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September 03 [Mon], 2012, 17:46
Catch in the enterprises and to change the job before the meeting Karen Millen Limited Editions Dress Outlet, Yang Zixuan from the small dark room was released from detention ,stretched, the winter sun is dazzling .To meet Yang Zixuan of many people, should say is that Yang Zixuan released are not many people .
Xu Jing and her all dressed up to the nines ,small saw Yang Zixuan out the eye is red, Xu Jing mind is also very sad ,but not in the presence of so many people feelings flow L ù . Cry what .
.. ... Rest assured it ,not so easily down my ... ... Although be held for a period of time ,but Yang Zixuan is in good spirits ,showed nothing of detention for a period of time .Hu Kaihe old Liu get up ,let Yang Zixuan into the car ,said Shifeng principal in the mountain and others have hotel box ,to give him a welcome welcome, blow off these filth and bad luck .
Just want to get on the bus ,the rectangular Wei up out of nowhere ,Yin Yin face smile ,walk fast for a few steps, get up Comrade Zi Xuan ,a misunderstanding ,let you scared ,just our procuratorate Party leadership has a good decision ,will give you personally apologize ,but this apology apologize for site should not be too shabby ,we decided to Fu Department of Le Grand Large Hotel ,hope you can like Comrade Zi Xuan .
.. ... Session object to the books fashion notes will also be present ... ... Yang Zixuan was laughed at, the Fang Wei is really regard themselves as knife ,little look at ah ,thought that a banquet can let me down ?This idea is too naive ?Heart to hear thoughts ,Fang Wei finally referred to Shang Binyi ,see Fang Wei this word meaning ,it is to remind him ,really is the responsibility of Shang Binyi ! Was held for several days, I have also accumulated a lot of work ,I unable to attend the banquet ,party chief procurator kindness I understand ,help me to the book Binyi transit still remember my sorry .
.. Yang Zixuan rolled down the car windows ,smiling face is very thick, but in Fang Wei this smile to see how wearing a Y ī nSen ,goose bumps fell one place .But Yang Zixuan leaving, say, more made him shudder with fear .
Procuratorate to so-called evidence can scratch it seems we appoint to ,ah ,procuratorate or under the leadership of the party ,Party prosecutor is also a party member ,to accept the Commission for Discipline Inspection Supervision and inspection .
.. ... Fang Wei looked at Yang Zixuan a pedestrian ,sighed ,say Yang Zixuan is a seek revenge for the smallest grievance man ,right enough ,this hatred is the node set !Only hope province discipline appoint don get chicken flying duck jump procuratorate !Welcome dinner a lot of Yang Zixuan only went to Ishi Minenobu and several other people invited ,Yang Zixuan held the cup thanks to Ishi Minenobu help .
Shifeng letter shook his hand . is your ability ,if not you let Hu Kaihe Liu two individuals to instigate sun can ex-wife get that recording ,to get you out ,I to bother you ... Yang Zixuan did not forgive him, for he filled a glass of wine ,slowly laughs ,the malpractice case ,to me is a crisis on the you ,is an opportunity .
This Lou say ? Standing on the performance of Shang Binyi, as everyone knows ,out of a big ugly .In his political status and political status ,should not have such a ugly ... ... The ugly he would have had to pay a certain price ! Yang Zixuan slowly sat down ,picked up the chopsticks to clamp a piece of meat ,eat slowly ,in a leisurely manner .
A fool of him and of course must pay a price, but how can I contact them ?How to do to me is an opportunity . Yang Zixuan thought for a moment and said , is Binyi made political x ì ngerror ,must not be like now and take the book Committee ,notes ,and occupy a provincial public security bureau director position I think you can win ,you are in charge of law as a vice governor of this hall hall is right ,.
.. ... ... You mean the Shang Binyi hall office grows to be removed ? Shifeng letter frowned and shook his head , x ì ngis very small ,I was able to charge and this one, compete for the Zhuang family consent ,and this addition block Zhuang intrinsic ,others can join in? Makers of the provincial political family will gradually decline ,but the thin dead Luo Luo is big ,no accidents ,you do join in Puma Vectana Running Shoes,but ,as long as there Binyi made political x ì ng errorabove together with the fire ,let him fire in the backyard ,the provincial public security bureau director position ,you never can get .
.. ... Yang Zixuan hey hey laugh .When Yang Zixuan smile, it means he has to go out to the scourge .And pinnacle letter drunk, Yang Zixuan failed to return home ,but m only to the Chen Ling family .
Since the school dean accidentally lost their jobs ,and eat a meal after years in prison ,middle school and high school, everyone thought Chen Ling background background are very hard ,no one dare to offend her ,allocation of real time, the special branch of a small-sized apartment for her, which is to take care of the divorce woman ,who is know the headmaster is afraid of her background behind .
