but also to grab something

June 27 [Thu], 2013, 18:11
/ Div> Ye Wen listened, a faint smile, but this time, they have come to the front of the cashier, then Ye Wen then took out his bank card, said: "mx quad-core mobile phone, two thousand four hundred. ** "Hear Ye Wen, then, that the cashier lady nodded, took the piece of bank card, then sidewalk:" Please enter a password. "Ye Wen listened,Oakley Sunglasses Jupiter Squared, the password is entered into, and that the cashier lady is Tao : "Please wait." Ye Wen listened, nodded, and after a while children will miss that cashiers and other bills and handed warranty Ye Wen, said: "Please take good machine out what fault, year Within repairs are free. "Ye Wen listened, the documents close up, but this time, the waiter had the phone a good package, and then she put the paper bag and gave it to Ye Wen, said:" Please take good . "Ye Wen listened, nodded and said:" Thank you. "Yan Feng and Ye Wen then they will be out of Meizu store, and Yewen Gang went out, he opened the package, took the inside of the phone out, and from the body and then she took out a cell phone Meizu seems to have shut down, seemingly Ye Wen Meizu phones are, but this one looks a little old and out. Ye Wen then removed while the phone card out, while said: "Qin sister they should still in the hospital, you send me to go there." Yan Feng listened, nodded and said: "Good." If Qinxiang here and hear the words of Ye Wen will definitely turn iron into steel, although she let Yan Wen buy maple leaf with a cell phone, but in fact. Her real purpose is to allow more than two people stay together for a while, to deepen about feelings. But Ye Wen, but because of the small cute relationship, hurry to buy a cell phone, once again, back to the pet hospital, basically, that a lot of thought Qinxiang is wasted. And forthwith. They will be ready to get on the train, but at this time, mobile phone shop near the poles standing near a young man ran up suddenly directed here. Then he put directly Ye Wen hand carrying a bag phone away. Then fled toward the distant, while Ye Wen, also face sè a change. She just inside the old phone phone card taken out, ready to put on the new phone. Because hands and holding a cell phone, and holding a card, so just mentioning that phone bags and instability, and therefore it was easy to take away the. Yan Feng met face sè slightly changed, because things are so suddenly that even he did not react. Saw the man fled, Yan Feng suddenly reaction over, then he turned to Ye Wen said: "You wait for me while advanced mobile phone shop." Yan Feng finished. Body directly and we rush out and chase to a just man, Yan Feng physical strength strong, natural explosiveness and endurance legs are beyond the ordinary lot, so but see Yan Feng's body like a tiger same. Rushed out, and then directly across a roadblock, there are more than ten meters from its own toward the people caught up. The person in front looked back and saw a young man actually caught up, but speed is also so fast, suddenly also face sè a change. Mad dash forward up, however, can match his speed where Yan Feng, a few of the more than ten seconds, the two only thirty-four meters from it. Yan Feng, like a tiger chasing hare, like a Qianpu, then Yan Feng's body will be directly in front of the robbers hit in the body, and Yan Feng's hands will be charged directly at the young man's shoulders above the huge force under the robber's body directly and knelt on the ground. And Yan Feng is apart from anything else, a direct blow to the young man, the young man suddenly Tongjiao a cry,Oakley Flak Jacket Sale, but also soft body down to the ground, while Yan Feng is propped himself up with his knee pressure in this robbers in the chest, while the young man sucked right hand that phone bag, took over. Yan Feng, and the young man ran not far from the road, but it is from the street just change the path to another one. And this time, a patrol female jǐng just came over, then she becomes directly extracted a pistol from his waist, aimed Yan Feng, and her mouth is: "The fast stand up!" Yan Feng listened, sè face slightly changed, said: "I am a good man!" Yan Feng heard the words, the woman jǐng coldly: "street beat, but also to grab something that you said I would believe it? immediately stood up! I counted to three, or I'll shoot! "Yan Feng listened, and then changed the face sè, although his body armor can withstand bullets primary, but not necessary in case he did not want the police and the jǐng conflict After all, this is a misunderstanding it. Thinking, Yan Feng opening said: "Well, do not shoot, I stood up!" Yan Feng said, stood up straight, and then slowly turned around, facing the woman jǐng inspections, just focus on that Yan Feng robbers who, so did not look carefully, now get up, he saw that the woman jǐng police actually surprisingly beautiful, white skin, supple black hair, big eyes, facial features are also very jīng cause. And perhaps because of regular exercise when the relationship between the female body is very jǐng rods, jǐng police uniforms chest by tall top up, spindly legs Bottom, giving a uniform temptation feeling, Yan Feng, although seen a lot of beautiful women, but their xìng grid either cute or calm. Whether stars or Missy, have not had this kind of heroic female jǐng police who evil cool taste, so sudden, Yan Feng is also some in a daze, while lying on the ground that the robbers, but it is taking advantage of Yan Feng stupidly time, grabbed that phone bags, fled the direct it toward the distant. The woman jǐng police also froze a moment then they shot directly, and only heard cry of pain, the robbers got up and ran again then roll directly on the ground, the mouth is also constantly crying with,Coach 2012 Cheap, Yan Feng turn head and saw the woman jǐng observed directly hit the robbers calf muscle position, and the position from the bullets go look. The gun, wounding the robbers calf muscles, and even leg did not hurt, looks like this woman jǐng police marksmanship very accurate ah! And then, Yan Feng sidewalk: "how? Jǐng police who, you know I'm a good person?" Yan Feng heard the words, that jǐng police opening said: "He is not a good man, you are not necessarily a good thing, I went back with a statement from. "jǐng police heard the words of this woman, Yan Feng's face sè slightly changed, Ye Wen is still there, waiting, how can you go jǐng own police bureau do? Thinking, Yan Feng opening: "I tell you the horse captain is a friend, so forget this thing!" Hear mention Mafu Gui Yan Feng, the woman jǐng police eyes flashed a hint of disgust sè, Open Road : "Do you know that horse dude? know then what? I let you go back, you have to go back!" (You are welcome to your support, that is my greatest motivation.) RV
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