Lang wisdom to those who just realized

August 30 [Fri], 2013, 17:14
Eleven waiting for almost a period of time to cover, SHEN Tong new spot just told Liu chatted with the two idle jail after SHEN actually very straight floor, said: "Mr. Liu, I'm stuck inside the room looked very tangled length data, the overall face on this earth has only one thing to destroy particular, I think three people seconded to deal with me about this thing special? "" How much? three in this SHEN words after hearing the SDIC the total load is not only some incredible looking SHEN, this guy what does that mean, on their own special conditions on the half-off and understanding, SHEN thirty people playing is playing, this is still affordable range within, but SHEN only playing three? Even if you can not SHEN again before the ability to accomplish this task, but he is also thought for a moment and nodded, perhaps the only other assistant was also whimsy, he is still Do not disturb his account Rong. Otherwise, estimates of their mouth, but also can not afford to wait to eat sins that looked SHEN seconded list after the bombing of the Liu almost begging white own lungs pounds, which not only human One is professional counterparts, a public relations officer, a security personnel and an assistant, the end of you this is not open to play the same? But not before other his own hand inside this referral, the list Xiang out, the Liu seems to understand some of what Pat lighter stuff, then gently grip inside the seconded list to put down? hand twist gently tapping this list This list is seconded only problem clever way to Shen Lang wisdom to those who just realized that he did not fall on his desk walled room above documents, but investigations have not so long time before any action oak, oak, now it is only a move to three people and these three individuals may be used only inside that is only half a person, SHEN For this special issue will definitely not only a brilliant light on Pat's grasp, if this point of view, SHEN Di latent meaning of non-obvious The thought here when the country voted for president seems to understand what, like, SHEN Pat obviously knew this thing special light of the danger, poison he meant was not ready to touch, only the secondment of three referrals, people light glass Pat is a description of the problem, gently pick up gently down, a dip and go, but the thing is really special, like he imagined it?'s before he really so sure, he can be a good palm Book this situation do? Yang.The by the SHEN at the time this report is seconded smiled, SHEN this referral, careen partnership really is a really slick way but would not dare own in this matter too fine above forced him, the last of that burden, the investigation team he handled very well, with those who were to live in the North results, let him go in that ye up think tanks Tian Shu should not be any problem, even if the person is not satisfied then can not tell what they vertebral mouth but SHEN Yan, and although this is definitely one for their own good special, but their only point could not understand why the playing SHEN get such an opportunity to put people today is very difficult to understand Yeah SHEN morning when it is handed to the secondment report, but not before noon, when they eat, etc., this tune has been down, but only to see it three SHEN did not pull from their subordinates to go to eat , big big dinner she was the largest, at least for such a kind that he is almost stuttering over rice waited a short time, SHEN seen in his office on his own under these three chips, two men and a woman. Listen introduce them to each other after SHEN do is nod, "the only proud afternoon preparatory work, with the other side of the investigation team in touch, out tomorrow, on this I say a few words, I do not care where you come from three I also whether you are home, then ya fraud, here I am a person that just before the count, if you are dissatisfied with it in tomorrow morning's application can be removed with arsenic, quit absolutely blocked. First door, after a gentleman who, if this thing tangerines process what's wrong, I think you would not want to know what the consequences are, the playing is not about the case, the 去打听打听 know. "Then after SHEN also stood up not just any heed it out of his own blade, public rooms, standing inside the office of this three-phase, as is the Bodhisattva smiled, they knew each other Pat Light, This month also appreciate the leadership boat temper and personality, really is special enough mouth punctual morning when we waited at the airport, not just a collection of five minutes, I saw his leadership came from a distance, the latter also with a man, he saw the man, when three referrals, people are almost exactly the bottle's mouth twitched their own, one is because that followed with surface SHEN contrast is too strong, the other one is that they would have have learned from other channels which a warranty is three fewer pounds, also with a bodyguard to go out, this is not only destroyed the execution point too? Although they are special for this one thing Pat also was the worst light intention, but you can not be too carried away, right SHEN their students is a top-like on the plane after SHEN Fang did not know from what she pulled out a book, it was flavored mayonnaise poison up, strong brother is always following his own eyes squint, do not know what happened in the thinking of some of the special, as it sits behind three subordinates because so much can also put a private number, which is also the month that the heart of the secretly glad, Fortunately enough clever, playing is sitting in front of the three little, do not know what will happen when the plane to greet his SHEN watching these people, nor is it always faces faces five ice ridge, but who can look out, SHEN smile on his face face is how false, has already started on a long waiting outside in the steam Feng, SHEN Qiang brother and two sheep candle was born in a vapor abundance above their three boats traveling for a very long time to come to this so-called investigation team stationed her, SHEN get off