24 Hours Ago. 

November 22 [Sat], 2008, 16:05
I just discovered a hidden trait of mine.

I'm cunning.

Who knew?

I sure didn't.

I always appear to be so honest, so kind, so pure, and so innocent.

Nah, that ain't me.

I'm a real bitch.

Yesterday, 24 hours ago , it was Friday and I was stuck in a smelly English class. An old man with too many strands of white hair stood in front of a small group of senior students. He was complaining that too many youngsters nowadays would rather smoke pot than learn about English literature and the wonders of poetic devices. I almost fell asleep.

Fifteen minutes later, my English class was invited to join another class to watch a lecture on personality traits in the auditorium. I refuse to spend an hour and a half sitting in a chair and pretending to be interested in whatever some old dude have to say. I knew I had to get outta here, and this was my only chance!

All of my classmates shuffled out of the classroom and into the hallway while I strayed a few meters behind. One of my friends, Rowena noticed this and we exchanged glances. She knew what I was up to.

Looking ahead, we realized our teacher had his back facing towards us. Now was our chance. We dashed out the nearest exit. Rowena flipped out her LG Shine and dialed Ivy's number. We were ditching class to crash at Ivy's place!~


That day, I spent my second period and lunch period at Ivy's house . I was munching on popcorn, reading Vogue magazines, and playing Rock Band . We laughed. We smiled. We had a blast.

It didn't matter that I was missing my Health Council meeting at lunch or that my English teacher might have noticed I was ditching. Nothing mattered.

Now that's what I call a Friday.

- xoxo icy
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