stand in Lin Yichen with Mother Earth the middle

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Chapter 47 you have a mother is my sister, "Ah Yi, rest, and now is not the time you desperately, if future war comes, how you have to own place?" Fengling days do not care about Mother Earth attitude, just opening toward Mother Earth said something softly, eyes looking away, whispered muttered: "Our enemies are waiting for us inside the bucket then the endless sword mounted a full read." Well, then how? I said, even if the Divine overturning and I do not have the slightest, the world is great, but I no pro without relying on what I worry about? of this Divine Hao soil, and I have What is the relationship? "Mother Earth sneer loudly, Chen Sheng said opening toward the wind Ling day one, look into indescribable indifferent. "A memory, you know what you're talking about what?" The wind Ling days of looking for a change, opening toward Mother Earth Chen Sheng said an opening Chen Sheng shouted: "Do not you forget when we have comrade-in-arms in order to this vast land of China, died in the hands of the enemy, do not you forget when our oath it? after so many years, their own original mind gave you discard it? "" I say what I clearly do not need you come, I remember when we order Shenzhou paid so much, a hundred strong family, but a few of life, and now the Terran dominance, they have thought about our ethnic group what? when death away from the ups and downs, I respect the strong, but he does not necessarily always right Air Max 89 Mens UK, Shenzhou above, simply do not need us to be the guardian, the law of the jungle, prehistoric heaven and we originally not the slightest difference. "Earth mother closed her eyes slightly, said Chen Sheng toward wind Ling days. Ah Yi ... Fengling days Canada Goose Womens Thompson, slightly surprised a moment, finally no longer speak, silence in there, after a long time, this hand Beckham shoulders gently patted step before the step standing in front of Mother Earth, opening gently said: "You are wrong, wrong is not terrible, but you actually forget we had oath it? even a man vows can forget, and then he was alive, and what is the point? "mythical remember our oath it? Huang remember our oath it? Death Fall of Heaven does not exist, this so-called oath, we remember what is the use? bursting of the 100 family of a war, you see see today's China, Terran headed Yaozu the fate of what you've seen? you've seen everything Suoyao into it? Have you ever seen the Mozu of fate it? Have you ever seen with us for Shenzhou war comrade-in-arms of the tribe's fate Why? "Mother Earth sneer loudly, his eyes fell on the presence of all of the body that seems to be in the tortured soul of everyone eyes. After a long time, the flow tooth is suddenly sigh loudly, step back out, turned out to be no longer willing to lay siege to the Mother Earth, stunned for a moment, the opening toward Linyi Chen Chen Sheng said: "I do not know how you think, But Terran negative us too much, if really be able to choose, I would prefer the Terran burst prehistoric re-opened again, a nice novel: the latest chapter of warlords career. "Chu Yan from the silent, the shaking of the hands of the suddenly trembling up suddenly issued the cry seems unwilling blew almost necessary to secede from the Chu Yan from the hands of Chu Yan from memory even though the seal all of the Magic King, but the hearts still remember the human slayer Wei Road exists, is dignified possession Jianfeng Sword is also the wind, slayer between heaven and earth, even though Chu Yan from no feeling, his hands shaking Mozu artifact, fetish psychic this turned out to be very excited, almost necessary to get rid of the control of the owner. Linyi Chen snorted, opening Chen Sheng said: "Mother Earth, I admit that what you say is very reasonable, even though As a family, is still a disgraced Terran, I just now made, not for the human family, or any of a race, is the destruction of the Terran, I can accept that, I just order the Shenzhou only, you are not wrong, I am not wrong, I love people, I also prefer to Divine overturning heaven and earth to crack originally, between you and me there is no right or wrong. "Mother Earth slightly surprised a moment, his eyes fell on the body of Lin Yichen, after a long time, but is suddenly laughed softly, opening toward Linyi Chen Chen Sheng said:" did not think, and finally the best understanding of my people Men's Mountaineer Jacket, turned out to be Lin Yichen good, we originally the same people, the words of the so-called moral righteous cause where all can not bind us, for the people around us, we can all be earth-shaking ruined days off in the presence of. "So today, I will kill you." Lin Yichen Menheng cry, and body injuries but has spread to his whole body, his poison muster their potential, and now is to the limit, but it is still struggling with stand up, eyes tightly staring at Mother Earth, hearts do not know what thinking about. "This battle is not for the common people, only for the hearts of loved ones." Lin Yichen thundered loudly, who issued a faint light to head suddenly float out of eight characters, it is death nine must Lin Yichen the eight words, break open the reciprocating cycle around in the side of Linyi Chen. Death nine never Oh, I never did not think this day, I turned with death nine absolute decision. "Mother Earth sigh slight physique of a move, it has appeared in front of Linyi Chen heavy bombers blow toward Linyi Chen in the past, even want the broken boom own punch of force to the death of nine absolute defense, nice novels: the Huashan Xianmen latest chapter Linyi Chen thundered loudly, horoscopes and hidden into the Void entire people he seemed shrouded in a layer of pale light, turned out punch toward Mother Earth bombers out, the two bombers blow emptiness, to Mother Earth Vaillant, turned with Lin Yichen to evenly divided Bale. "Death never nine, Jiuyou reincarnation, heaven and earth into my reincarnation." Linyi Chen suddenly I heard Lenghe to, even from all sides cracked emptiness, endless black hole to take out from the emptiness, toward the earth mother rushed past, even around the central Mother Earth, Mother Earth went so far as to make a sudden they can not escape. "Ah Yi a younger and you battle to this point, you have lost." Fengling days, suddenly spoke softly say a body turned out to be the wind into the sky, floating in emptiness, stand in Lin Yichen with Mother Earth the middle, with a hint of indescribable emotion looking into. "Wind your home this younger generation, you are not very proud of what?" Mother Earth is surrounded by those black holes in the central, long hair flying, looked grim days staring at the wind Ling Chen Sheng said opening a. Linyi Chen now has her inability to fall on the ground, he forcibly pushed himself all the potential in this moment of attack already exhausted all of his strength, In any case, he can not unite the slightest forces, only to hear the sentence of the Mother Earth, but Linyi Chen hearts could not help but be a little surprised. Wind Ling days slightly surprised a moment, look back toward Linyi Chen looked at each other, and could not help but reveal a wry smile, opening softly said: "He did Linger son, but he already had his way, is not my can control, say my family dying, that is, by the Death of the gas transported out of such a younger generation, but to have what use is it? "you say?" Linyi Chen suddenly opening thundered a voice little, but it is affecting his internal injuries, could not help but spit out a mouthful of blood. "Mother Feng Linger, my sister." Fengling day look back toward Linyi Chen looked at each other, eyes being filled with unspeakable tenderness, said something softly.
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