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Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe 740th chapter puncture a fallacy with one remark .
Well ,didn able to change so much life immortal currency ?Change the !Anyway, these are from the deep pirates body to the thing ,he desperately close shave for a lifetime, the results on the cheap to me ,these are the accident, for me, not, to exchange more money is too good .
Regulus waved ,smiled ,a totally don ,just by the white peony with full authority to deal with these things ,that is trust . Oh ,release day .Don ,I just made a rough estimate only, now I will let the people quickly counted ,and then give you a precise price ,may be more Canada Goose Whistler,there are many days are rare wood Bao Xian Zhen ,although it is not very difficult ,but remain quantity not much ,the price should be assessed .
White peony was the truth ,there is a statue in the side of the night too profound to be understood in the presence of this nature is not chaos ,price calculation, her fingers gently, draw the outline of a few road lines ,into the void ,who never left .
Well, release day careful wait ,wait for natural people will offer a fair, and reasonable price ,absolutely no more tiny bit of greed . White peony so rich experience ,she can understand ,the two can be the night warriors brought young people are absolutely essential ,especially the Regulus ,always give her a sense of have no bottom ,and friends fly a face Mimi appearance, but his heart is always cool ,white peony ask for so many years ,there are few young men ,can have such force ,they are lightly ,can have such a capability ,enough to see their extraordinary .
You know she million . in the Taibai chambers first beauty ,if not ten thousand immortals in hall there are so a too profound to be understood female temple ,white peony was known as the million .
the first beauty ,but also because the night is matchless if not born to pressure white Peony a head ,so white peony for night warriors have deep fear .You know, to achieve such a high person ,must not some simple characters ,she is indifferent to these titles, only Tianxin dangerous ,for white peony ,night is matchless day ,so her in many places have done with great care ,be timid and overcautious ,do not guarantee that the slightest error ,each respect into sages realm characters, even if it is Taibai chambers this mall Na also carefully waiting ,because it is the untouchables, but in many cases , the chambers also need these characters help, must manage .
Regulus and Peng Fei did not know that white peony deeply hidden be timid and overcautious ,but continued to look at the auction ,from the beginning of the goods immortal implement suit ,has been the auction to Sally is set ,a mostly by the Palace to take, this lets the innumerable forces even even the sidelong glance ,heart be hardly worthy of belief the Palace would have such a strong financial resources .
In fact, if they know that , the Palace and behind a terrible forces, eternal life ,will understand, these money to eternal life ,is a drop in the bucket of things ,this is life in order to tomb in Sea Road to be universally to treasure paid, let the people to spend a little money for it ,you know, a penny ,angel it is a small matter Sally ,Sally is able to buy ?In order to obtain sea Tao tomb inside those ancient sages have left treasure , eternal life on this point have never look in the eye ,especially a know Feng Shui Old God of the ancient sages ,is given to the Mongolian is more mysterious color ,as long as can be feng shui the ancient god : so will all be worth it .
Everyone ,the last set of immortal implement ,it is no sin ,for ERON immortal implement set ,each set of ten billion commandments coins ,a total of nine sets ,a total of ninety billion cents coins or life ! No immortal implement ,be no trivial matter.
Rather than goods ,immortal ,between the two, like clouds and mud ,price difference is not a tiny bit ,Regulus watching the body of those forces, or a lot of the seats ,are equipped with a maid ,as they explain that a road is the mysterious .
This set of ERON immortal implement set is from the east continent , fighting the Dragon House cents hand ,dressed in this immortal implement ,can be derived into ERON ,Kowloon joint ,a day lock can be captured and killed ,angel ,easy ,unless they have make a tract for self-defense ,but even with heavy the road ,also may not be able to resist ,one can imagine ,the nine sets of Sally for vaillant ! White peony is also the side explained ,although she knows to Regulus ,Peng Fei, mystique ,impossible to see these magic eye ,but it is her duty ,nature also should take the process ,say it again .
