Snowball this description is very appropriate

January 31 [Thu], 2013, 11:20
Inventory of job obtained great progress, three Division officials advancing step by step, seeing the digging deeper and deeper, the prince's facial expression is also more and more private, occasionally showing somewhat sigh in talks with Hu in the.Do not know whether he is in fact the cleaning sigh coming, or the increasingly strong spring.Snowball this description is very appropriate, perennial snow in the north of Cangzhou, the tens of thousands of soldiers wearing winter coat, to bring the special cement is not too much, but it began to recover, in Beijing, and on out several old story, all clues to Kyoto in.And check out the account deficit is also growing, has been the Ministry officials with great care veiled Qingguo wound, so to be bloodily torn apart, that officials to appreciate.Once inventory team into the palace told, strengthen investigation dynamics.Now even the Hu bachelor are clear, the Ministry is not guaranteed, Fan Jian if to resign, the court in the van idle sake, perhaps to fan house to stay some face, if this confrontation continues, Fan Jian is not taken, so simple.Although Hu Bachelor of civil servants also tremble with terror in revenue shortfalls, but they are not the court make too big disturbance, also do not want to temporary balance of the imperial court, will have some tilt, so through some way, they convey a bona fide to fan fu.As long as the van Shangshu from please resign, Hu Ba and Shu in the joint pledge to keep him safe.But this is only wishful thinking. These ministers Air Max 2012 UK, for Fan Jian the following emperor nearly thirty years old, once he decided, made out of coping.Is really stubborn.Fan house for each house secretly convey more goodwill expressed gratitude, and for the goodwill itself, Fan Jian I never come up with specific response.He did not enter the palace to his majesty to cry and shed bitter tears, nor a resignation.Even he is ill, the disease does not seem to be any better.All the officers know that Fan Shangshu is not ill, Miyazato Ya knew, but this time the emperor was not sent cure too much and Hong father-in-law to fan house visit Air Max 2010 Sale, is about the palace also clear, this is a matter of the palace sorry fan to Fan Jian, borrow disease said complaint behavior stand down.After several days, the prince has to sit in, staring at someone below the investigation, this.The Hu bachelor must also personally to stare, investigation, found the.In fact, some hard.This day, the inventory of work and the progress of a breakthrough, silver number account in the library with different number, a huge deficit, pointing to four directions.Four little officials.Finally pulling to the specific implementation, pulling the shortfall matters, his Royal Highness Prince smell return.A bright eyes, complexion is very calm, thinking along those officials, to dig go, don't put your Fan Jian eat dead?Has been dug to Jiangnan, van idle the twenty million two shekels of silver. The court will remember Air Max Tn Mens, but the corresponding charge will let van idle get more than one bargained for!Hu scholar heard the four official name, especially the last names, but also a bright eyes.Complexion is very calm, thinking, fan old Shang means unexpectedly subtle so, it seems these days with his old comfortable worry some redundant.After all, young prince, unlike Hu Ba so careful, no Hu scholar gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory ability, so did not see this inside the trap.In should be left up qiongkou-yong guidance, dance for joy, he did not sell to command his school officials this problem attack.While libushangshu although Yan Xingshu was standing in the long Princess and the two Prince there, but when this bureau, and the prince when trailbreaker, of course, etc, holding a flag to the prince side cry, though not to draw, but the sound is ringing off the hook.Hu in the watch from the sidelines, laughing.............
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