His cool spit out a word

December 20 [Thu], 2012, 11:41
The 122 chapter six days like a constantly running, looking for opportunities to viper, and the cutting knife is like a whistle blows, difficult to resist hurricanes.Love reading network green - color - snake in the hurricane to fly, always want to into the wind barrier, will be after the human phagocytes.The hurricane continued a flying sand and rolling pebbles, at any time will be South Korea rain wiped out the possible.Two people are constantly walk, to play fast, in the crowd left red right process.Next to the dry JIANMENGUAN brother look foolish eye, most of them don't know cutter exists, therefore, some silly looking at the two is almost beyond the limits of human imagination and they figure, eyes and round body, as a statue, but his eyes are as the two figure constant twist Liu Podong when provoked, eyes have gradually been replaced by surprise and anger, to finally turned into the colder.To cut the knife skill, actually also cannot be Han Yuzhan in the sword.He is suspected, miss today Canada Goose D'Alpago, he may not have killed each other."All be silly?The two person to be my catch!"Liu Podong hoarse voice flying around.This boy have one, the remembered standing beside it with their target, immediately called towards Zhuo extraordinary and old boat dive.Outstanding extraordinary one gnash one's teeth, hard forward step, in front of his old ship, black - color - dagger slightly lifted up.More than a dozen this little brother a rushed towards him, and Zhuo extraordinary fighting into a ball.Ordinarily these JIANMENGUAN brother are also with willow Podong side of the elite, even without those swordsman diversionary, be in a fight before Zhuo extraordinary was injured, but also with the old ship, should also be hands busy feet - random -, struggling to cope with is.Can begin, he discovered that this brother, far more than he imagined to be weak.Just a fight, actually has three Meg's younger brother, injuries in his dagger.This makes outstanding extraordinary spirit of earthquake, a time to fight a voice, thunder again and again, both sides play lively.There, break dancing, as if attached maggot of the bone, with chill chill, beside Han Yu shuttle."Stem!"Han Yu anxious hearts Zhuo extraordinary et al., know that here the longer, more unfavorable to him, so the hard heart.His cool spit out a word, look suddenly burst out of a Dawson cold light, just like pieces of hand their horizon meteor, suddenly accelerated towards the opposite.Continuously swords clash, between him and the knife between rings.Han Yu's strengths in speed, but breaking speed but not under him.Moreover, broken knife blade upload to power, even bigger than him.The only half of ordinary knife knife, in front of the majestic mountains of the hands of a man, will often come from a strange angle drills, tricky and elusive.Even Han Yu, also feel some are struggling to cope with.Just a moment North Face Boots, the two sides will to fight four or five.Han Yu wanted to borrow their sharp knife, will be cut off, but not to each other even fighting also maintained a keen eyesight and animal instinct.Although the two weapons continue to bump together, but no one was hit in the same place.Han Yu sometimes can't cope with their upload to Juli, their hit slightly up.Cutting knife at an accelerated, temporary body, with a black - color - cloth, and red blood wire.Han Yumen grunted, in broken sword body moment, body suddenly fast receding, his days are oblique upward, toward the throat with the past.Green - color - blade, with cold, even the opposite hand knife, attack like cold as fierce the wild man, couldn't help paused.This is a Kung Fu, Han Yu's body suddenly turned towards the next leap, fit.Holding a knife behind the man's face - color - suddenly changed, originally also calm eyes north face sale, suddenly burst out a sg.Hand knife, than just faster, towards the Han rain behind splitting in the past.Han Yutou does not return, his days become strange and knife hit together, stuffy grunted, his body is on faster, their referents, caught the little Lord Podong JIANMENGUAN, willow.
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