just to hear what a small brother

December 03 [Mon], 2012, 18:28
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultAll the television audience, I was as the Turkey correspondent Fu Hongxiu ,is doing for you live report .
As the interview in front of a beautiful ,graceful figure is holding a microphone ,camera speak with fervour and assurance ,as her introduction to general ,this girl is a Zhuyu sister Fu tea .
Ladies and gentlemen ,now you see is caused global attention of Lara hills . Fu tea which was carrying the camera schematic ,chef, and appreciate sb. of the lens to sub Lara hill .
And Fu Tea sound did not fall ,with the conversion lens ,goes on to explain : see the whole city ,and mount Lara ,originally the flare has disappeared .Now only the bare mountain ,all living plants and so on were originally grown in this mountain top creature, has been entirely extinct .
Lens mount Lara in Asia for a moment, and to return to Fu Hongxiu, the girl Tan mouth non-stop continued: according to the latest news ,the Lara mountain variation ,may and volcano eruption unrelated ,but what is the reason ,the flare from where, and was what forces make the whole mountain to be bare ,at present there is no conclusion ,please continue to pay attention to the audience ,later we will continue to report .
Camera lens away ,interview inside the entourage began to busy sorting data ,another several cameras still make a hurried journey without stop shooting with Lara hill of change ,not to miss any one of the subtle details ,of course ,these images do not necessarily need to immediately go to broadcast TV ,but as the first hand data ,future natural a big role .
Fu Hongxiu Mike to the staff ,slightly relieved ,secretly looked back to Noah Lara hill ,was vaguely uneasy feeling .Thought : this hill changes too strange ,do not know what will change ,I always have a feeling of hung up ,it is run today continuously without stopping for a moment ,too tired ?Oh ,perhaps is really tired ,and this report ends with dragon sister ,please leave, have a good rest .
Tea ! Then ,next to another belonging to China heavyweight media car, a young man has done live report, see Fu Hongxiu finished report ,immediately call a fu tea name ,holding a bottle of beverage and hospitality ran .
Fu Hongxiu turned to see people ,slightly frowned ,to whom she is not unfamiliar ,as the Turkey correspondent ,Zhang Xiaocai .And her identity as occupation ,two of those in the peer exchange of .
In general ,in the same place stationed from the same country between media ,will be the exchange ,or exchange information ,or complementary information ,thus ,peer contacts is many .The Zhang Xiaocai since he met Fu Hongxiu, began a frenzied pursuit of her ,but Fu Hongxiu this person does not have any good, so on the other side of the hospitality ,she has to pay no heed .
But did not expect this of Lara Hill event ,he also came along ,is the same as the live broadcast reporter .And two interview car together ,this also increases the contact opportunity, let Fu tea is trouble .
Mr. Zhang have what thing ? Fu Hongxiu asked irritably ,but as the saying goes out faces ,the Zhang Xiaocai pursuit not wrong ,so Fu Hongxiu although there is no good looks ,but there is no direct drive person ,just think repeatedly rejected his love, but he still have no sense of propriety ,make her rather impatient .
Tea ,busy day today ,tired ,come, to drink fruit juice, quench your thirst . Zhang Xiaocai was in the hands of the juice handed to Fu Hongxiu, a pair of eyes is hidden in smiling eyes ,quietly looked at Fu Hongxiu in occupation installed under the graceful body .
No, I ,thank you . Fu Hongxiu refuse each other kindness ,pale waved his hand, and a waist swing ,towards the side of the staff side, and they discuss the broadcast content ,as well as some of the summary .
Zhang Xiaocai licked her lips ,low-grade glasses a pair of eyes ,greedy stares at Fu Hongxiu that voluptuous buttocks curve, then unscrewed the cap ,can pour the juice, heart is thinking : Mom ,why does this woman so difficult ?I have been pursuing for half a year, she did a good point was not ,is not a stone ? Think it is thought ,but saw Fu Hongxiu enchanting posture ,his heart and tickle up .
Look at a red body, said : you are barren or Langnv ,I not letter not take you ,can let me think of a way to purchase your dad ,as China ,when I see how can you be with me . Saying ,this Zhang Xiaocai is not simple, don now is the site of the reporters ,in fact ,his dad is in the majority shareholder ,and he is rich two generations .
From small to large ,play get women also do not know how many, never lost .Do reporters this occupation ,is his dad have neither learning nor skill he tried hard ,he did .He did not approach under the choice ,big daddy meaning ,went to Turkey to do this ,a journalist stationed here .
During this time ,he played the woman taste and no change in cognition ,so fu tea ,was immediately a occupation dress ,beautiful and generous of Fu Hongxiu to the enchanted, always think of the first bubble .
