PowerBoost is an innovative way of allocating

August 16 [Wed], 2017, 10:50
For instance, when other types

of services offer a couple of Mbps as their top speed, Comcast offers up to 8 Mbps. However, over

the last couple years, a different service emerged, known as broadband cable Internet.

What broadband cable Internet excels most at is speed. Though PowerBoost speeds -

a way of giving bursts of speed at certain times- (which reach 12 Mbps) are not

maintained at all times, they come into play when extra speed is necessary. DSL has been around for many years, but it has traditionally been

expensive and the extra speed that cable accessories it gives is not always enough to make up for the

effort of getting a new service.Dial up is a very slow way of getting online, but many people are still using it because it

is simple and cheap. This upgrade make it possible for the company to add on new

broadband cable Internet services without compromising its cable television services.

This service has proven to be a very popular service because it has been able to

eliminate many of the problems that plague both dial up and DSL.

Even at this time, it is possible to see that high speed Internet technology is moving

forward to the time when even higher speeds are needed.

Though some of the online entertainment sites require very fast connections, the higher

speed cable connections provide plenty of speed.

Comcast's broadband cable Internet arose out of the knowledge that the infrastructure

that delivers cable television also had the capacity to deliver Internet services. This

difference in speed is due to the different technologies that carry services such as DSL

and those that carry broadband cable Internet.

Internet, as a digital medium, is fully compatible with the transmission of digital
fuucable television, and sharing the same infrastructure for the two services made it possible for

Comcast Cable to start offering an Internet service without extreme expense (and thus

keeping prices competitive). Once

Comcast decided to go digital with its television services, the company updated all of its

underground cables to accommodate more bandwidth transmission and to make it

easier to transport data.

For the basic Internet user, cable's high speed Internet services offer more than enough

speed to do even extremely bandwidth-intensive applications, also enough speed to

provide each member of a household with enough bandwidth to simultaneously get

online. As would be expected, as technology

becomes even more advanced, cable will still be able to maintain a higher connection

speed than other types of services.

PowerBoost is an innovative way of allocating limited bandwidth to the customers who

are in need of more of it at any given time, and the technology will likely become more

widespread in the future. Some of the most common uses of the Internet are to check email, share info

and photos with friends and family, and to take advantage of online entertainment. Considering the importance of Internet to daily life these

days, having only these two options of getting online seems fairly bleak.