I flew to appoint monitor

August 27 [Tue], 2013, 17:28
Soldiers rushed exclaimed: "Yes", but it was also added: "You okay?" If not, head commissar in this, they are also estimated in the "You okay," the front plus two words: " Kid "Guo Zhuo Cheng exclaimed:" okay in the end, we'll see now I give a second example, this summer, there is one called Xia Haitao of teachers who smiled and asked me: Guo ah, you dare barbed head soldier ah? I thought the teacher was joking, it hat and no cattle, jokingly said: This is what is not, thorn Bing Bing is certainly the band, and the band is good. I say I took a class thorn competent soldiers turned the entire jǐng Wei Lian. Actually, I was bragging, after all, I did not bring a soldier Where we expect the teachers turned out to be a good person to dig traps? listened to me after his wicked smile, I flew to appoint monitor, push lightly gave me two dozen soldiers thorn when I look dumbfounded, quickly asked: summer teacher, you do not be too hasty? Guess summer teachers how to say? he smiled and said: Xiao Guo, the military is no joke, if you are willing to shut one month of confinement, you'll breach of contract. smile on his face than the fox also cunning you think about it, I am so young, grow thin skin tender, how could shut one month of confinement? do not let me lean into a skeleton out? why he resorted to solitary confinement way to do it, there is also an allusion That is the test of marksmanship before he and I was appointment, who lost more than to shut who confinement, although he a 'Hawkeye' nickname, meaning that his eyesight with the eagle flying in the same altitude, but the nickname but that is only the nickname, not with my real ability method than the results after the game, he Qi Gugu into the brig in order to report the arrows of the enemy, and he came up with this crooked trick when he held only one night of confinement, and gave me the deadline but it is a month, really unequal treaties ah No way, I had to bite the office, go to an abandoned warehouse when armaments directorate, thorn soldiers heads. Comrades, you say I am so a child, to a bunch of thorn When soldiers in leadership, which is just how miserable. "one by one the soldiers laughed, even the music is also willing to head: this kid can really blow ah, mouth run trains. This guy is so slovenly how could a scientist? How superior officers may get the attention? He does not know is that those soldiers behind him has a different feel, they feel that the child is xìng human intelligence, it is to their liking. Can turn a dry dignified teachers, teachers will be dignified solitary confinement, whether true xìng how they Canada Goose Sale UK can say it enough soldier Shuangwai of these, as seen on the network YY past novels in general. Soldiers mind that sense of alienation and resentment about reduced a lot, and now they have stopped talking, one poly jīng would God looked boast Guo Zhuo Cheng, looking forward to his below. Guo Cheng Zhuo continue bragging and said: "I was with a big soldier to go, of course, he is also recruits, is, and I live a bedroom alumni. To the warehouse, you say how they will welcome our two feather boy do? they do not curse, but did not play, one performance is very elegant, just two words: ignore. grass, they ignored me, nobody called me squad leader, my head when Intuit also boring ah Do you all think I finally when the officer, ran hard, but no one to me, and I feel will be good? This is too buddies face off right? how to do? hit "Everybody was surprised, stunned to see with the child, even just heard that he was surprised arising Students are gone. Guo Zhuo Cheng exclaimed: "We are warriors, but it is also not a man? Ye say that men face the problem solved when either the easiest trick? Shirtless three punches five feet chanting result, we took them two dozen people get on the ground to dry, although with me that big soldier was injured, but the final victory belongs to the two of us, but those guys are still unwilling to call my squad, call me what is it? shout my master, crying They want me to teach the martial arts, let me temper several times, these guys call me That squad. Burongyia, comrades. "askew Oliver looked Guo Cheng Zhuo Vendetta look, everyone in the synagogue regarded mouth Zhang Kaicheng a standard O fonts, eyes wide, looked at the child: grass, you turn twenty two competent thorn soldiers? You do not know this is a violation of military discipline? Just the hands of the soldiers once again raised his hand, shouted: "Report" Guo Cheng Zhuo shook his head and said: "Shut up, waste of time, I know what you mean, you want to say I'm bragging to leather are blowing broken, right? Let me tell you, this class of soldier is to be with my fists and sticks out. I took this class with teacher jǐng Wei Lian reinforced platoon sent for the contest, they stand apart from Junzi too strong for me to take classes, others are immeasurably. armed cross-country, our troops spun back, they only just arrived backhaul point field battle, and we will be destroyed them all, they also captured along with the heads of spectators. ratio marksmanship, we despise them than the bomb, they are looking us is better than to eat, they eat less than we