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Welcome to Ichigo Club! Here we discuss everything we love (and not) about Japan - Enjoy!

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A committed group of people who love anything that is Japanese. Including Sushi

Rules and Regulations of
Ichigo クラブ
1. Only Japanese things can be posted
2. Only members of the クラブ are allowed to post entries
3. Each member must at least post once every two weeks. *Yumeko is excused*
4. Each member must know at least some hiragana and some katakana
5. Each month the Club must visit a Japanese local place together and blog about it
6. Each member must truly and faithfully appreciate any element of the Japanese culture and embraces the rest
7. Each member must participate actively in commentary and comment at least once in each post
8. The above rules must be strictly abided to

小林 夏音 --> Kobayashi Natsune
林 けいみ--> Hayashi Keimi

金崎 優芽子 --> Kinsaki Yumeko
侯吉 丸子 --> Kouyoshi Maruko
武藏 カミル --> Takekura Kamiru
伊藤 晶 --> Ito Akira
Live from SOY'B 2010 + Yumeko's 18th Birthday!!! / 2010年01月31日(日)
FOr the first time since the blog's debut, Ichigo Kulabu is covering the Start of Year: Beginning cosplay event! Even though it was a small scale events with a few cosplayers, the quality of the cosplay was pretty high. (Aside for Aizen, whose cosplay never goes well)

On the same night, we celebrated Yumeko's birthday. She is particularly euphoric after discovering that she's left behind a souvenir......

Here is the link to download our pictures!:
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AFA 2009 ~the sisterhood of otakus~ Part IV: the Otakus / 2010年01月24日(日)
Finally, here are some pictures of the Ichigo Kulabu in action~

Disclaimer: It's not that I have nothing left to say. I'm, after all, clearing my blogging debt.

Here is the link to ALL AFA 2009 pictures =)
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AFA 2009 ~the sisterhood of otakus~ Part III: the Rest of the Exhibit / 2010年01月24日(日)
Even till now, I still very much regret not having purchased the $150 tickets to see May'n live. I mean, certain Indian friend of mine starved herself a few months to see Beyonce live. May'n is definitely more worth it. However, I will not mourn over it any longer.

Let us review the other interesting otakuisms we have witnessed. Before we begin, let me also add that when school reopened, a certain not-very-reliable source mentioned that the legendary man named KANAMA *STAR* was seen. He is not only 30 years old but also has lousy complexion.

2D things should just stay 2D.

Or they can become figurines.
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Miracle Train ~Welcome to the Oedo Sen~ / 2009年12月30日(水)
Will you fall in love with a train station?



Ever since the genius of Shakespeare's Hamlet Monologue, in which the great question "To be or not to be?" occured, there had not been another rhetorical question as impactful as this. The first time I heard this catchphrase, I fell of my chair laughing.


Will you fall in love with a TRAIN STATION?
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Sexy Bishops: Forbidden Love!! Burupyaaaaa 07 Ghost Labu Labu!! / 2009年12月19日(土)
The sweetest kind of love is first love: that shy, little crush you had when you were, perhaps, thirteen. (Or ten, if you were somebody in the world of Mary-Kate and Ashley) The most agonizing kind of love is lost love: maybe a lover that had passed on, or the somebody whom you never ended up with. It's cruel and painful, it's effects are meant to last.

However, there is a kind of love that is sweet, sweet like a nightingale's song; painful, like ripping the heart apart. It is none other than that forbidden love: the apple on the tree of Eden. Love is forbidden by the society, by rules set by people, by us. From some long long time ago, when God (or evolution)'s actions resulted in us, we were meant to be falling in love with the opposite gender, we were meant to be falling in love with people unbound by blood.

Then, the society also made way for people who have to be pure and clean, untainted by the lures of bodily attraction in order to serve god. The clergymen (and nuns) are a common feature in sensual manga/anime, building the attraction based on the forbidden love. Cosplay maids in Akihabara sometimes dress up as nuns to allow their masters a taste of that forbidden fruit.

Similary, 07 Ghost plays on not just the typical Shonen action to appeal to its shonen audience, but also intense character development and that guilt factor to grab the adulation of its shojo population.

As Kamiru said, in 07 Ghost, "The Bishops are SEXUALLY ATTRACTIVE."
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