But I do not know I already see through

June 21 [Fri], 2013, 11:36
The 186th chapter, Dingxiang country seven thousand five hundred words, little not lazy, I go to eat, now you, can let pass to thirty? There are five pieces of stone tiger, have looked at more and more near gates, although have the confidence back, still thinking of the maximum to avoid fighting is continuing to agitate, Su Liang "lost," please let him. Of course, the butcher, and not care about Xieai them alive, not to care about the so-called "Mastermind" Shi Xing thinking anyway, but some care force loss, after all, this is the foundation for his future king. Su Liang just stared at the stone tiger, let him thousands of words, always just a sentence: "want to die, just have a try." Stone tiger to the viscera are pain, heart secretly swear, while going to this threat not to know chalk from cheese, big into ten thousand pieces of their. Soon, to the west of the city gate, the gatekeepers of Xiongnu soldiers would have the gates open, stone tiger looked around, but saw no Shi Xing figure, heart dark scold: "this kid is really cunning, usually an honest look, key moments but not early, don't attempt to deceive deceive I'm not into? But I do not know I already see through you, wait a moment force, let you look good "outside the city, less than a minute, it saw a group of Zi car fleet far to see the team, the style, it is the western regions to the caravan looked on weekdays, the stone tiger heart andao:" get it just like the story, I see a good game,Oakley Glasses, see what you can make what Lich moths to." Soon, the team came to the front, shouted "several western dress merchants but loudly:" Buddha Cheng masters in where?" Buddha Cheng also very surprised, he thought that a rush to open the gate, will be a powerful army, but now it is really like send Buddha relics caravan. He walked past, announced a chant: "I am Buddha Cheng, a few donor but brought the Buddha's ashes?" Several Western businessmen to speak, behind a caravan leader like Hu man said: "it is, please, I put the Buddha relics devote." Buddha Cheng smell speech, even more surprised, don't really have the Buddha's ashes is not? He declared the Buddha, so sit cross-legged on the snow began to chant. Despite this a world of ice and snow in the cold, the faithful but really makes people admire. Moreover, Buddha Cheng a dish to sit on the ground, behind him the disciples are seated cross-legged. They see this case, also kneeling before, even the garrison soldiers and officers also dare not neglect, knelt down, listen to the Buddha Cheng chanting. Only the stone tiger decided the conspiracy, but is a sneer, stay peach leopard and Zhao Lu appeared, and these people off guard, and he shouted broken everything, then these rebellious in one fell swoop down. Su Liang was behind a stone tiger, is what will push knelt stone tiger. On the surface of the stone tiger is not unusual, but the stone tiger hands are tendon bolt thin together, just because the winter wear robes to hide, don't be found. Plus Su Liangli, stone tiger is no resistance. Stone Tiger not yinghan Su Liang, he fell to his knees,Oakley Sunglasses UK, scattered in the crowd who would kneel on the ground, but no one exception this guy. Only Xieai,Oakley Squared, but >
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