As if the gold knife is her life in general

September 06 [Thu], 2012, 15:41
The Turkic girlish charm and extraordinary .The gold knife show, Ejina and Hal Lin the two tribes was all out ,jade Gadi appeal out of all the people to imagine .Remember last night ,Lin Wanrong pures colors : big brother hu .
You have great experience ,you say ,if a Turkic people carved gold wolf tattoo .It represents what is the meaning? golden Wolf Tattoo ?! Hubugui meditation .Frowned and shook his head slowly : as far as I know .
Hu man various tribal chieftains or merit .All love body carving wolf tattoo .It is located in the chest back ,wrist and even forehead .Represents the ferocious tough ,supreme .These years and barbarian war .
Wolf ,wolf ,wolf .I have seen, but have not seen the wolf tattoo . Jade Yoga chest golden wolf ,the wolf wolf nature and cannot be mentioned in the same breath .It is a higher status symbol, not much difference between this and Lin Wanrong guess ,but jade Gadi true identity ,is still a mystery .
Well here to Turkic royal court ,the road is long ,he has sufficient time to dig the Turkic girl secret .The old high low voice : what he black wolf the wolf ,we shall kill it is .
Forest brothers ,Ejina and Hal Lin young men have taken out .Straight we Eve ran stationed place .The tribe is so empty ,whether we start now ?! don , Lin Wanrong lightly waved : when they really go far ahead scouts ,return a message .
We start later ,Hu big brother ,you commanded .Travel light .Continue to grassland development .Without my command ,who are not allowed to stop . So ! Hubugui nodded ,and hurriedly arranged to go to the .
Last night a fire cooking ,will be stationed tents various traces one one buried ,again also do not see the flaw .Lin Wanrong waved his hand ,five thousand officers and men on horse .Straight run to the grasslands of .
More away, feeling more to the broad and vast grassland .Everywhere is the blue sky and white clouds ,green flowers .Let a person can refreshed ,feel fresh ,walk the world is so small ,weak ,like a drop in the ocean .
Looking to the distance to earth color ,suddenly last night said Sister ann . The prairie is our paradise - ,ringing in the ears ,beauty has no trace .He could not help eyes wet ,do not know what year ,ability and sister Ann again with the grassland paradise .
Though in March ,but everfount turns sent scouts .The forehead and ha of earthquake to every one hour will have to report this Rendi Pegasus ,Hu also continues to expand the scope of the search ,looking for Chinese tracks, but unfortunately ,Lin Wanrong is bypassed by Hal Lin .
Directly into the grasslands ,is unexpectedly took a zigzag curve .The major direction and the Turkic people draw further apart .This is the Hu people never think to . Hu big brother .
We now distance Hal Lin how many miles ? One breath catch three hour .Straight after afternoon ,just can can stop ,spring noon, the sun in the grasslands .Warm .Way back ,all the men had is sweating ,face up to red, but Lin Wanrong looked as usual .
Sister Ann gave him clothes and what is material ,fresh air ,the line so long time ,no sweat .Hu said in his forehead feels ,dumped the dyed black to sweat ,with coarse airway : two hundred miles way ,according to the hu man legs to count .
Their distance at this time Hal Lin .Should be more than 300 . Wing night nodded : Hu big brother ,the orders down .All the brothers stop .In situ repair ,told a ,now we are in the grasslands ,only four hundred miles from chita .
There is likely to be the Hu people around the activities of this .We must enhance vigilance ,all people are not allowed to be noisy .Do not light a fire and cooking .Only drink clean water ,food rations .
In the rest . Four week high chief looked ,saw open flat terrain here .Even subtle whistle are difficult to place ,is suitable for a cavalry charge .He indissolubles the ground shook his head: brother Lin ,away from the dark and an hour ,why now camp ?!we will stay here for the night ?! forest Wanrong shook his head .
Silent ,he look up .The direction is Hal Lin .Why not return to ,whispered : general .Is it right? Tonight circuitous hands ?! forest Wanrong sighed : time will not wait for me .
Now wait for Miss Xu news ,no matter how the other side of Helan mountain .We must go to the Turkish court .Even leaving a footprint .It is my great Chinese footprint .Is the most shocking of hu .
Tell them to much I unhappy china .Hu big brother .This could be a life and death a road of no return ,are you afraid of ?! the old Hu lengleleng .He laughed : I the ball! !can kill to the Hu people the nest ,it is a dream to Dahua soldiers protect our homes and defend our country .
Even in death .I also die laughing ! Forest Wanrong looked around several times: high chief high eldest brother .You ?! ?! high chief grinning said: since the forest brothers follow you since, I also play happy ,Karen Millen Multi Coloured Dresses Cheap,kill also kill happiness .
Such a wonderful thing to go to look for? To Turkic Wang look good, by the way :two girls ,Hu said a .I a !Die in the Turkic twat belly . Lin Wanrong smile ha several sound .Eyes dark ,distant view : big brother hu .
High eldest brother ,Sale Karen Millen Multicolor Dress,do not easily say definitely ,we still have a lot of things not enjoying it .My home have green rotary ,Qiaoqiao ,Xianer several wife waiting for me ,thousands of the peak on the lonely Nanjing fairy .
Miao village and fox as sister Ann ,( ap** I promised her .To start ,and she again in one one so the grassland paradise .Can ,all of us must not die .They must come back alive . He held his fists .
