seems to emerge doors repression

July 24 [Wed], 2013, 10:32
Rumble, thunder stolen Uncharted gradually closed the door, however, suck bite tasted pure yin Reiki gourd taste, which will be willing to retract mine robbed Fam. Suddenly, pure yin gourd Queen several times, and the hills in general, several thick vines up to ten feet out, blocking the door Fam, after a burst of thunder, Fam door abruptly paused, can not be closed. Above the main entrance, ancient, ancient ghost of animal growl Pentium, and numerous electric-shaped light flashing text, it seems to emerge doors repression gourd vine, however, have been firmly tied to the strength of Uncharted door. Xu asked the repair is too low, there is no sacrifice refining Fam Ray robbery of the law, this mine robbery Fam although the power of infinity, but not for his own use. Pure yin gourd unbridled suck bite the valley all Lianqi disabilities Reiki, relax on the Denon original character? Suction and fruit bite, and instantly strengthened, apparently aware Xu asked counsel, asked to focus on the promise to suppress. "Outrageous", Xu asked furious, "really thought I could not reach you promise to ask you", seeing pure Yin Lian Ji gourd is not only not successful,Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Canvas, but want to suck Xu Q, from the shackles, Xu Q yelled: "Dragon symbol ? Give me burst. "huge roar sounded, the situation of the air in many asked body shock, a **, wave general, instantly, along with fruit gourd vine twining together algorithm of fault. "Puff", Xu asked spit out a mouthful of blood, Denon character? Blew how great the power, either by pure Yin Reiki gourd suck bite too, reducing the Denon character? Explosive power, and after the flesh grown up on the gas situation , do not just hurt so simple. Pure yin hoist injured heavier, caught off guard, was hit, all of the gourd vine by the transfer of virtual reality into several virtual shadow, thunder rumbled also robbed the door, and closed a little, leaving an inch gap is firmly blocked gourd vine, gourd pure yin arrogance suffer. "Well, fairy treasure and how, as long as the re-launch a Dragon symbol? Explosions, can completely suppress,Louis Vuitton," Xu asked a hard-hearted, once again unite situation of the gas, pure yin extraordinary gourd informed immediately noticed Xu asked the action, several vines Ray robbery out Fam, churning clouds of gas, to prevent Xu asked cohesion Denon character?. At this time, Chen Tao et al valley is even worse, although pure yin hoist by Denon character? Hit, gourd vines become ghost light, but the aura before absorbing too much bite, two, three repair is somewhat less The disciples had pale aura almost exhausted. Tao mind the most angry, he not only lost the aura, the greater the losses are hard to sacrifice refining of gas and cold yin evil dragon sword, yin evil of the gas has been depleted, cold Qiu Jian Reiki drop, or how long, even the quality will reduce costs of goods magic. "Xu asked, I can not afford to do it unless you do, but their damage," Tao teeth cursed the heart of a cross, the only use that magic wand. Tao suddenly mouth, flying a little gold, and instantly turned into a gold Guangcan Duanji. This Duanji design simple, a few pieces of inscribed symbols?, Originally reserved for bottom pressure supporter Tao magic, now have to use in advance, thought of this, Chen Tao was another curse. "Mighty Duanji, protect my body of law," Tao whispered chanted law formula, golden Duanji flying ghost gourd vine, golden flash, Fu? Flying, broken gourd vine, Tao a loose body, Reiki running convergence a group, quickly restored Reiki, while recovery of the gas and cold yin evil dragon sword. Tao Although turnaround, but magic and fairy treasure Ying Peng, great damage, gourd vine instant counterattack, were all Duanji bear, Tao Routong looking dagger, gold has weakened somewhat, at least a year to sacrifice refining recovery, such a big loss, will have to pay back, he could not help the idea to hit the valley of the branch disciples who, in particular, motionless, like a coma Xu Q, there are many within Yunfeng robe magic immortality. "Imagine the robbery, but became my Tao Xian Yuan, real fire incense burners, Yunfeng gowns, as well as a large martial law Flanagan whip, including this strange magic device, all my" Tao proudly said. "Tao brothers, save me," Tao turned around and looked, I saw Zhang Straight With deep cultivation, struggling to him for help. Tao eyes flashed fiercely, grinning and said: "Young boxer chapter, you should not say anything, but should not to me for help, you see how good the other Young, simply turn a blind eye to die, so I received your magic, some give you a whole corpse. "gold blinks, can not move to kill the mighty Duanji chapter boxer. "Poof" mighty Duanji pierce chapter boxer's