casually turned a bit the inside

August 06 [Tue], 2013, 18:45
"Dad, this can really get it?" Yu Xiao Wei looked at his father, asked a little worried. On the "Nature is not the problem." I handed, laughing, "I have told Zhao supplier of steel Beng speak well." "That will not eat the dead?" Yu Xiao Wei said, "if the dead man downright it. "This book starts Hao unrestrained see Caller ID, face" open "a delighted smile. This is a woman he recently met, long beautiful do not say, people also particularly gentle, but with their very call. "Hey, unrestrained, in doing it?" Prettily phone came a woman's voice. "In the inspection." Hao unrestrained said. "You do not have time now? I'm going to buy clothes, you can not come with me?" Sister asked. "This." Hao unrestrained walked in front of several large boxes, and casually turned a bit the inside of the chicken wings or something,North Face Sale, no problem, after confirmation, and said, "That's where you are, I used to find you." "I'm Wanda Place this. "hung up the phone, Hao unrestrained on the side of the king boss said," the king boss, I go, wait a minute this cargo loaded it will load our past. "" good "king boss ordered nodded, looking away unrestrained Hao, Wang boss on the side of a man said, "Put those things move over, these replace." "good" looking guys already on it ready to put on the car things are replaced, Wang boss's face "open" a hint of pride God "sè", "do not work with me, then I'll let you did not co." In the car not far from Fenglin bun shop. Chen Beckham almost thirty-five days you can see once Zhao steel Beng shop car over laden, and today is no exception. But, after seeing Hao left unrestrained, that even the king boss before loading the goods gave the move, which makes Chen Beckham heart, head and raised a doubt "confusion." This is why? Wang boss watching people take everything sent car, then closed the door, motioning the car can be driven away. This car drivers to sleep lying awake, and then drove away markets, go somewhere away. "Brother Lee, just entirety cargo it?" Chen Beckham went to a man just in front of moving goods, laughing. First book, "Beckham ah" That man called Lee brother saw Chen Beckham said with a smile, "just entirety, I'm exhausted." "I just saw you put something in exchange for going, that is doing it? "Chen Beckham cocked his head, asked, puzzled. Perhaps Mr Beckham's face too harmless to humans and animals, and that brother Lee hesitated, whispered, "We have a replacement that was it," "Oh, for what goods ah?" Chen Beckham asked. "This will not tell you,Men's North Face Hoodie Sale, ha ha, let's go, get a few buns to eat." After things get advertising, Zhao steel Beng's necessary to find Wu Yaoqin comfortable reporting the good news, the results arrived in stores, they received a phone Chen Beckham , heard Mr Beckham say things after Zhao steel Beng's face is sank. "Beckham, this thing thank you." Zhao steel Beng said, "I'll wait a while to check for." "I just feel a bit strange." Chen Beckham said, "steel Beng brother own note on into." Hanging the phone, Zhao steel Beng did not immediately go to watch the batch processing workshops chicken wings, but in the store header chatted for a moment with Wu Yaoqin days. During Chen cocoa also came,Womens North Face Hoodie, but Chen but to busy "nǎi" tea shops in business. Now that Zhao steel Beng shop next door "nǎi" tea shops, almost cocoa Chan doing, while Huang Lingling Guo Furong Chen also gave them a large share of cocoa. Basically thousands of dollars a month is not the kind of run. Sometime later, the Hao unrestrained on the phone call, that the goods have arrived. "Put the batch of goods to see live." Zhao steel Beng Chen Sheng said, "I am now in the past." (Top step standings nears six children .. We really to force today plus one more. 18:00 more .. We continue to point the top of it, we To win the first, storm out six sub .. Yes, I keep six children together recently to play a game, fighting is a class called fate dnf page tour, inside battle mode with dnf almost, very beautiful, also very good character . was the classic page tour the game there are also agents dedicated to I broke a promotion server, we are interested in you can add group: 193 869 025 to play with, which is the exclusive gaming group I, are to come in to play with game the game just for entertainment, we play to become, do not affect the life and work) &nnsp;
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