M ō black,like Xuan into Chen Ling house ,interior decoration are good ,the light blues s è wallpaper UGG Knightsbridge,quaint ,hall middle glass coffee table side were two black sofa ,Chen Ling learned Yang Zixuan ,had also made a good table ,Chen Ling was wearing beautiful bud silk tunic dress ,sitting on the sofa ,the skirt is also making up, black s èwinterprovender Lu ǒ L ùoutside,rounded knees and curve graceful little Tu ì Ji,get drunk Yang Zixuan more drunk ,fell straight Cougar this pin h ú ncharm to attract go ,CH ú ndry mouth ,eat some food ,he reached out to her arms around Chen Ling this time he escape ,Chen Ling is also a great strength ,Yang Zixuan also deliberately tenderness ,Li á olace skirt below the tightly closed, don how many schools by male teacher behind the Italian y í ndouble Tu ì ji.
.. ... Don !At dinner ... ... Chen Ling y ùalso refusedattack resistance ,apparently without any resistance eat your goblin ... ... On the sofa ,put her skirt down to the waist ,a tear of the black s è ,and was later called the popular elements of black chaff with different approaches but equally satisfactory results of fine black s èK ùKùisrolled to stall Tu ì Jicurve, snow nose slide n è n,shining out t ú nwithout reservation to be Yang Zixuan panoramic view !Take a deep breath ,tightly and hold Chen Ling ,from behind ,strong stomach and bomb x ì ngfull slip n è nt ú nwarped frequency impact ,Yang Zixuan was a horse galloping sense of conquest ,open enough horsepower to rush forward .
.. ... Two body temperature the exchange of body fluids ,adrenaline burning ,makes this winter seems to be no longer cold ... ... Shang Kun knew Yang Zixuan this escape from death in a great catastrophe ,will certainly have violent retaliation ,this is a few days be always on tenterhooks ,Shang Binyi is sad ,in the official career ups and downs for several decades ,Shang Binyi was the first to be a young man make it so the hand and foot ,had such a big flat ,how he would swallow this tone .
.. ... But something is gon Yang Zixuan these days it seems like nothing happened ,just sent men to the body of Tian Gang on the identification of injury ,injury identification results show ,Tian Gang injury is not distinguishing CCDI investigation during Tian Gang is climbing ,the procuratorate public disorder for Yang Zixuan, the Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission made the apology ,and the province level and above cadres issued a public apology ,hope to get Yang Zixuan and province discipline appoint forgive .
But Yang Zixuan laugh out of court ,don bother .Let Fang Wei hate and fear !This Yang Zixuan is really the toilet inside the stone ,the oil salt does not enter, smelly and hard .Fang Wei patted the shoulder is Kun live happily ,hoped that he can clamp has a point ,do not pull the things ,we would like to apologize for the also apologized .
.. ... He was out after investigation ,even before my company finance affairs are removed ,are not up for my company bribed liability only on audit hall several bribery cadres and party goods over punishment ,administrative punishment .
.. ... No mention of for my company units of bribery problem ,it makes me feel very unusual ,this is not his style, I suspect that he has more vector plotting and Y ī n... ... Shang Kun and Fang Wei together drinking afternoon tea ,although Fang Wei is hated is still home to his father and son estimated digging jump ,but he had received from Shang Kun a lot of money, and now the monk house is a rope above the grasshopper ,must be united ,so he and Shang Kun maintain face above the friendly .
At this time ,a Purple City Public Security Bureau is responsible for the investigation of the case ,and did not tell anyone ,but in this case, the organization is Zijin City Public Security Bureau Director Hu Zili ,very high specification ,means that the case is not small .
On December 18th, Zijin City Public Security Bureau according to human traffickers to be determined in a statement Jimmy Choo UGG Boots,that in recent months ,Zijin City alone f ù woman arch-criminal ,old and their associates ,late at night on the single adult young female X ì ngwere behind the attacks ,in captivity ,the f ù femaledevastated, buy the son of Purple City underground entertainment to the butcher .
.. ... Zijin City Public Security Bureau is attaches to the case ,from the hall ,and no prior informed hall ,quickly sent a large number of police officers to the old say several places of entertainment were raided ,name of these things is to rescue f ùfemale.
.. ... That night, the Zijin City are shrouded in intermittent sirens ,sharp and clear the police in Zijin City major entertainment ring ... ... These usually swollen with arrogance entertainment managers ,like to see the world in Japan ,looking into the police ,police surge .
.. ... , ... ... ... They had never received any send news secretly ,this campaign has action ,Zijin City Public Security Bureau in the procedure above must inform the provincial public security department ,but the Zijin City Public Security Bureau s ī action,let them avoid obstacle Sale UGG Mens Classic Mini!@ .
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