do. fist big Pork, our lips moving, did not have into the stomach, they are still there ponder slow pharynx. "See the soldiers laugh, Guo Zhuo Cheng said:" The class was named the division headquarters commandos. division headquarters command jǐng Wei lost even more than that of the reinforced platoon incorporated into our commandos, I'll be a platoon leader and later took part in the military commandos held a military exercise, because good record, the team once again expanded, became a standard company-level institution, I naturally was appointed commander. Two days later, they will multiply train to come here, you have the opportunity, or misfortune, and they would carry out maneuvers. "In addition to Gan head, almost everyone ah a cry. Guo Cheng Zhuo proudly said: "As I said is not bragging, comrades in the future have the opportunity to prove, while the history of our commandos, Gan head looked about the file, he can testify," Gan head did not stand up to testify , but shook his head bitterly. But Gan head face, soldiers are aware Guo Zhuo Cheng has said. Moreover, such a thing is a lie to say no. Guo Cheng Zhuo see all eyes are changed, he said: "I've got a lot of, I dare say you better than I can here less than three marksmanship. Unarmed able to dry I turned in less than five, so I can not at all ashamed to say that I am qualified to stand here and give you a lesson, so you listen carefully. gossip said so much, now get down to business, I was talking about today is how to be a good sniper. Firstly, I ask you, when a sniper most should pay attention to, or what are the most important conditions, the following please answer a few soldiers, please think about it, like a good show of hands, each person can answer the three conditions, good please you, you, you, and you have to answer. "the first soldier said aloud:" The report, the most important is a good sniper marksmanship there is the need for a good gun. answer is completed, "Guo Cheng Zhuo asked said: "can come up with the others did not?" The soldiers thought a moment, and added: "the report, there is the need for a high degree of political consciousness." Guo Cheng Zhuo back almost sweating: how to ask out of such a conditions come? The second soldier exclaimed: "First of all is to have the idea of ​​serving the people wholeheartedly second is the best marksmanship. Banff Parka Canada Goose Third is nurturing guns well." Guo Zhuo Cheng said: "You Canada Goose Mystique Parka Women are talking in front of that soldiers have already said, I have heard, do not you repeat and you talk about your own ideas. "This soldier big embarrassment, a little stutter when he said:" I said that the most important thing is thinking well, this, this must be ranked first addition is to add that good at observing the external environment, especially the wind. "Guo Zhuo Cheng had said:" We do all things must have a high degree of political consciousness, that we do not repeat it, should always keep in heart, engraved in my heart and I now request that the soldiers have a high degree of ideological consciousness of the case, we must pay attention to when the sniper's what important condition. "third soldier really did not say a high degree of political consciousness, but directly the local said: "good marksmanship will calculate carefully observe" Guo Zhuo Cheng nodded, and refers to another soldier asked: "please say." the soldier said: "Let there be a feeling, to know in advance which direction moving target . There is to great courage, be calm face of the enemy. Another one is to not let the enemy found himself. "Look no hands, and Guo Zhuo Cheng said:" Well, my question now ended questions. summed up ye a sniper requirements are: excellent marksmanship, good guns, will observe and use the environment, feeling, etc. Guess I will evaluate how you said. "soldiers did not speak just stared at his face, Guo Cheng Zhuo, how to see how this kid think that smile is ridiculed. Everyone puzzled: "Are these wrong? There is no good marksmanship, no good guns, how can count sniper? How can shè kill the enemy?" Guo Zhuo Cheng said: "I can say that you are wrong or that You did not seize the key. "willing to face the crowd, including the head, including the eyes against Guo Cheng Zhuo turned two words written on the blackboard:" Patience "Guo Cheng Zhuo turned to look at the crowd and exclaimed: "For the sniper, the most important thing is patience. Only you have the patience, you just might calm and lying in the rubbish spend three days and three nights, only for shè the deadly sinking of bullets and only has full of patience, you can hide behind other people think of each other, and gradually let the enemy jǐng relax vigilance, your bullets to hit the target. only have full patience, you can be in the face of unusual circumstances calmly thinking when looking for the best, The safest way. "one soldier raised his hand, not waiting for Guo Cheng Zhuo call him, he exclaimed:" lying in the rubbish three days and three nights before opening shot? not as good as dead, considered as a "few soldiers repeatedly nodded: "That is, not as good as dead count." "Yes ah," "lying in the rubbish too useless, I quit."
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