originally Luo domain nightmare

December 28 [Fri], 2012, 10:50
"Why think the constant sea nightmare less back somewhat familiar feeling."Chu Ning slowly began.Chu Ning said, according to the water and Chu Tianlin Chu and Chu twilight have more contact with people have this feeling, but they all think this should be the illusion is present at all, only Qin Menger knew that with cold mask man is the Chu mu, then stared at the man, give Qin Menger another feeling cold Youth's Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber, ruthless, arrogant, stubborn, Chu Mu know constant sea nightmare less travel is most known, so wearing a mask, he never care about others on their own identity through, and, if not in order to make the most of it - Gang shake, Chu Mu don not to conceal his identity is necessary.Six steps of soul a itself is belonging to the Chu mu, Chu Muhua 6000000 coins to repurchase, as long as pay auction club three percent fee is enough.And now, Chu dogwatch is already has nearly 10000000 huge assets of 10000000 funds, Chu Mu completely can account for some of the more advanced city to buy directly enhance the soul pet fighting spirit installed out of the auction house, Chu Mu immediately arrange the Exchange Club transactions, the important six level. A new dress themselves in "you can rest for more than a month's time."Chu Mu nature is bad, after all, Yang is also some forces Women's Canada Goose Constable, but once they raised the alert, to ransack their industry is very difficult."Nightmare, shortly before we see the other factions of the people in the vicinity around, would be just want to be with you a high Luo domain less forthcoming nightmare."Lang said he.Nightmare of nature is a non-sectarian, Chu mu of these men are under the jurisdiction of the nightmare demon killer Xia Guanghan.And Luo domain nightmare is with blue nightmare demon master associate oneself with undesirable elements, they are distributed in the Luo domain each big city "need not conflict with them, do your own business."Chu Mu said."What is" Lang nodded, with a killer left.Yang's house and his son Yang Mantian died and 5000000 of all funds was raped after news arrived, old master Yang Kuo finally or not under the pressure of the blood, from the mouth out, was sprinkled on the ground "who is who is so cruel killing me yang wide," Yang wide face grim to poles that a short period of time, they will have thousands of Yang Industrial destroyed, $five million is in a smooth road was sacked, let the old master can not tolerate that, second son of Yang Mantian was dead forest, including the Yang business into a charred corpse and the rest in Yang Yang wide angry blood growl from don't dare to say a word, trembling with fear on my knees.Come ten years, Yang has been in the city to develop smoothly, but did not think in such a bloody disaster, who also see this time is aimed at completely Yang ", give me immediately sent, the late, little Yang Luosen asked to domain of nightmare, let him use a nightmare dark forces, we must check the thing what people as" Yang wide pointed to Yang Luobin angrily Yang Luobin his head at once.Yang Luobin and Luo domain nightmare Yang Luosen has some kinship, originally Luo domain nightmare little Yang Lowson should appear in hill city, but there seems to be something the delay, up to now has not come, and if he is, surely this thing also can be prevented Timberland 6 Inch Sale, after all a nightmare magic palace forces a very wide distribution, can easily learn all kinds of information."Father, you remember the summer Guanghan nightmare?"Yang Man can calm face, slowly began.Xia Guanghan Yang Kuo mentioned the brow wrinkled up.The original Yang let nightmare demon killer to bypass the Chu Tiancheng assassination, Chu mu, the surface of the killer is a nightmare of the summer Guanghan, at the time of Yang Jiazhi that summer Guanghan is a nightmare of the strength of a fairly powerful killer, and is not very seriously, hold and Luo domain nightmare less Yang Luosen is something of a relation, to Xia Guanghan asked who do things carelessly, summer Guanghan is a completely ruthless role, to kill the master, is the only took the most complete soul Ji "blood pupil".
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