Barcelona fans a great disturbance

December 24 [Mon], 2012, 12:17
We will never agree to some of the accused Barca have an ulterior motive, we will give full support to the work of Ferrell UGG Ultra Tall Discount, we all believe, he would stay at Barcelona coach in this position did very well, for a long time!"Ferrell did not stand up against Yang Cheng, instead of Barcelona manager Rexach stand out avoiding rumor.But it is regret that, in Rexach avoiding rumor at the same time, Barca in the away game against Athletic Bilbao,: 3, also pulled open to competition between the gap.This aroused in the Barcelona fans a great disturbance, especially Spanish journalist is that Barcelona chaos processing a series about Ferrell will be dismissed rumors, after all, before this, Ferrell had not coached the giants into a precedent.While in the related rumor, spread more or Rexach Ferrell questioned.The former Barcelona star was the krui big assistant, but also served as the Japanese League coach, later accepted Gaspar Te's invitation, to enter the club's management.Gaspar Te was able to beat Nunes, a very important reason is that in his campaign chairman, assembled to Rexach et al a group headed by Barcelona internal non-mainstream faction of the support staff, coupled with his many years as vice chairman of the club, this makes Shpat at election time advantage is very obvious, got Barcelona fans of big voice.But after taking office, Gaspar Te has highlighted a president, no handle internal contradictions of the weak and incompetent.Originally at this critical time, especially in Europe and the two team league defeats case, should stand out decisive support coach, but he didn't, but he resigned Rexach frequently jumped out.At first, Rexach still avoiding rumor, but later he simply admit, own and Ferrell do exist between the contradictions, but not resolve, he considered himself more than Ferrell for the club coach etc Women North Face Brooklyn Parka Clearance..These all represent the Barcelona disarray, and management!"Now it was a mess."!"Sitting in his office, Yang Cheng have a look for Spanish TV reports, not smile shaking his head.Football world forever is geomantic turn by turns, past life before and after the 2011 Barcelona fans, and a few can imagine now Palestinian Sa this precarious and confusion?"It is not because of your words?"And not Bayer laugh out.Yang Cheng is very innocent shook his head: "Hey, Paul, come on, I just made a as the opponent will do, don't you want me to say, Barcelona lost 0:3, is Europe's top team?That is too hypocritical, I do not!"They immediately think Yang Cheng smile, kiss and tell."Well, don't say that, say something!"Yang Chengsheng fear that the aides continue to haunt him, immediately move."I am very careful analysis of the season bar a few races found a very interesting question!"Paul laugh says, bayer.Yang Cheng motioned for him to continue, others are concerned."Barcelona so far this season, played 5 games, 2:1 at home, beating Malaga 4:1 home win over Liz, United's 3:1 home win over Santander athletic, 0:3 away defeat against Besiktas, away, lost to Athletic Bilbao: 3."Bao Yan Bayer smiled, and asked: "did you see the problem?""Both win at home, losing away!"Mullen Steen's first reaction.But Moniz shook his head, "should not so simple!"Yang Cheng thought for a moment, he returned from England, just see the Barcelona game video immediately reacted laughs: "it should be said that is encountered, the good defensive team is losing, encountered defensive worse team will win!"" UGG Suburb Crochet Short Boots;Bingo!"And not Bayer laughing fist road."We have to recognize that, Ferrell is also a great level of coach, he is the first ever held Barcelona Barcelona green scraping camp supervisor, he is very attack-minded Barcelona was took a fancy to him for this, so we took him to the camp nou."Paused, and not Bayer was shaking laugh: "but he unfortunately encountered turbulence in Barcelona, Rivaldo and Figo has gone, the introduction is Alfonso and Simo, but the team's defence was not enough reinforcements, which makes their defence in a complete mess, rarely does not lose ball!"
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