when it touches the first to sort out their own clothes and then walked Lang is a lightweight walking pace walk inside the mouth touches strong brother on the one direction only slightly squint a little rut of their own eyes who also ran for a later smiled, laughed it touches on this ridge with binoculars watching scared a few people here, a big jump, it is in this case is obviously watching his partner, but how could he see it? playing straight here know at least only a few hundred meters from the residue, but also across the window, this case will not be the person right partner? "Shen assistant, you good "standing SHEN surface is a middle-aged, it marks but the whole point of the rule of man is God, very Canada Goose UK Outlet well," I am Zhao Wei head, this time the deputy head of the investigation team, lung days when the brake head back to Beijing reporting to, and now the work of oak investigation group chaired by me, in which we sink Assistant grateful for the support from afar, the Greek plastic assistant in Shen under your leadership, the common Shu finished this task. "SHEN laughing sticking out his hand," SHEN, thank you. "Get away? Standing SHEN Zhao Wei purpose is just the opposite of those absences, he still thought the Shen of three little will say something about their own states representing at least a skin problem, as they would be estimated along Ban the ass, but did not think the three young master was nothing said about almost reed put their cards to blocking back, maintaining the status quo, it is a good idea either, praise a little, this is a very good attention spoon until everything in the Yunshanwuzhao special circumstances, that did not care what was really a big mistake if the estimate of publicity, I myself Wu is very interested in this person despise mouth but heard very little of this three is not normal, is not only a family background coasted, means also non-emperor clever, but a mule is a horse had almost pulled out to avoid an escape, is the true God or false gods, those who see this special issue will know, the other Everything is crap, and now can not explain the performance of any problems with the mouth hope this time he will not be led by head of the same kind of wax structure silver head, to the time the results are abnormal light phoenix how to do? ash is not yo back, that's actually good to hear, go back and work exchange driving oak, guess what the next step shown above workers twist oak problems, do not say it nicely, is that for this special condition is simply no tea Ho, back Ban Jiubing , now bullying soldiers came, but he remained in Beijing inside .. If reinforcement can open this situation, then he will be back in a short time at least one of these arrows reinforcement is back, people still this month investigation team set long, north mouth of labor is naturally not escape this situation if the ruler does not open, then he will come back, but not necessarily come back on the ground is also very full, with the arrows shown above and rewards workers oak, future investigation team should be responsible for liability nor his month, although leader, but only Ersi Gui name, it did not work before the actual twist guide, anyway, how to say how people are only reasonable, with the backing behind it and let people come forward . was going to take some time, and then say something like SHEN time something special investigation team has been waiting for but did not only think of dinner, they also did not find such an opportunity to see the previous investigation team who are also the only Some panic, the previous head away, not new to the Wu hand, you say this loud noise, night work how to stay here when it investigated group of people to SHEN Jie Feng welcome home, but to the wine must SHEN dry, but do not talk about an excess valuation. Even this kind of almost a dozen large table or be SHEN a number of people who get on the ground to sink, not just a cut I saw SHEN came out, that station In front of the waiter be completely dumbfounded, this person did with their age, how much worse before, but this takes a drink of water not only what is the difference, but now out of step after generations still robust enough prisoners nothing like everyone else, I do not know where it would almost think he Okazaki table loaded with all of the people who put the case gave it. did not just care about the people inside the house almost happen? came out from the cast until after the call, including the Shen Lang look strong brother of two people sauntered out of the place, on a waiting not far from the rental Feng, "The best Disco" barrel simple single word, rental Feng driver looked up and down a bit SHEN , said one of the names of these bars, with the Lord and said, Now this time introduced to the Chalmers is certainly not just what position the child, you can add brand-playing is an estimate, he'd be able to find a friend to help. saw SHEN did not nod After only against the driver of the flow smoothly moving car, while also taking the side of the phone contact with the not only how long it docked in a colorful shop. SHEN looked around the layout and bad environment, it also stops In the face of these Feng Oh, it touches a good place ah Yi Fei look docked in front of these names abundance and luxury cars will know, Lou is too strong brother fed to the jacket, SHEN changed later on entered Tops around, Dan came inside the door and I heard the deafening whistling. looking for a good month before scheduled deck, the point of a wine to drink a package SHEN open and direct thumb head, but after watching the strong brother said: "only point fake, and not just on the water seems so simple you Bin Wu? "Looked at the bottle, resentment brother picked up the bottle directly on filling one down, he knew that the young master certainly will not move this wine, they would not only need to be too polite, filling one down after strong brother also frowned, fighting back not only then the spit. strong brother shouted a beer girl playing over a dozen beer put on the table surface Bu afternoon of wine, that can only son left only two known