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"Sure enough, ill intent!" To Junchen mind a tight, busy forced a smile and said: "Your Majesty Miuzan. Majesty want hearings, then arrange minister'll go and see what is there among piles in adjudicating cases." Wu interrupted him, and asked: "Habayashi left Langjiang Yang Fan rebellion case, who is responsible for hearing?" to Junchen secretly surprised, and quickly bowed and said: "This case comes solely responsible for the child Xun." Wu Zetian sighed softly and said: "This Yang Fan, live up to the trust I, ah, I often think, feel sad. then review the trial him, you let to sub-Hsun arraignment Yang Fan, Pei Xuanli and Lee tour road! I in the rear hall , good to hear, to see how it should be YangFan quibble! "to Junchen blurted wanted to say:" This case has been concluded, not retrial prisoners, "but the words are to the mouth child, he was again forced to swallow it back. Emperor, your visit censorate, named to hearing a case, this is an unprecedented thing, which there must be a significant reason. He is far more than this censorate brutal law enforcement, is simply law violation, no rules. Yang Fan, a case handled too hasty, though the Queen had never practice law, and do not understand the details of the judicial process, but with her jīng that guarantee that will not see any clues. To Junchen It is unclear what happened in the end, this time or do not do something good, the action, the more the greater vulnerability. Think of here, it respectful to Junchen promised soon, pretending to be calm authentic: "Your Majesty, take a seat, which minister to arrange!" Shangguan Waner suddenly stepped forward, the speaker said: "Come Zhongcheng. Wait a minute!" To Junchen stop and said: "Shang Dai Zhi what orders?" Shangguan Waner shallow smile, said: "can not tell when. Waner just think that as long as people go Zhongcheng commanded loudly on the line, Your Majesty to hearing naturally want to Sub-Hsun completely unaware of the case go, or to sub-Hsun knowingly Majesty in the back hall, try a case bound to have at home. would love beneath the intention of His Majesty visits the officials. "> Waner and peace always befriend , presumably before the trip has been entrusted to her daughter, the Empress Wu secretly sighed. Sidewalk: "Waner said justified, to Emily, I accompany you leave it!" To Junchen secretly crying, he would have slipped out of the first sub-Hsun reminder to cry, but it is not likely that what it. Shangguan Waner presence of Empress Wu and Ming This jīng overdone woman, even if he wanted to, then there can not be some hint. To Junchen choice but to sit back theme, this speaker shouted: "Come!" To please the Empress Wu ever since Junchen burglary, he gave a whole should fatigues servant driven out,Louis Vuitton Online, there is only the outer vestibule a twelve-year-old servant waits. To Junchen shouted three times before he hears, hastily came in, bowed and said: "Zhongcheng." To Junchen clear cough cry, and said: "You go and tell to sub-Hsun, cases are being processed at hand put off. Yang Fan's case heard immediately put Lee tourism channel, Pei Xuanli also mention litigation forum. "That servant promised soon, swiftly child to go. By Law Week, three into evidence. As long as there are three individual confession testimony can prove a person's offense. Di Renjie, who pleaded guilty jail time and have their own, they handled this case is even more perfect it. This is an old man left Weiyuan Zhong firm pleaded not guilty to Junchen concentrating specialize him one, but much easier. Weiyuan Zhong is what people? He was Censor Youcheng, specialized local prefectures regulatory officials, offended a lot of people really, it does not matter that he pleaded not guilty to Junchen implicate not only tortured by several officials for forcing them to move up, but officials launched over the side to provide Many Weiyuan Zhong with intent "evidence" can be described as Tieanrushan. This case is rather tricky Yang Fan, a beginning, to put him to Junchen rebels killed as important accomplice, wanted to call him unable to refute, so his comparison of this case trumped careful, and his ministers series comparison less, the results cocoon, and now want to find a few people to prove guilt is not a Yang Fan. On the other hand, Yang Fan's social relations is relatively simple, with only Xuehuai Yi, Wu Sansi Princess Taiping, these aspects of the relationship more closely, to Junchen do not want these people involved in, if that councils may really out of control, then it is not him can play Yade Zhu's it. Therefore, speaking from the formalities, Yang Fan's case also lacks a necessary witness. Zhu Bin has confessed, Pei Xuanli has confessed, Lee tourism channel is Guanlong family, but also a minister of works, court officials at the highest level, since the sub-Hsun hearing this person's identity more difficult. You make him a bureau-level cadres to trial a minister, what he stand in the town scenes, to examine Lee tour road this level cadres, how they have come Junchen the vice-ministerial level cadres got ah. So come child has not been arraigned Li Xun tour, and he was ready to throw this hard nut to crack to Junchen I to deal with, do not want to Junchen sent urging, he immediately called the arraignment Lee swim Road, Pei Xuanli and Yang Fan. To sub-Hsun choice but to promise down, and commanded the men in the trial of a criminal charge continues, mentioning