To this end, he gave up the short time to find a way out of the idea of Turkey ,just stay here ,working journalists .To do so, but let his father very gratified ,thought son grow up ,know how to do .
But he is helpless ,he pursued for half a year, but did not get any results ,this regarding a love triumphant two rich generation ,it is a shame .In this Zhang Xiaocai thoughts thronged one Wondering how Fu Hongxiu smoothly ,get started when, being and staff about Fu Hongxiu ,suddenly took out his mobile phone .
Mobile phone is trembling ,making a beautiful tone .See call tips ,Fu Tea smiled ,then pressing the answer key ,said : the dragon you big boss also has time to care about this small staff now, say ,call what, is it right? Want to know more detailed information on the scene ? The telephone was a female voice ,some serious tone : tea ,just received a message ,Lara hill now is very dangerous, you immediately with the staff to evacuate ? A red dragon and her sister without the usual slapstick when laughing ,complete a serious nervous tone ,not by a double ,even said : how, dragon ?What did you get the news ?I am now in the scene, more than you know more North Face Mens Denali Fleece?I haven heard it dangerous? You should not speak volcano ?This argument had been overturned ,there may not be a volcano, is also completely before the volcano erupted .
The telephone voice toned up: Fu tea ,I not tell you jokes ,in some cases ,now I will explain to you clearly UGG Ascot Shoes.You immediately with the staff ,I have for you booked the ticket ,you take the CTS was stationed in Turkey for all employees, immediately returned to the United States headquarters .
What the hell is going on ? Fu Hongxiu was at heart a little uncomfortable, now listen to say so serious, was no more bottom . Oh ,how can you be inquisitive .I told you ,that time can not explain .
But the source of the news is reliable, is from the small brother .Tell your brother ,thorn now Asia near Mount Lara ,he knows that Lara hill changes origin ,returned a message ,we here at headquarters to prepare ,said of Lara hill there will be a big risk .
The telephone voice quickly explained it .However ,do not explain it ,this interpretation ,Fu Hongxiu heard a small brother also in this subpopulation of Mount Lara ,suddenly excited, exclaimed : what ,dragon sister you say is true ?Small brother really here ? It is also false ,you should believe that small brother UGG Over Knee Button Sparkles Cheap.
So now you do not have to pipe ,immediately with the people to evacuate ,late late . The telephone voice said . A small brother here, that I can go ,I have long time no seen him ,he is here, I can just see him .
Fu Hongxiu is very excited . Fu tea . The telephone voice seemed a bit angry , I told you ,I command you to the boss ,evacuate ,brother of Lara hill while thorn ,but does not know you, you can see him .
Once the danger comes ,who will save you ,you give me immediately evacuated ,hear no . Some of Fu Hongxiu unhappy pursed her lips ,finally reluctantly said : well ,I hear you not ?I take people to evacuate .
Well, you speed up the pace ,I hang up ,get back to your contact . Fu Hongxiu hung up the phone ,eyes are blinking repeatedly, wondering : small brother actually here, God, I know this early ,I should came ahead of time .
Maybe it can meet spinule brother .But there are so many people ,places and so big brother ,I with small thorn between absolutely no contact method ,can him? What the hell is it right? To evacuate ?Oh ,it is a worry to death .
Tea ,small brother is who? Is your brother ? Fu Hongxiu in the contradictory, a hate voice sounded around .Fu Hongxiu turned and saw that Zhang Xiaocai doesn sneak around, suddenly frowned ,and said: why is it ?How to listen in on my telephone? Zhang Xiaocai said : I don even listen ,just to hear what a small brother ,curious, ask .
Oh ,this small brother is who ah ,you look up very affectionate . Fu Tea eyes : to you ?Small brother is my boyfriend ,it not clear enough ? Male ... ... A boyfriend ? Zhang Xiaocai stared blankly once ,then said: how can I not seen ?It seems that he has never asked for you ? Fu Hongxiu sing: my boyfriend ,why should you have, you are my people ?Hurry up ,my side of things .
Then, Fu tea also not regardless of who ,while enlisted staff ,while thinking : simply compromise ,I will first take people to evacuate ,if nothing happens ,again ,perhaps can meet spinule brother .
Think of Qin thorn ,her face by with a sweet smile .That a smile rested on the eyes of Zhang Xiaocai, immediately called his jealousy ,thought: Mom ,when to appear again a boyfriend .
Look ,I have to point a special way, the normal means is not down .Well ,special measures, ha ha ... ... Don what he think ,face a ponder and deep smile .The crew heard Fu Hongxiu conveys the boss asked to evacuate the news ,have very very unwilling .
