go visit "becoming a butterfly" 

June 05 [Mon], 2006, 19:47
go visit already!! =D



June 03 [Sat], 2006, 12:01
this blog thing has a weird glitch or smt where it just cant make a word thats too long go onto the next line. :S instead, if u want it to look normal, you have to move it down yourself. hmm.

received high school schedules today. not bad la. i hope we're all in the same homeroom class ;) with all of ur lovers hahahahaa.



June 01 [Thu], 2006, 21:20
yessss!! i finally figured out l'art!! xD

tap thing was aiiite today. i have 1 or 2 clubs im interesting in joining next year (thats a first)

HA. boiing is going through heartache rite now. let him know how it feels....

je dois faire des achats. ;)

and...ilu CSI, the oc, one tree hill&grey's anatomy 4eva ;)



May 31 [Wed], 2006, 13:19

i am very very confused by all the japanese. but using some csi, i think i can figure it out. i love the cute smilies&skins!! CSI Miami is love. The OC is love. One Tree Hill is love. Grey's Anatomy is love. =D

Less than a month until summer. I, for one, cannot wait. Summer is perfect for shopping, sleeping, reading and generally relaxing. We have to make the most of it. And the best thing is, there wouldn't be any weird problems.

Anyway, I decided to spend at least until the end of August not liking anybody. Why? I need to take time to indulge myself instead of focusing on...wtv. Life's too dramatic these days. Maybe I'll always feel a little bit for him, but I wont let that distract me from the more important things. i.e. friendship, SHOPPING (haha) and self-contentment. Life is short. We can't spend it worrying over dumb things that probably won't change our lives greatly.

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