just not Tethys court who is connected

June 15 [Sat], 2013, 12:29
In fact,oakley sunglasses cheap, only let the soup Canqing phone, Lu Wenlong didn't know what to say, with scott. This time Tang Canqing basically doesn't go over there and tofu pudding shop, the junior high school is not finished brothers heard a foreign language, where know what meaning, are directly hung. Tang Canqing is really want to restart, so there is no concern about Scott, so the relief Scott also repeatedly told them to engage in a wireless communication tools, if both sides can contact,Oakley Dispatch Clearance, good C ā o as much, also asked whether to send him a wireless phone, just don't know that this can not be used. Lu Wenlong quickly let Tang Canqing refused, how can this time to let people know he is in contact with the foreign countries, it is not that things are out of their own? Told Scott dormant, before the Olympic Games is not to contact, wait for the Olympics to meet to talk about. So the very next day, two people rushed to buy a very western style of BP, the price,Oakley Sunglasses HALF X, one thousand yuan a, or the ordinary people can not afford. After Tang Canqing finally understand what happened, my heart is finally out of that kind of narcissism and self-blame mentality, with smile, with Lu Wenlong in the business hall with bright windows and clean tables hold, also buy communication tools, people looked around, a little curious. Come out and asked Lu Wenlong to give to tie belt T-shirt: "this looks like the J ī ng God some!" Lu Wenlong obediently complied, Tang Canqing smiled and put the pager to hang onto his belt: "I see those people are hate not linked to the nose. Say you have such a thing!" Lu Wenlong tried to feel about: "seems to feel waist should be straight!" Tang Canqing laughs bend forward and backward. It is very beautiful, Lu Wenlong frowned: "what was said last night! You have a weakness, also do not correct?" The girl where resist Oh, simply drop to the ground holding his head hard shrugged, even after the tears laughing, just stand up and let Lu Wenlong dragged her back to the car. Lu Wenlong called the brethren to give chapter and verse for the things said again, just not Tethys court who is connected, the home brothers heard that foreigners in, it was not only admired: "three sisters-in-law can speak English?" It also mentioned the national leaders, who called Lu Wenlong are famous leaders shook hands with. The small hun hun are not rare, valuable or foreigners, it seems that people of foreigners has always been very strange. In fact, there are several was also her students: "Miss Tang is not!" Lu Wenlong also tells the story of a pager that: "if there is a communication tool, may also not after so much trouble. Now three sisters-in-law there a printing company, it is necessary to match a, I have to go back and play, not to use, then come back to say again, you should have been with this thing, small head are good, can also be used as a reward at the end of the year......" Cao Ergou, a sigh of relief, laughing to hold things look at the past, Yu bamboo not see: "I have two. Change can be used, so get much cheaper, who is it?" Immediately there was a guy hands, the old eleven Li Wan, always with the monkeys left arm right > Yang Sen
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