Because the reports from the scene ,their winnings will a lot of increase ,to collect important information more and more, shot key frames more widely, which is related to this bill is more and more, so to hear at this time to evacuate ,is naturally reluctant to Fu tea ,many people have asked the reason .
Fu Hongxiu did not know the specific reason ,nature can not explain ,only said: reason you need not ask ,this is Mister metasomatic down ,so I have to leave .I know you care what ,bonus that you need not worry, I will put forward with mister .
We all know that Fu Hongxiu is a correspondent relationship with the boss ,but is not generally ,seems to see her with the sisters ,bet ,nature will be assured .As the pack up and prepare to leave move, fall in other media eyes ,suddenly produce a myriad of doubt .
For a news media, this time to evacuate ,is obviously not normal .Who knows which of Lara Hill what will change ,and if at any time to capture these changes ,it will not be the money so simple ,as a first hand report the events at the scene of each individual ,is a thick qualification ,reputation ,are based on seniority .
Tea ,you ... ... You going to leave ?Is not it ,so the key when you should quit ,as China ? Zhang Xiaocai first sent a doubt ,he is the two rich generation ,but I grew up in the media house ,for these cases is for having heard it many times ,natural and clear ,this time to say what also cannot leave .
Fu Hongxiu nodded ,nature won him to explain what . Tea ... ... How do you go ?Don CTS do not report ? Is it right? Miss Fu ,you received any news ? Several nearby and the related media colleagues have come to visit ,Fu Hongxiu ,for Fu Hongxiu at this time choose to leave ,they very puzzled .
At the same time as the journalist keen intuition, they feel as this abnormal exit ,must be received anything .Fu Hongxiu could ignore Zhang Xiaocai ,but can other peers, I then shrugged make helpless like : Mister account ,I can hear ,so had to leave .
I am a according to the orders ,the specific reasons, I don know ,you ask me ,I don . The speech, Fu Hongxiu commanded several photographers off camera ,however ,at this time, a sudden roar came, noisy day thoroughly ,as Pangea day ,ground vibration UGG Dylyn Short,flying sand and rolling pebbles ,everyone and violent shaking up ,a long time to calm down .
How. What . ... ... ... ... ... ... Millions of people in a panic North Face Targhee Triclimate,look in Lara hill ,is ready to leave Fu Hongxiu is no exception .While at this time ,the whole of Mount Lara presents a spectacle to be struck dumb ,and from the top of the mountain ,an invisible energy began to melt mountain .
The whole of Lara hill is like snow and ice melt ,began to disappear ,the whole process lasted only ten minutes, during which no amazing sound ,or vision occurs ,all the stifling calm .
But that ablation of the mountain ,but in awesomely eye ,let people at a loss at a loss .In the mountains disappear before, there have been many journalists react, immediately grabbed the microphone began broadcasting .
Fu Hongxiu had asked several journalists have also returned to the interview in front of the car ,and Zhang Xiaocai is no exception .Fu Hongxiu in the slightest hesitation ,also commanded the cameraman goes off camera ,at the same time to entertain other staff will be the device to stand well ,she is picked up the phone and started to broadcast .
In ten minutes time is not long ,but to see the ablation of the wonders of the people, this moment of time seems to stop the general .In addition to wind around ,everyone felt a strange quiet ,quiet if they could hear his breathing and heartbeat .
When Lara hill in all witnessed cases in camera ,everfount shooting ,and delivered to every corner of the world media case, complete ablation .Ablation of the clean, without leaving a residue ,as if never has not existed .
But then ,to all the people of panic or is at a loss of the scene ,all the people are sent scream . Look, what is that ? Oh ,my God ,these are what the hell . Amitabha Buddha ,Buddha bless ,I saw a ghost, these are ghosts .
Ultraman , where are you ,earth needs you . God ,oh ,God ,this is really too be hardly worthy of belief ,this will become the year terrible news . In the blink of an eye, the scene of countless people with each other and at the same time, screaming ,emphasize different types of language from their mouth ,which has a Japanese media reporters call up ultraman .
The Turkey scene was the first time the soldiers took up arms in the hands of God ,the alert .Of course ,is not only the site of these people, through the media, are watching live coverage of global population, but also at the same time ,a scream .
Even many people were scared of urine trousers ,they in this moment ,for preaching of eschatology ,believe firmly .What they see? Clearly, have no doubt ,of Lara hills ablation heralds the Noah crash .
Without the Noah to manacle, the recovery and restoration of freedom of a variety of different biological ,natural tired out .These form, but extremely ferocious xenobiotic ,emerges
from all sides ,was universal ,everfount ,give the audience left a strong ,break their inherent in the concept of visual impact ,for a time, all people ,regardless of is in the field ,or
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