body, piduan gourd vine, sideways a drag, it is necessary boxer cut into two chapters. "Tao, you think only you have the bottom pressure trick you, I die you feel better not even think about," Zhang boxer vomit blood, roar loudly, "burning off technique", a flame from the chapter boxer body jump out to Zhang boxer's body as fuel, flames flooded instant prestige Duanji. All of a sudden, prestige Duanji golden dim, Tao hurried operation method formula, to recover Duanji, "Damn chapter boxer, dying also pulled scapegoat, this mighty Duanji less temperature dependent two or three years to recover." Look Tao of a burning pile of ashes chapter boxer, curse a few words, put away the top grade feijian Chapter boxer, turned Xu asked, "Well, it's your turn, promised to ask, first get rid of you, charge you magic. "" mighty Duanji, killing character? "golden Duanji crashed dancing, break? flying, turned into a little gold melt into Duanji, Duanji instant light Dasheng, to kill unsuspecting Xu asked. However, a significant increase in the power of the moment Duanji near Xu Q,Oakley Store, several gourd vine out, Juanzhu Duanji, suck bite Reiki, let Duanji close to Xu asked nothing. "This is how the matter," exclaimed Tao, Xu Q. Could it have been suppressed magic device, use magic device counterattack. Tao suspicion uncertain, but I do not know but pure yin gourd fairy treasure-level instruments, pushed mighty Duanji Tao and Zhang boxer cut his body gourd vine, gourd aroused the vigilance of pure yin, induction into the mighty Duanji fly Xu Q, that is the Tao thought exterminated, and repression of pure yin gourd, gourd so pure yin immediately counterattack. For a time, mighty Duanji gourd vines are entangled, Tao retrieved, the two sides deadlocked, gave promise to ask opportunity to force the pure yin gourd is weakened, and the separation of part of the counter-mighty Duanji, lawless fully stirred scattered Storm the condensation. Xu asked how could miss the opportunity, immediately pushed the full situation of the gas and fruit, overgrown vegetation aura turned into a minor hand grab gourd vine, clouds of gas condensate Dragon Fly Fu?. Moment, a Denon character? Cohesion completed gourd stopped the less pure yin, Xu asked Denon symbol manipulation? Rushed to the door Fam Ray robbery, intentions clear, ready to dismember directly gourd vines, or even simply drilling Fam Ray robbery, assault pure Yin gourd body. Denon eaten pure yin hoist operator?'s Loss, know Denon character?'s Powerful, but also know that Xu Q is a desperado, at all costs repression pure yin gourd, not hesitate, quickly recover all the gourd vine, and shortly, the number of road imaginary Shadow retracted Fam, roar, in the Dragon symbol? close Uncharted before Uncharted Ray robbery door closed. Xu asked heart chuckle, "The original fairy treasure is painlessly, afraid of death, but added that Lianqi disabilities, mostly credited to eat do not remember playing", Xu asked suddenly opened his eyes, a gold Guangcan Duanji but half an inch away from the chest , staring at his side eyeing Tao. Xu asked stature Jitui, at the foot of the gas flowing clouds, holding his body between a bearing ten steps backward. However, the mighty Duanji faster, always leave Xu asked his chest, "Well, Chen Tao, you just do not kill me, now I suppressed the pure yin hyacinth, a free hand to, but also give you the opportunity to do." "Da Wu France whip "" Dragon symbol? "" when "a mighty Duanji Tengbian stand in before broken body, mourning soul, bulk gas, three characters? while launching, mighty Duanji be Zhenfei, somewhat dim golden moments, several pieces into Duanji more symbols? was directly Zhensan, a blow under the mighty Duanji scrap it. Meanwhile, a change in character of the gas situation? Rushed alarmed the Tao, "Oh, is that the character?, Even demons were able to master magic gas natal concussion." Tao face panic, driving warm Qiu Jian turned escape, however, over how to escape the gas situation changes Denon character?, Instantly, it was Dragon symbol? Catch. "Mighty Duanji" Tao mouth a spit, and flew a little gold, turned into a Duanji, rushed Denon character?. "It turned out to be one pair of prestige Duanji" Xu asked too late to control Denon character? Away, only to hit Duanji. "Boom" Dragon symbol? Explosions, mighty Duanji golden dissipated, halberd body broken in two, Tao escaped, however, Denon character? Aftermath of the explosion is enough to endure him. Tao lapse escape lofty hearts of anger, "Xu asked, you wait, back to my own branch Takahashi, you collect magic device, mutilation with the door, I see how magnanimous of you since you were the door waiting to punish it," Tao effort deep, and instantly thought out comeback of the law, waiting for Xu asked right time.
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