Lee and Yang Fan on the trails Church. Pei Xuanli not mention the fall, he was in the classroom. Pei Xuanli to Junchen of torture have been thoroughly beat served, who told him to bite bite whoever, just before his death can be less susceptible to torture, and therefore become an important prisoners from several witnesses, at the moment he is classroom for a trial Rites Yuanwai testify yet. To sub-Hsun Zhexiang ordered, and sent immediately went on to mention prisoners together, at the same time, to Junchen secretly remembered "Buddha", accompanied Wu came from the back door child quietly after Church. Courtroom hear a case, the presiding officer the head of "Mingjinggaoxuan plaque," behind "red rì sea clouds map", but then on the wall, although the ceiling, and is not blocked by a wall, from both sides there is a Small children can go around the back door. Another open a portal back, inside there Desks Jian, paintings vases, as if a small study. The presiding officer is going behind this Shengtang hear a case, and sometimes encounter some difficult decisions's case, the jury will convene some of the officials and veteran officials to discuss countermeasures to this later. At this time, Empress Wu's first sitting to Junchen, Shangguan Waner, Wu You should also Xiashou, who was given a seat. After a moment, works minister Lee tour road was taken, according to case, even if it is already refereed numerous prisoners, on the courtroom should have sung book named, verify the identity of this channel program, but even so the trails Li Shang-class Officials said the classroom to the child Xun has not named medical examination. Listen to Junchen front of the movement, can not help but feel pins and needles, steal a drill, like the following from Wu Zetian, we all do not understand the Word program, and there is nothing special that to Junchen this calm down. "Yang Fan it, how so slow have not mentioned?" To sub-Hsun waited a long while, but he did Yang Fan, can not help but anxious up. "Newspaper! Yang Fan brought!" To sub-Hsun just finished prison sāo, outside came the cry, to sub-Hsun again in a chair to sit down, Chen Sheng said: "come ah! Band commit Yang Fan!" Shackled outside jingling, Shangguan Waner listened to her, good burst of sad, shackled Look at this, I really do not know Musical in prison houses suffered much pain. Princess said she own good ideas, but do not know exactly how she arranged, the case can not be earthshaking, Musical rescued can be all this in one fell swoop it. Today, even the emperor dìdū to the hearing,Softsided Luggage Online, and if the case can not be judged of that Musical thought here, Ms hearts like fried generally uncomfortable. Yang Fan disheveled, ragged, dragging shackles rattled onto the lobby, the runners behind four armed Shuihuo Gun marched, and another four saber former bodyguard to the courtroom and stood in front of Yang Fan has walked a handheld mention prisoners Order signed Ban head, Tsing Yi Zaoxue, on the very hall, the sub-Hsun always bend the salute and said: "Intrinsic Shi Shi, Yang Fan prisoners taken!" to see this group of sub-Hsun just sent not his head to go That Ya poor, some slightly surprised, but this censorate where the tolerance he really considered incomplete, unclear why only halfway on behalf of the class which, anyway, prisoners taken, he also Landelikuai matter, so just put the waved and said: "step down side!" This class has been at the head in front of Fan Yang, Yang Fan and disheveled, to sub-Hsun Yang Fan, also did not see the appearance of, say Yang Fan is not the first arraigned in court tomorrow, and he the it does not give too much attention. But that was put on the classroom Yang Fan, but self-interstitial scattered hair, looked around with machine jǐng. Another charge of the two prisoners classroom, glancing only their appearance, bearing, tortured Qing Qian, Yang Fan'll know who is Lee tourism channel, who is Pei Xuanli it. Yang Fan suddenly the hair a minute, exposing the face, screaming, rushed collar grabbed Pei Xuanli, roared: "Pei Xuanli! I'm with you no injustice Wu Chou Yang Fan, why do you hurt me? Why harm me!" Pei Xuanli be Fan Yang grabbed the collar thrown into a panic,Oakley HALF JACKET, quickly struggling and said: "I did not hurt you! I did not hurt you! you you do with my accomplice rebel, conclusive evidence! yes I pull pin lead, you accept Lee tourism channel bribe" Lee tourism channel immediately shouted: "fart! heavily when the old lady had hired Yang Fan? old lady never treason! old lady nor had bribed him, and Pei Xuanli you falsely climb others, careful retribution", "Pei Xuanli! Why do you hurt me, I injustice Ho Ho Yang Fan with your enemies?" "Let me go! Let go of me! to censor to censor help!" "separated them! take them apart!" to sub-Hsun grabbed the detective looks gavel loudly, both sides stand class runners Originally did not move, just as classroom already has four escorting a prisoner to the execution court battle standing there, but they seem to be shocked, innocently pestle in there, there is no action on the station hall runners This before the Yang Fan and Pei Xuanli forcibly separated. After the synagogue, Shangguan Waner eyes grew bigger, the former Church of the voice clearly heard, she heard clearly, this is not the sound Musical sound ah? P: Prudential seeking monthly, recommended votes! (To be continued ... If you like this work.)
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