Apple iPad Is Still King in Tablet Computer Market

March 07 [Thu], 2013, 17:44

5 years ago, the first generation of Apple iPhone listed open intelligent mobile phone market, Apple's IOS system allows users to truly experience to touch the fun, at the same time, Apple family is also growing, MacBook air, iPod touch, iPad of every new product are amazed the world, " Apple, it is so great! " gradually Apple products seems to be " pack to force ". In a word, Apple has been imitated, has never been beyond. Old Joe although away from us, but his spirit of innovation is still the source of Apple. But, all things are in change, and so is the Apple, iPad Mini seems to be controversial.

After Apple iPad Mini released, the United States "Forbes" magazine website published a signed for Ewan Spence UNS article pointed out: " iPad Mini has Apple hit Tim ingot grams ( Tim Cook ) of the deep. With the launch of iPad mini, Apple may be able to support short-term interests, but the future is covered with thorns. "

Some people say that Apple in each section and will experience at least 2-3 years for products listed, iPad Mini is no exception. But now the market mature, Cook's eyes is very sharp, he know the needs of the market of such a product, so I pushed it out.

Such as iPad, iPhone and iPod are closely related, they just seem to have the same screen size different architecture products, iPad Mini seems to be in order to make up for a deficiency that is 7 inch flat areas. Why do you say that? We have a look now and several brands such as Samsung, Google and their product shipments is increasing day by day, while the iPad Mini shipping eldest child's status has not changed, bad-mouthing iPad Mini maybe don't use carefully. Because the truth is very simple, you do the industry first, then there is no friends, is surrounded by the enemy.

Any of the advantages of the Jobs era of Apple, the key is seen as a breakthrough, so there are many industry analysts said that iPad Mini market prospects, but Apple 's brand influence is sure to exist for a long time in the next period of time. Besides, we can see from the iPad accessories, the iPad accessories are more and more, such as best cheap ipad mini cases, ipad mini skins, ipad mini holder and so on.

At the end of last year the United States well-known survey firm Morgan Stanley and AlphaWise released a survey data, investigation of this one on more than 1000 iPad Mini of the American consumer. Analyst Katy Huberty said, although iPad Mini had the part of the market share of iPad, but in fact, fears the trend is "excessive ".

At the beginning of this year, the United States of America Yankee Group to do a market survey, the content is based on the current consumer preference for flat panel computer selection, and asked consumers plan to buy iPad, consumers occupy nearly half, while the remaining product selection rate is less than 10%.

Technology blog Wirecutter Seamus Bellamy and Brian Lam think, iPad Mini is " the best tablet computer, for almost all of us are far better than a full size iPad ".

NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang has said the launch of applications for Android 3.0 system, Android 3.0 operating system has no small increase and optimize also appeared in the native apps, but simply " one of the most still seems to be the replication of iPad ", iPad has 1000 the primary application in the first generation of launch, and now it is up to the 100000 level, and most of them are exclusive to iPad.

From the consumer experience end also can realize the IOS system the details of the control, which is perfect, the user experience is quite ideal. After the latest release of Android system in Google, Android manufacturers must first carry on the test to ensure that the new system is suitable for your own custom interface, and then extended to its products. This leads to the system upgrade process becomes slower, many users are forced to use older systems.

This resulted in a firm is difficult to make the products achieve differentiation, in addition to the appearance and the hardware parameters. Analysts pointed out, Google has made in recent versions of Android, trying to solve the problems of fragmentation. In addition, with the development of intelligent mobile phone screen is more and more big, Android Tablet appearance also will appear more and more homogenization.

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