July 15 [Thu], 2010, 6:40
was acting really rude & meanie today.
I think it had something to do with this morning's breakfast.

This morning, I went into the kitchen & mom was make bacon.
I asked her if I could make some eggs after the bacon was done & she agree.
I only made eggs for the first time like two months ago, so I don't remember how to make them.

She was goin to the bathroom & before she went I let her look at the stirred eggs in the bowl to see if its ok and she
said it was ok to pour it in the pan. I did & she went to the bathroom.

I was not sure what to do. I assumed that mom would be back from the bathroom early to help me but..
So I went outside bathroom and said "mom is it time for the eggs to come out?" --- NO ANSWER.

Few minutes later, I see the edges of the eggs getting a little brown...
The two eggs i poured in the pot looked more like a yellow pancake then eggs.
I went to the bathroom again and said "MOM! I dont know how to to this!!"
And she said "Yes you do!"
And I said "No I don't!!"
What in the world!!? If I knew..I woulnt be asking smarty pants.

So any way, the eggs were ruined & she got mad.
But it's not my fault!
She should've been there standing over me/reminding me what to do
instead of sitting on the toire for 10 frickin minutes.

Later that day, she havnt said a word to me. And when we went to the store,
she bumped into me on purpose
How rude !! My own mother!!
I was like "Excuse you.."

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