League Triple Crown, is a happy event, but fans still in "constant hot" and "guozu [Twitter] injuries" comparison in a tangle. Coincidentally, the far reaches of England [Twitter]---"European team"---and we have the same problems. Some familiar arguments, at first by Bell, from wisdom heights, or a universally applicable. Light the fuse is assumed office in July in England FA new Chairman of geleige·daike, after his new boss's voice extraordinary, trough the history of thought to lead England into the status quo, because the premier [microblogging] too much foreign aid, player number declining is a "terror". In April this year, has been elected as the new President of the dyke Howe in England in a commercial activity in the "Euro 2020, at least in the semis, 2022 World Cup final". Kraft won the World Cup, but was several more scorn, "limit outside" topic has caused a serious discussion, which is, after all, took place in the England youth team in the u-20 World Youth Championship and the defeat of the u-21 European Youth Championship, national teams and in 2014 World Cup qualifier played in fear at any time may be out of context. England will usher in Montenegro, and Poland's qualifying matches key battle, the Chinese team left Indonesia in Asian Cup qualifier and wish them the best of luck.

SINA sports-arena last weekend sounded the alarm against fiasco gave the Club of Rome, Internazionale [Twitter], also accelerate moves in the transfer market. Club is further close to Fernando, on the sidewalk into, inter also has a number of new objectives. Back in Porto Fernando was inter's focus on foreign aid, now the transfer issue was finally there are new developments. According to the Gazzetta dello Sport reported, the 26 year old FC Porto player has decided not to renew their contracts with the Club, his contract will expire next summer, the Club are likely to put the players in the winter to sell to avoid giving this summer. The other hand, aoxiliao visit Dragon Stadium Porto last weekend to watch the Brazil midfielder's game, all signs indicate that Inter Milan has become increasingly close to Fernando. Inter Milan winger played well this season, but understaffed defects to surface after ruonatan injury, Javier Z adidas adipure crazyquick for sale anetti, Cristian Chivu injury has not
Well, substitute Perera was the only one who long had to go to him were not familiar with Beck, Inter Milan winger began to discount, brings a qualified winger become a Inter Milan a priority of the winter transfer window. Inter's transfer targets a new name from Torino defender Marco Ambrosio. Ambrosio was a generalist wing, two side events, the season into a ball in the match against Milan, helping the team against foreign competition. Ambrosio's contract will expire next summer, Inter Milan at relatively low prices in the winter to the team. The inter news network also pointed out that indeed mazzarri looking one experienced players on the field in Europe, such as Zenit Ansaldi and Atletico Madrid's insua. The Turin sports newspaper reported that Internazionale's intention to Atletico Madrid to sue Asia provided a loan and an additional 4.5 million euros buyout clause. In addition the Gazzetta dello Sport also lists another name, 21 year old right back fusalike now plays for Genoa.
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