suddenly came to understand

December 21 [Fri], 2012, 18:06
"Hu country!You to give your men to explain!"Woman with that he let everyone terrified him, slapped seems to put the phone on the table."Good." Cheng Ye's face, the name for them is like a curse like instant makes everyone some daze Men's Canada Goose Heli-Arctic, provincial Party committee "book, Hu's mind?At this time, a warm voice microphone there was: "it is Comrade Zhu Tao?I is the provincial Party Committee Hu country ah."Zhu Tao lag, blankly replied: "serve the country the book, write Hello, I'm Zhu Tao."Hu's laughing: "Comrade Zhu Tao, just now, I love the attitude of some not so good, you do not get angry."Zhu Taohao suspension didn't get down, Hu's lover, is it not the general staff of the?For together with his leadership, especially the province provincial Party committee the book, remember, we have no reason not to know his background, Hu's wife for others maybe is secret, but to the Standing Committee of the provincial Party committee, and is not what secret.Who does not know G province ", the book notes, General Staff Department two minister.When Zhu Tao heard that month with their own country Hu Qiao phone woman is provincial the book, remember, the General Staff Department two minister, famous female mating of Shangguan deep snow when, suddenly came to understand, the original Lu Rui come here.Sure enough, he heard the Hu's laughing: "Lu Rui, because participated in the general staff of a top secret operations, so it is necessary to master some foreign language this thing, I hope, not, is I ask you must keep it a secret."Voice, as heard by deep snow cold Shangguan voice: "is not required, is the command!This thing if who leaked the news, waiting for the court."Zhu Tao almost cried, his brother is also a ministerial level officials, but Lu Rui this kid to pit was still involved in the general staff of the top-secret action to the inside, glances up face with a faint smile no way Lu Rui, Zhu Tao suddenly felt that this guy is also hateful devil.But the book of provincial Party committee, can have openings, Zhu Tao can only hold a nose avowed and hapless, respectfully to microphone: "the book, remember please tell Shangguan minister, we must strictly abide by the confidentiality agreement, will not disclose the matter."Hu Tu reported a sound, smiled and said: "really feel shy UGG Bailey I Do Boots, have frightened you."After a pause he continued: "the phone please confidentiality, is my lover private telephone not announced."Several people are shocked, put the phone down, look to the land, eyes are changed, can let the General Staff Department two ministers to keep personal calls tell his, this guy is doing?Zhu Tao put the phone down, some awkward rush Lu Rui although nods face no smile, but the heart is more than a fear, this guy is not easily provoked, otherwise, easy to put military people involved.Think of here, Zhu Tao landing, smiled, said slowly: "Comrade Lu Rui, I hope you can understand, we also need to investigate it to do so, but since there for you to prove that Shangguan minister this thing we will be kept confidential."Lu Rui laughed softly, with subtle, with a respectful tone said to Zhu Tao: "Zhu" book 'you are welcome, is the work required UGG Tall Sparkles Boots, I can understand.Just my attitude is not good, you do not mind, it is not to Shangguan minister cannot but, not reveal this thing, because "his words have not finished, will see Zhu Tao waved and said:" this thing so you don 't tell anyone about this matter, we will also keep."Zhu Tao is no fool Lu Rui the kid if say what can let a person know something, he will really offended the Shangguan deep snow Major-General.Coughed, "Cheng Ye said slowly:" Comrade Lu Rui, Zhu ", written about the book about that thing, you what the specific interpretation of squat."Lu Rui know, Cheng Ye this is to remind myself back to the top.Mind budge, Lu Rui thought of Li Jupeng for his recorded, face a smile, Lu Rui said slowly: "a few leaders, if you don't mind, could be sent for the immeasurably vast difference Entertainment City, now I think there should be a very fun thing is born."
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