his face covered with a beard dregs

January 19 [Sat], 2013, 16:50
"Not so bad, just met rob a way."All this time how Qin is not clear is how to return a responsibility, pull a long face, looked at three people across the.Besides just the sound that the short man, another two people are also face poor.The right side of the life is quite tall, slightly dark skin, his face covered with a beard dregs, shoulder carrying a black knife, fineness good looks Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber.As for the man in the middle, dressed up to look like a gentle scholar, but his face haggard color is a little better than the other two weak."Put all the money into it, not kill you."The scribes like middle man cold voice said."Hey, I like you had a smell of the baby boy here, we just ahead of time to teach you a good, call you up, but can save lives.Of course, your body's property as tuition."The short man joking voice sounded again, and another that carrying a knife man is a sound not, biting the grassroots, watched with interest as the Qin fan.But to their several accident is, this looks only fifteen six years old, is in these a few people always show calm, not immediately ran out, also not kneel down to beg for mercy send money immediately."Old man, you have to tell me some of them is what strength Canada Goose Mens Borden Sale."Qin who silently to the ancient ink is asked."In the middle is a level six warrior, the remaining two are level five warrior Canada Goose Snow Bunting Cheap, you play slowly."The ancient ink voice idly came, Qin who saw him lying on the chair, waiting to see you.Aware of the strength of the enemy, Qin where the mouth slightly up, suddenly raised his head, facing their crooked fingers, provocative way: "young master I have plenty of money, about one million yuan and the storage ring, have the ability to come and get it!""Okay, kid enough crazy, I like, I will let you die heroic some!"Then the tall man spit out the mouth of the grassroots, take the black knife, placed in the hands of a slowly wipe."Hey, is really just from the family fled out of family, know the immensity of heaven and earth, click one's tongue, but so young to die, the heart even if have what going back to the family or what the dream can not achieve!"The short man teasing smile, face a look of a bloodthirsty, grinding boxing wipe."Old black right flank."The young scholar leader intermediate was not trembling, direct combat, first to the tall man with a long, and then in turn recruit commanded the short man: "ghost dwarf, you left, wary of his escape.""No problem, brother, absolutely will not let this kid."The short man replied, and then his face with a ferocious color, body began to Qin Fanchong to."Quite professional."I do not know why Qin fan, the heart is raised an excitement, blood also faintly stirred.In the family while measuring technology in years is also and a lot of people before, but at that time because it is between the race, it is played not fun!Now, but he is really a life and death fight!One shall stand, one shall fall."Come on, and a good!"Three people looked at the face quickly surrounded him, Qin who issued a blazing, meteor step also launched, but directly rushed towards their!"Hey, that your boy is a hidden militants."The ancient ink laughter ringing in my ears, but Qin Fan is not empty, and now he is fully committed, three enemies only in the eyes of the oncoming."Ha ha, this guy is too life long?"The name for the ghost dwarf dwarf bouncer, see Qin who don't back anti - enter, could not help but smiled wryly, but see his hands into a claw, ten refers to the sharp light yellow, looks very fierce."Be careful."That led to the scribes like man is somehow felt a little uneasy feeling, can not help but speak to remind a way.Qin fan slightly glanced at the short man eye, heart way you so many words to tidy up you!So, the meteor step suddenly a traversing, toward the short man rushed to!The distance of less than five metres distance, a void play, three times gravity Hyun Joong domain that short man shrouded, immediately!The short man can not help a lag, is this come unexpectedly changes have some be taken by surprise, Qin who want is this effect!The two distance is short, the instant to!
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