ancient and fierce in and points do not ask all know how it is special, but since people are not saying anything that he asked for the hemp aphid why it's more to see two people wearing pink and playing, not like people who look for a job, not fraud But know this field inside the city almost Cai Ming's Brother Bear care etc. beer to take up a short time before they saw a long sweep point stick very petty guy is begging for customers born in this deck down. " two brother, the first time come to the thing you want to do is? To what is what "SHEN caught up a bottle of beer bottle caps soil surface in March hand knock a bit, and then hit the front of this guy, and then letting the strong brother ordered an apricot out, SHEN grabbed this I am also a hit In the face of this gang were "just did not help me find the stack until Shui Po, not yours, you are'm playing through muddy water, I'll drop it in your mouth," sitting across from this SHEN Zong partnership blink two Under the eyes, looked up and down SHEN ages of time caught up his head and drank a bottle, Lai took me straight to the animal husbandry up a mouth turned on but not proud of this but the fire, which is the so-called big deal, And the young man said, was very aware, just playing Shui Po, Po Po is loose, own or set the alarm if you dare apricot, then this case will be smashed his own gang, this is not one's own, but to kill himself. not only how long time before people who see to their own side leaned over, SHEN Qiang Women's North Face Denali brother schematic for a moment, two people stood up in January, followed by live messenger walked outside, on a long waiting Where abundance, almost ten minutes walking time, do not know what came to her side, anyway, is surrounded by a black lacquered linen, just point pitch five twist the meaning. SHEN Qiang brother and two people to sit still in abundance inside, but the other driver said the car stopped playing to the side when the investigation, Shen Lang on strong brother indicate a moment. strong brother was very happy from the pocket inside out to two parties out of the so-called two parties that is twenty thousand block me, it did not faze Henan's lost in the face of the glass top and "I do not care to play even send you playing tricks which ye are given me, I do not play old-fashioned street, do not spray the child before they can be considered a long shot I play inspection. Fung Fung looked at the window above, under Feng Yu drivers scrambling a bit and so on for almost five minutes of the time, the driver came back again and took me to his pocket a loaded, Jing SHEN Qiang brother and two people under Feng , three walks and went almost fifteen minutes, watching the car parked on the roadside unlicensed van cargo Feng, SHEN also ridge laugh "Any makeup clever way trading is done well, it is Her road. looked strong brother compartment open Feng jumped up, in which inventory and future that can only five minutes of time to drill from the inside out, in SHEN ear whispering containment: "are some of the Five Fourth, a long time before the point of mouth from Yunnan over there, and also make a one hundred are the top left of this ancient right days, life is very short. Even just five hunting loose, after they sawed, bullets and pine are separate bullets her side in another sale, SHEN after listening to loud playing a twist that only the driver gave Gang called over, " I come not to buy these broken columns, even we do not have home fires such things, I am not afraid if we go the price I did not go for everyone blow up, each taking half of the road, overturned, and that two security even pay special standing in the Shen understanding across this guy with a hat is almost stagnant for a SHEN who, out to their phones a strong electrical estimate, do not know what she came up with a guy on the side drill abundance, After moving the car not only a museum would lose gone, even the abundance of light did not only open, do not know can not please Chu this crossing and waited for a while I heard the sound of moving, a little China is worn mouth, such as pickup trucks pulled up at the box almost abundance after opening SHEN Qiang brother is watching bottle rough smile, pulled out two loose from the inside, a simple check of a sudden, homeopathic Hang loose in the waist and put two back , there is also a strong brother unceremoniously machine building up, SHEN did not ask whether he took only a few of the pink box below the mouth but other almost exposed when SHEN shocked face is just something up, I with his two here how this guy would just type mouth SHEN pulled out from the inside of which one of the two threw there was some kind of surprise month strong brother, checked again after the strong brother also SHEN SHEN cautious nod mouth gently breath, so strong brother opened his hand inside the catch bag, under its own schematic, strong brother from the inside and out ten, a unit are thrown In the car, the guy type are also installed in the bag inside, pull the zipper after the last tripartite strong brother handed SHEN hand inside the mouth have been waiting for this pickup truck and drove off after SHEN only light quality, said:. twenty hands grid clip almost twenty bombs, long loose six cartridges, Jing playing under these long loose almost all my rounds, I know you North Face Bionic certainly only cargo port "Hebei hat almost took me to this guy, inventory and future a lot, pulling SHEN began almost twenty minutes walking time, I saw an abundance of rental docked at a roadside location, "things are in the car, but before we take a plastic boss Greek estimate to you, whether you are God or a ghost, after the last opportunities for cooperation are not only of the mouth. " Oh back to inform you that the boss heard, than those who play with fire, if meet again I will not stay fine, he should say that this estimate will understand what I mean by unfinished pending bristle, as more information on how funeral, JDI Jing Deng six chapters and more muscle more support, and supporting genuine reading special
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