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December 24 [Mon], 2012, 14:43
Along the way, Yang Cheng did not know how oneself is to go back home.His mind was still echoed earlier in the Shankly gate, Gerrard's cool voice, there seemed to be no feelings, but in fact, there is every word is full of his deep feelings for him, also let Yang Cheng have a more comprehensive understanding of.No doubt, this is a never could leave Liverpool man!No doubt, as Ferguson said, it is a living in the past the man in black!Don't know why, Yang Chengyue contact with these people, the more he could feel some of Liverpool's special.The history of football the most painful two big tragedy, one is the Heysel tragedy, one is the Hillsborough tragedy, was the two tragedy, are involved with Liverpool, but surprisingly, Liverpool in the two pile accident assumed a tragic character.Is it a coincidence?Or necessity?He remembered, Rick Parry gnash the teeth in anger say to him, for the people of Liverpool traditional attention above all, because every Liverpool heart, never printed a permanent indelible disgrace.He is not very understand the words mean, but he can see, this group of people still could not walk out of the shadow of history, but they are wrong?Maybe, in the eyes of the outsider, they become entangled in the past, is an extremely foolish thing, but for the Liverpool people, they do not feel stupid, because in their hearts, has belongs to their justice and dedicated."I don't really understand them!"Yang Cheng frowns on sitting on the sofa, looked up, feeling a little sour.If this time, a person, press the shoulder, that is more than comfortable thing.In him the idea just float, I felt a hand, gently press on his shoulder, a fresh-smelling come, very familiar, hand some jerky, but the road is to do a very reach the designated position, make him comfortable simply closes the eye to enjoy."Do you feel good?"Sienna asked.Yang Cheng nodded, well, a sound, a face to enjoy."Watch your cool Canada Goose Yorkville!"Sienna taunts the sentence, but more hard."You just said, don't know them, who is it?"She asked concerned.Yang Cheng closed his eyes, his mouth said: "the people of liverpool!""Yeah!"Sienna listens, agree with the saying, "just you don't understand, we also do not know them."Even grew up in Britain's Sienna says so, not to mention the others?"They are the England most special group of fans!"Sienna said.Yang Cheng well, a sound, not to say anything."Lost to Manchester United, great pressure?"She asked concerned, because of this, she had to stay at Liverpool, otherwise, she should be in london.Yang Cheng confident smile, "I stand!"I know.Sienna said, "you never disappointed before Canada Goose Hybridge Jackets Outlet, right?"Yang Cheng said nothing, he thought in mind next to prepare.After the twelfth round of the league, Liverpool in the Premiership in fourth, according to the result, to the current team's current situation, coupled with the running level, Yang Cheng have full confidence to keep the score, but only fourth, enough?He felt not enough, not enough, even he still want more.He said, to put United out of the throne to kick down, he will be responsible for his words.The winter need to introduce a playmaker, strengthen the midfield creativity, take a defensive midfielder, strengthen the midfield creative midfield UGG Bailey Button Triplet Discount, improve operating efficiency, and then let the team to better control of the game.One can control the midfield, Liverpool won't lose control, if not Harvey Alonso the level, at least to can do for rhythm control, this is Liverpool's most urgent need.The original Yang Cheng to cultivation of Arrau Diyala, but the midfielder is too young, the potential is there, but the lack of experience, from a long-term point of view, to be cultivated, but want him in a short period of time to play, it is the dream of.Smicer's pass is good, but the body is too thin, too many injuries, but also for rhythm control does not work, not Yang Chengyao's the kind of player, after this a few months after trying, he was blacklisted by Yang Cheng.
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