Long a tone, like for all people .The firm tone, such as strong as rock .Why not return high chief by his infection ,Buy North Face Gloves,few hands holding together : we will come back alive! forest Wanrong laughed : good .
The orders down .The dressing ,drink enough horses ,check the knife .Preparation of water dry food ,sunset we went out . This decision soundless and stirless continue to convey ,the crowd suddenly there was a solemn silence ,all men know ,tonight the battle .
Will be a new beginning .There are more brutal journey awaits them .No one flinched a fear ,even some excitement and expectation .Since the moment into the prairie .Life and death have not their issues to consider .
Lin Wanrong in the line patrol ,careful examination of each soldier equipment and supplies ,dare not slacken our efforts in the slightest ,tonight with a war, the next round of the supplemental provisions also did not know until what time is it .
The more preparation, more hope .Back to his side when the horse .But next to immediately ,Turkic girl tied tightly ,long black show .Clouds like falling down .Over her beautiful face ,jade gal lie .
Motionless .Plump chest rise and fall .Draw with wonderful wave . Miss jade gal ,sleep well last night ?! forest Wanrong unties her rope .Put her down the malay .Dont talking way .
Jade gal was tied for a long time .Poor blood circulation .After landing ,the legs will not help trembling .Soft paralysis .Lin Wanrong went with her .The girl is a sweep .She took away the palm of his hand ,jade gal teeth trembling .
Tenaciously to catch a horse .Slowly the firm .She was reared its head .Eyes with unyielding flame .Lin Wanrong looked at her .Be startled at only suddenly ,overnight .The girls like wasting a lot ,red lips slightly pale ,smooth as jade face not a trace of a smile .
Only the light blue eyes flashed to flames ,proved this or that living jade gal !Even though both are hostile .But from the perspective of personality .The indomitable woman really worthy of admiration, forest Wanrong silent sigh .
The girls look cold looked at him : did you want to tell me ,are you Chinese ?I insult is not jade gal of lichens sweater has been an Biru torn ,she wears on her back ,but Lin Wanrong through an old shirt ,long ,loose greatly .
Her wonderful body is wrapped inside ,have a taste of out of the ordinary . Miss jade gal .Maybe ,you never had as prisoner of consciousness . Lin Wanrong said: I think the light to fall on your fellow Turkic people is what end? !have a look again your present state -- perhaps ,you really have to thank the God of grassland .
Is she bless you until now still intact! A roving eye cold as ice stone ,swarthy face was suffused with scorn sneer ,should have a superior ,awe-inspiring inviolable feeling .Jade Yoga spent stay ,quickly shook his head angrily : don ,claiming credit for .
The reason why you left me ,just want to use me, don ? Wanrong forest with a laugh : ,you clever really is not covered .No wonder the sister Ann to be profuse in praise you ! A strange woman mentioned that fox .
Jade Yoga face suddenly thrown a deeply painful color .She clenched fist .As for myself .To oneself : I am not afraid of her ,I am not afraid of her .I must conquer her! Forest Wanrong smiled .
Sister Ann means not only for me ,the crescent moon power can not be ignored .To hear him laugh out loud .Jade Yoga angry glares at him ,roving from black face two bright red lipstick mark so loud .
Just as the two blooming flowers, she gritted his teeth .Turned his head sneer : your master sister ?Gone ?Yesterday night you not also be full of joy ?Dumped was not so happy .It is the rare, spineless Chinese !! poke my sore spot ,careful I tear your clothes ,The North Face Pants! Forest Wanrong laughter .
As if to catch .The girl I screamed ,clinging to his chest .As pale as a sheet .Seemed to think all last night ,for the sister Ann to violence ,she and Lin Wanrong .Have a profound experience .
Lin Wanrong sighed : channel is called ,if the situation two years long ,and is in every morning and evening ,feel scratch? I and sister Ann to affection, such as drinking water ,ice ,you are an outsider .
How to understand ?!-- well, don you discuss these unsuitable for children .The little sister ,crescent moon .I want to tell you a good news -- he smiled thief thief .Hands strength than to draw a big circle .
Jade yoga at the ground tremble with terror : what .What good news? ! forest Wanrong disturbs coquettish smile: I have given you pick many strong warriors ,Ejina ,and Hal Lin ,each of them is full of power and grandeur ,as strong as a wolf ,soon came to meet with you -- the jade gal smart .
I suddenly anxious again surprised : you ,you took me to the gold knife ?!a Chinese !Nest old attack ,I hate you ,you kill me ! the girl can crying out loud .Tears rain falling down .
The sad look .As if the gold knife is her life in general .Is not a broken knife ?Only you Turkic people would use it as a baby .Lin Wanrong disdains curled his lip .Sky becomes idle boast ,the prairie blue dyed a lonely red .
Why not return gallop over there .Small voice: time almost . Lin Wanrong light should be the sound : with all the people ,to discard all the baggage debris ,with only a knife ,supplies ,target Hal Lin ,out ,North Face Denali Jacket! Hubugui hired ! .
On five thousand infants from neat whiplash ,crisp clop such as spring back .A sky full of dust ,against the bright sun ,slowly disappeared in the sky . You ,where are you going ?! jade gal was thrown onto a horse ,crying aloud .
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