a dark things suddenly fly out

November 12 [Tue], 2013, 13:20
"How not to, not to say the city yesterday to Haobai yet?" After a long pause, a voice said. "Brother, come to mean a plan do tonight?" Then another voice said. "Yes, he came to Haobai the city, pass book says tonight over, discuss how action and produce the evidence, it should not be wrong. Everyone will wait patiently, while it should go to." Duozhu finished first floor suddenly fell silent. Qin Fengming frequently drink water only hear the sound of the crowd, seemed very anxious. At this point, the hall suddenly there came a shout voice. One dressed in black, mask crepe man suddenly appeared in the hall. When everyone Jingleng, come one, raising his hand, a dark things suddenly fly out straight away Duozhu attendance. Zhang Qingshan hand to catch a closer, that is a moment, after all he is Duozhu, the Church of the door the night but very well aware, this actually sent a disciple of the 5th, instructions were still quite heavy door this action. He did not much come back waving the token. Then got up, respectfully deep Shiyi Li: "The next Zhang Qingshan, Luoxia Valley Haobai City Fenduo Duozhu, carrying all the deacons Fenduo waiting a long time for you." Then, people are always people to hand over the hall to pay tribute. That black people recovered black sè sign, hand over arch to the crowd, while the stairs up. And then said: "I am solely responsible for this martial art to the action, so that everyone waiting." Zhang Qingshan so that black people sit in the main seat, and that people are not put off, straight and sat down. Zhang Qingshan Direct, said: "I do not know how you arranged for tomorrow's action? Haobai city per capita Bong your orders all doors." That black people slightly but gorgeous, silent moment before opening: "I do not know now Haobai the city, How many players in the door? '"78-man good skill. tackle common Bangzhong, can be arrived in four or five." Zhang Qingshan thought replied. That black people listened, nodded with satisfaction: "Well, Ming rì morning, leaving twenty people in the city, and the remaining 358 persons carrying rations transvestites changed Cangshan play batches rushed day." "In the days of the northern hills , there is a small hill, there is a dense forest. ensconced in the jungle at the collections. should not be exposed Kozo. concrete action until the time a decision. "Zhang Qingshan listen carefully, without any objection. Such that black people finished, he nodded and said: "In accordance with your orders of, Haobai City Fenduo the crowd, tomorrow will arrive on time, please rest assured you." That little man in black, got up immediately leave the small building. Leaving the room, He also stairs up, mouth curled, smiled slightly. Qin Fengming heard here, knowing that everyone has completed consultation, the following is Duozhu Zhang Qingshan distributions crowd how to act, and can not have any relationship with him, so when you return to the residence inn. Just a door, suddenly found a piece of paper on the table. Feel shocked. Jǐng of his machine to four weeks, did not find anything wrong, the body will return to pick up the note, I saw above wrote: "Little Young, later hiding, use your strength respiratory depression, failing that, to touch to master, it would certainly have been found. remember to remember. "Qin Fengming suddenly realize that the city earlier in the Haobai Fenduo when the five brothers had discovered his presence, now deliberately left the book, reminding him, teach him tricks arena, the heart does not feel very grateful. The next day after breakfast, Qin Fengming carry good enough dry food, riding away Haobai city, to the days of Cangshan direction to go to. An canada goose Toronto hour later, Qin Fengming came to a small town shop, the emergence of the three big Canada Goose Alberta Vest UK mountains far east, where between a towering, is very majestic. North and South have a mountain in the middle of a lower than half way. He found one in the town inn, the horses registered in the inn. Alone, carrying parcels, leisurely leisurely left the town. Came the crowd agreed to meet peaks at the time, has been nearly noon, find a secluded place, ate some dry food with water, see the time is premature, they place them breathing meditation. The next night after midnight, suddenly came inside the woods, dozens of people who did not speak to each other, it is training very well-established look. Qin Fengming smiled, he hastened to eat something, and then put on the black, leaving Men's Timberland Earthkeepers the shelter. Cast Pik Behind surgery, silently closer to the group of people in the past. Slowly over time, some in the crowd and so impatient when, suddenly appeared in the woods two people, one is Haobai City Fenduo Duozhu Zhang Qingshan, the other is wearing a black mask scarf, it is dark Church five brothers. Zhang Qingshan crowd of four weeks, have been found in people in attendance, he nodded, that black people said: "Haobai City fifty-eight per capita has been in place, how to act, you are requested to tell." Black people looked around , came into his eyes surprised sè. Four weeks did not find the slightest wrong with that, are not robust, it has yet to be not a little brother? By this time, do not think by him, the crowd, stern said: "Tonight, the crowd led by the Zhang Duozhu the front door of the cottage from the horse bandit brazen attack, the momentum to get the bigger the better, as long as the horse to attract a lot of bandits minimize casualties Other things to himself. items hand, I will inform everyone, and then retreat together, remember, do not leave any one of us, regardless of life and death. "was finished, he whispered voice Zhang Aoyama said: "attack, look for opportunities to use this material onto the ground. Okay, now ready, you midnight punctual actions." Having handed Zhang Qingshan one thing, turned and disappeared into the night. Zhang Qingshan who heard him with a massive attack on the cottage, although very puzzled, but still commanded the people and said: "Now put the gate flags are hidden, nobody will replace the black, Qingsha overlay. One would fight, everyone To coordinate with each other to minimize casualties and now touching heaven batch Cangshan peak. wait until midnight, and then act together. "
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