Ge Bin was staring eyes

September 01 [Sat], 2012, 12:24
Wacao ! Ge Bin was staring eyes ,said: you ah ,cerebral melon seeds while working, you can send such things ! Hey ,I said Ge Bureau ,this year gift ,must hit on what one likes ! Make nothing of Li River Tunnel : Fu old like what ,we give him what to send, Fu old itches, you give him scratch where ,to ensure that he was comfortable ! You mean ,Fu old like eat donkey whip ? Ge Bin blue tunnel: donkey whip it ,but impotence thing ah !Well ,one day have the chance, I will send a old one thousand donkey whip ! Li River to nonsense eggs with Ge Bin ,to go with him saying a few words, it toward the hotel entrance toward he beckoned Fu Chengran to .
A true path: is not public security bureau director Ge Bin ?He dressed in casual clothes what are you doing here ? He is in Xie Tiancheng county ,in secret to all kinde hotel security alert ! Li river .
Oh ,my grandpa doesn let Xie county do security . Fu Chengran was depressed .Li River smiled a little ,said: Xie county is not eligible to participate in my grandpa birthday party ,but he was very attached to my grandpa ,today is new year twenty-four ,came to our grandpa birthday people from all corners of the country ,it is also about County Spring Festival before the onset of a major event, Xie County nature is very pay attention to .
Xie county are really his horse would be ! Fu Chengran smile .Li Zhonghe is a very sensitive person ear ,listening to the words of Fu Chengran ,that this must not high level, however ,Li River believe it as future is limitless ,because he has a strong background and background ! Xie county is really a good officer ! Li River seize the opportune moment to say: I think we should head over to drink thanks grandpa meal wine .
Fu Chengran with a smile ,said: my grandpa ,my grandpa ,you export a my grandpa ,I think you Bixie county will be a man . Li River laughed ,and said: yes ,if I am one track-mindid words ,my grandfather would see me ? River ah, we will want to stay with the old grandpa and old friends for a drink ,last night I said ,let you accompany him toast .
Fu Chengran is very proud . Holy crap ! Li River was surprised, said: ,good for me to do ,just let me go to the bar ,what do you mean ah ... ... Fu Chengran interrupted the Li River ,said: man, this is for you I think of you so much ,drink ,drink drank drunk ah ,only you and you alone can do this work ! Li Zhonghe picked up his mobile phone ,looked at the time UGG Evera,it was eleven five ,twelve o birthday party will officially begin, then ,he drew from his pocket a small gourd ,gourd gourd mouth off ,the drink drank drunk soup slurped drink into the stomach .
Hey ,you have what thing? Fu Chengran asked .In the folded small gourd road . Are you sick? Fu Chengran asked ,face was surging about color touch .Li Zhonghe nodded ,pretending to unlimited appearance, said: the recent weather changes quickly, careful not to catch a cold, have been taking medicine .
Hey ,you drink to someone ,do according to one . A true road . I can do ,but to do everything in one . ... ... Hotel on the third floor ,floor four kinde ,five buildings are a family to contract .
In the hall, is responsible for the registration personnel ,to come to the birthday gift items such as the people to a particular point ,and then in the full-time staff under the leadership of the seat well reach the batch .
Li river carrying the root Yang donkey donkey whip with a smile ,will enter the hall .Hotel today kinde central air conditioning without fault ,also can fault what ,entered the hall ,Li River feel warm air blowing, and a world of ice and snow in cold environment from outside .
Old Mr. Fu Wenlai today, be in good out of a bandbox ,good mood ,he wore a dark suit ,a pedal with a pair of hand sewn at the end ,smile again .Li Zhonghe and Fu Chengran arrived, on the third floor ,four floor ,five floor of the hall are all seats are occupied .
Zheng Yuanshan ,Fu Yiming ,Fu Yibin, Li River into the eyes ,Li River with their one one nod .The eagle-eyed Zheng Yuanshan ,saw the Li river carrying a pure white plastic bag ,eyes bright, rapid flash of doubt .
Li River smiled ,active approached Zheng Yuanshan ,laughing : authentic Zheng tertiary ,you should be very busy today ! Ah Fu River ,go to your grandfather ,I talking about you, if you don ,he had to personally go to you .
Zheng Yuanshan patted the shoulder of Li river .Li River along Zheng Yuanshan ,but see old Mr. Fu Wenlai be in fine fig stood a grey-haired old man around, the old man and old Mr.
Fu age phase Montclair UGG Boots,is 70 years old, they surrounded a old man talk of everything under the sun ,good not lively . Old Fu ah ,you this old thing ,all seventy have six, also so tough ah ,ha ha ha ,you five years younger than me ,I have hypertension ,high blood fat ,high blood sugar, but you, strong as an ox.
! Old Fu ah ,sixty years ago you lead us to blow the devil gun turret ah ,remember ?You select a bundle of the grenade into the turret ,the devil is cunning ,taking a grenade thrown out ,but you, grabbed the bundle of the grenade and plug into the turret !You this old thing ,you still had the hero ? Old Mr Fu Wenlai listening to the old war are fondly remembering past ,laughing ,said: I will give my bowl a bowl to drink ,have a look who can drink ! Li Zhonghe listened to the old gentleman and his war Fu dialogue ,which shows the feelings between them are very different, it is a kind of experienced big big big big hard bitter death ,blood and fire and affectionate, they face the a crossbar densely rugose, seems to confirm the old war with !Until now Sale UGG Boots For Women,Li River to Mr.
Fu Wenlai situation has further understanding ,the original ,the old gentleman was old Anti-Japanese War hero !Let the Li River some surprised is, few wearing the uniform of the middle-aged, they came to the old man ,Fu Jing standard ceremony ,abnormal humble tunnel: old head ,I wish you a happy birthday !Health and longevity ! Yes ,your kid, with my whole word ,be careful I kick your ass ! Fu Wenlai waved his fist ,heavily hit in several middle-aged soldier .
Ha ha Fringe Cardy UGG Boots,we must thank our old heads that kick ass ah ,otherwise there would be no today ! Several soldiers speak with authentic .Ha ha ha .Fu Wenlai a laugh ,patted their shoulders and said: good ,better ,I will give me a good drinking bowls of wine ! ,old head ! Army men laughed .
Li Zhonghe in the army people shoulder carrying ranks, there are two stars Lieutenant bar ,two bar Samsung school ,there are two bars and a four-star senior colonel ,a Venus :major general .
Wow ,this guy young ,should mix to major general ,he really good ah !It seems to be a commander !Fu Chengran gently pulling the Li River skirts ,whispered: river Caroline UGG,the major general ,is Lin Provincial Armed Police Corps captain ! Holy crap ! Li Zhonghe eyes ,eyes riveted on the name ,see a non-stop ,art shows between the lines .
So young ,so he should become a Major-General ,horse and cattle pen ! Li Zhonghe could not help but automatic speaking with .He could not help secretly hesitating ,the Fu old what is the master ah ,Lin Provincial Armed Police Corps captain should treat him so ! Hey ,provincial Party committee and governor Lin stay will also come here ! Fu Chengran is very proud .
Li Zhonghe secretly despise one Fu indeed ,you he Madese ass ah ,don Lin provincial Party committee and governor over, is the premier came over here ,what it !Look down upon look
down ,Li River on Fu Chengran political future is more and more valued, as long as he can step down to walk the path ,and conscientiously do the real work ,the future is bright !But
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