One hundred billion. Since the Palace where is the VIP room ,made a determined voice . ... ... It is the Palace ,where they have so much money ?How can purchase got so much magic ?And in these years, they have developed to such a rapid stage? On the spot with a penny realm scattered repaired, only one step to enter the fairy realm ,he good practice ,but now only a no immortal implement it UGG Adirondack Tall Discount, is very poor ,want in this environment ,not to burning and looting is also very rich ,is less and less the .
Oh ,I the Palace widely Jobs ,if you to me as if the Palace are interested, can come to a magic elixir ,numerous ,more road with supernatural powers, ha ha ha ,but all interested ,not reluctantly ,if interested can come to try ,will never let you disappointed .
.. ... A laugh came .This character, many people they are ready to , the Palace acquisition of so many magic is ,as everyone knows ,everyone can see ,but the financial strength, now also widely Jobs ,obviously is used on the occasion ,many people are anxious body no good magic ,the input Palace door ,it does not say, also can have the goods immortal implement ,Sally ,more not operation hope ,this is deadly temptation .
momentum , the Palace want to expand power ,want the real and the million . these class forces contend for hegemony ,this is a perfect chance ,if left in the million . you want to switch to the road ,the cumulative contribution does not know to what year what month .
Indeed, before the Palace reputation has been good ,I used to have a road Canada Goose Tremblant Full Zip Sale,into the Palace ,is a great privilege ,has now entered the fairy realm, sometimes we often have contact ,I now want to enter the Palace .
And that the Palace ,is a main example ,is said to have arrived at by the strength of realm, I see the Palace ,these years, wandering outside ,wander ,wind, go in rain ,all kinds of evil, life and death damages ,now an old bones ,is also a a place of stability ,I the Palace well, to choose a master to serve.
And habitat . An old man with a long sigh from the heart ,the heart made countless strong resonance ,the elder is already half foot into the fairy realm of existence ,extraordinary strength .
Oh ,Qingyuan office ,you can come to me the Palace ,this is the best, I bid under ERON immortal implement set you take in the body, with a period of time ,if there is a better ,change again .
He speaks very rich ,very will win .One hundred and forty billion. There are other forces immediately bid auction .One hundred and sixty billion. the Palace again with strong counterattack .
One hundred and seventy billion. And one in the East China Sea forces out bid .Two hundred billion. the Palace VIP room noise is still clear ,does not seem to think the price of what is wrong, many large forces had been some breathless , the Palace money too strong ,is nothing compared to spell ,or to fight ,just behind to buy so much ,a lot of great strength is also one after another to give up ,finally to two hundred billion , the Palace get it ERON immortal implement suit .
Not to a moment of time ,in which a set of ERON immortal implement set fell upon that a statue of Qingyuan human hands ,a the Palace elders token suspended in the top of the head ,the East China Sea derived from various surge ,Qingyuan Taoist natural know the rules, a drop of the cited his own life essence blood into them ,then will this road Presbyterian token to the close in, a fairy device !Many people that a envy hate ,have also want at this time ,into the Palace ,but these people are the identity of the strength of the people ,although some heartbeat but not in the next face down under the watchful eyes of the people ,to a set of Sally ,immediately enters the Palace way too obvious point ,there are a pair of very reserved manner ,there are also several half step immortal ,immortal characters regardless of the face ,which have been added goods immortal implement preferential treatment .
Xuanyuan saw this scene ,sneered : the Palace is actually pretty will bribe popular feeling ,among the world ,which have so many free things can get, but the Palace want to rely on these people ,in the author ,as they desperately .
White eyes ,a flash surprised: this could puncture a fallacy with one remark . It the Palace has the original story ,this world is dead on the money ,the bird as the death ,life is not for the sake of monks to live longer ? Friends fly is one of indifference .
Man alive, is more important than anything ,things, not essential ,for these, and loss of life ,worth, said how dangerous sea tomb ,I am afraid that when these people ,that day, will be cannon fodder .
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