but turned into a ghost scourge

November 14 [Thu], 2013, 13:02
() "Santo, live up to!" Looked at his face excited Tianshui city of Santo strode rushed over, Chu Rui faint smile. Uttered a momentary apprehension let him look into the words of relief. "I know, you sly warriors hand, it must be able to!" Ringing in their number of years this family hearts boulder finally put down in his place, Tianshui city of Santo called an excited, almost to be added. Holding Chu Rui constantly shaking hands, and looked very excited. md, which will not be glass, right? Chu Rui caught proceed, his face stiff with showing a touch of a smile, heart fiercely guessed. But to see people so happy, look at this guy is a city of Santo's sake, look at his body might be able to take an oil's sake, Chu Rui selection, Nima, brother forbearance. UGG Jimmy Choo Starlit Fortunately, this guy in the end is a city of Santo Nyima, experienced a lot of wind and rain, or soon will own emotions to stabilized. "Sly hand warrior, this time really thank you so much." Chu looked sharp, very sincere Tianshui city of Santo said. "That, Santo ah, on this trip to Atlantis once I get some facts about the original, you have no interest to hear?" Chu Rui asked. Tens of thousands of years, the king of Atlantis playing in a tragic overflowing horn sè, first fatuous was bewitched, and then launch a war, causing hardship, then they become the embodiment of a tyrant, get rid of the whole people of Atlantis , but was finally killed, but turned into a ghost scourge continues until the Atlantis gave ruined, simply Nima an eternal tyrant. Chu Rui is to know the truth, and perhaps the old man made a king is not a good king, but after all, is a good father. He is also a sincere love for the country, for his rectification of names, but a cost point of time only, no big deal. After listening to the words of Chu Rui, Tianshui city of Santo silent. From his ancestors escaped from Atlantis on the left of the books, records had in the late period of the Atlantis dark history. They are by their own ancestors who began to teach grew up, for those dark history can be described in the understanding enough. But till this moment, but it is some essence of the dark history of that period to be reversed completely overturned. Was originally the most wicked largest and the most stupid tyrant, do not say the image has become an enlightened ruler, or at least one victim. This makes him somewhat acceptable, however. He knew, Chu Rui did not need to lie to him, did not have that ability right rhythmic. However, so long ingrained in my mind the idea is not so easy to change. In this regard, Chu Rui appreciate. "Yes, Santo adults, could you help me find this stuff is not a good thing?" Chu Rui from Atlantis Royal treasure trove thing to took out, he picked out and both are absolutely treasures. Canada Goose Mens Chateau This stuff one out, and instantly is to let Tianshui city of Santo mouth into o-. "This, this Could that be?" Tianshui city of Santo fiercely swallow a mouthful of saliva, incredible watching Chu Rui. "Ah, Atlantis when dying king told me the secret of Atlantis Royal treasure, which is inside." Chu Rui very honest answer, and this CANADA GOOSE ONTARIO is his lawfully obtained, there is no need to Tibet the tuck. This is tens of thousands of years Nima antiques, but also *** is this eternal Lost City of Atlantis stuff, absolutely great value. He is not thought to be auctioned take Lee twice, but still let take a look at this remnant of Atlantis, identification about it, anyway, there is not money. "This, this is indeed a thing of Atlantis, and is part of the royal treasures ah!" Tianshui City Buildings vessels of the Lord in the hands turn to turn to look, a look of intoxication. It looks like, let Chu Rui some shudder. "Sly hand warriors, do not know, can afford to spare?" Made him look like Tianshui city of Santo totally not prepared for these gadgets to Chu Rui, and to hold in my hand, and finally asked, very pleasing. "Since you like Santo, nature is not the problem. Gave a Hello!" Chu Rui smiled, this thing hundreds of pieces of his body. Antique place that is most precious rare and represent the culture of that era had or process, is out of print, it will be so valuable. Although he was hundreds of pieces for the entire continent, it is pitiful. But this stuff is more than one, that will be relatively devalued. Only the most valuable scarce. Out of print is the most valuable. Like there was an auction house auction four unique in the world of stamps, that after the auction to get businessmen, apart from anything else directly tore them three, which not only did not let that stamp devaluation, but that last one add money than four more expensive. This is rare! "No, it can not!" Hear the words of Chu Rui, Tianshui city of Santo direct shook his head, looked at, he suddenly asked: "Do not know, sly hand warrior, do you have? Especially the picture of the class. "Listen Tianshui city of Santo ask, Chu Rui suddenly Yie, but still honestly in a backpack looking up, really let him find six paintings, which draw from a casual, handed him . Tianshui city of Santo launched over looked, turned out to be painted overlooking the city of Atlantis, the spot is the smile. "Sly hand warriors, this painting could afford to spare? I have an elder wants to return to his life's wish is to see Atlantis, and now this wish is impossible, but this picture is able to help him From another meet. "Tianshui city of Santo looked Chu Rui very sincere. Chu Rui bit uncomfortable. Nyima, the task reward at all. I sent a piece antique utensils, and also *** To this picture. Rub, overlooking Atlantis painting paintings, not just the treasures, but also be able to fully see the whole picture of Atlantis, just value of this study do not know where. This bastard got really open mouth. However, this painting up in the hands of Chu Rui only value money, he is not the kind of antique collection enthusiast, little interest in this stuff. Now Tianshui city of Santo openings, Chu Rui order not to offend the entire Western White Tiger outside the city in addition to belonging to the largest second-tier cities Santo adults, also nodded his head. "Great, really thank you so much, sly hand warriors, this look, my great-grandfather, his life can be a wish." See sharp nod of Chu, Tianshui city of Santo even happily jumped up. This action, so Chu Rui stunned. Nima, you are Santo okay? So much a city of Santo, also jumped up? Your coercion it, your tolerance it? True *** bright blind!
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