The only concern is that the thieves

July 05 [Fri], 2013, 18:48
Sword repair, that the goal of comprehension Sword, they, and ordinary comprehension entirely different concept. Sword is one hundred soldiers of the king, but also downright murder of the device, in order to force humanely Sword, since in order to humanely murder thing, stress is killing the road, between life and death looking for an opportunity to move forward. And the general plot merit, avoiding causal, hide ascetics kill ring is completely different. Sword of the set of the traditional theory of causation as a joke, that heartless world, to all things as straw dogs, called karma just practice a heavy trail obstacles. Immediate difficulties, the more significant upgrade on their own, they are willing to meet the challenge of strong, accustomed to Heaven realized between life and death, fighting xìng strong, very heavy heart to kill, hindering greater breakthrough after harvest on bigger! Sword or arrogant, or introspection, or debauchery, or modesty, the only thing in common and that is the pride of the bones, and won the secret of the fight, as long as the original mind accessibility, achievement of purpose, they can use any means, without fear of any causality. In plain words, a little, a little on the majority Sword arsenal are to stir up trouble jīng and kill God descend. And Yao first in the Sword (now only be regarded as the sword repair) being also considered as most of what kind of trouble from his trip to the mainland Europa can be seen, out of a trip, they pull so much hatred. But in fact, he was also a lot of harvest, the Department successfully groan eight thunder magic, sword refining materials were available, brush a lot of crystal coins and genius Lingbao, most importantly, the cut sword respect, thugs pulled a gold medal, won the Cave news. These resources can be turned into practice, are the cornerstone of his further. Thus, Sword fight between life and death, won resources, growing fast, but it is dancing on the wire, if accidentally, hit the iron, the fall is also fast. Sword in the eyes of Mr. Yao that life everywhere is an opportunity, and now, look at this prevarication Soviet Colonel, how could he not curious, do not explore the roots hit new lows. Diana turned into a gust of wind, and flew in the direction toward the back, while she could not take into account the ground, a ghost-like Lurker is far dangle her. With Vian compass guidelines, coupled with advanced integrated brought improved tracking Mr. Yao has superb skills further, tracking directly extended to three kilometers radius is basically impossible catastrophe strong early discovery, . Ice above the ghost generally live in the treetops jump, dark sentry did not notice, but was Yao first one found. "Here furnished temporary Anshao, it seems there really a big deal, and grab a tongue bar." This peripheral Anshao to know what Mr. Yao directly forward. Soon, he was in a number of tanks consisting Mammoth V2 temporary camps, found his target. A mobile command vehicles among the Yao first discovered a military commander, watching him look at the screen dictates, Yao found a positive first to know the Lord. Five minutes later, command vehicle, the little room among ordinary mortals simply can not resist Yao first hypnotic mantra, which Colonel nor received specialized training in just a few minutes, the illusion was killed in a one hundred ten times, willpower was destroyed mess, Mr. Yao also got myself to intelligence. This matter also from talking about two months ago. At that time the city of Mexicali is a small adventure group called pigeons away Grand Canal, in a common task of cleaning up World of Warcraft, they unearthed an untapped Cave. After rejoicing John pigeons adventure group straight dúlì development, but every man innocent pregnant bi severity of the offense, the news he was among the members of the group adventure sold out. This cave is actually a technological civilization of ancient ruins, although already abandoned for a long time, but among the ruins, pigeons adventure group was brought back a few pieces of black-technology product. Unfortunately, due to the news leaked, and so hard to bring the harvest dove out of time, the robbers had a long wait at the door. Seventeen members deduct a traitor, a stealthy thieves, the jīng dead spot light, the other treasures were also captured. That death left kind of adventurous group of thieves is deputy head of Natasha, the team's strongest, a comprehensive assessment of five big thieves, I do not know how to do, she literally hundreds of people from the layout of the encirclement escaped. After that, it's way to kill each other without abandon, originally, this is a story of old allies and enemies, bandits seized the treasure, but left the survivors. The only concern is that the thieves do not know the success of the return of the revenge. Such a thing,Outlet Oakley Sunglasses, in every corner of the world on a daily basis, there is no big deal. But traitors survive, but dissatisfaction with each other to give in return, once again burst irreparably. The original head askew able to escape, or because, among the black technology appliances, even a short distance can teleport magic props, and has been previously assigned to the thieves deputy group. Able space for moving props, or short launched Teleport? In even the most basic of modern technology substance decomposes, restructuring can not be done when such a thing, no doubt once again rolling black technology modern technology victory. Whether it is research, or to the strong alone, so things are priceless. This time, even the Su Weier Imperial Army intelligence organizations are moving, and sent directly to the military detachment for collection. But the loss of all members of the female thieves how might give it a life partner for the last treasure, flatly rejected the military conditions, therefore, was a direct upgrade. While at the same level of the Warrior profession among thieves for the aspirations to agile xìng Warrior is undoubtedly the weakest, but undoubtedly the expertise of senior thieves disguised occupation, thieves can teleport is difficult to find the existence of an exception, But when the world's top three military serious, strong and common army in the world with the search, she still was out of the populous city, forced into this ice and snow. Now, this piece of forest, in addition to a large number of troops searched, as well as six natural disasters, earthquakes Yue dozen raids in the back and forth,Coach Bags, as long as that is put to death attack, which is forcing her to constantly teleport, consume props energy. Whatever black technology products, to play a role in energy is necessary, if the accident is estimated at over a few hours, even if the thieves will not be arrested on the spot,Oakley Monster Dog, will run out of energy Teleport props, alive force into the corner. Thus, it is no wonder Diana saw Yao first, would be so nervous. And as Diana worried, I heard there are so peculiar treasure, Mr. Yao immediately on the heart. "Black Technology is really amazing, a large space to Wonderland world of diversion is strong, understand the rules before they could master the space to grasp the supernatural, so that ordinary people could have to rely on feel free to use props. If I get this thing, with invisible Jian Qi, Would not it be can be a real super assassin. "Yao first in the world are now able to go beyond the general knowledge of stealth disappear, or that rely on the magic of invisible Jian Qi, seemingly elusive, but in reality is still moving at high speed just after the stealth of physical strength and true gas consumption greatly, and quite a lot of flaws. The biggest drawback, the movement trajectory significantly, in order to speed and save energy, often to go straight. Well, actually experiencing a real strong exception not insurance, the other can be predicted to occur in the direction, and if we have a short distance ahead of the ability to teleport, and invisible assassin Jian Qi constitute the core skills, naturally combat power rose. Think so, Mr. Yao give Colonel fill a hypnotic spell, so he thought he just had a nightmare, put the Colonel put it back, this is to avoid arouse his suspicions. Vian compass flick, track targets, but not the slightest reaction. "It seems still three kilometers outside Yeah, look Wan Road up." So thought, filled the snow among the white robes that swaying slowly disappear in them.
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