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March 19 [Mon], 2012, 21:16
If is ordinary people, only pressure like this meeting drive make ground bone of powder body, however Yang Feng dissimilarity, at cloud star up toughens so long meat body already more become Be getting more arrogant, so these ball hats pressures pour to Yang Feng also nothing, so all the way and without obstructionly and forward the noodles walk.

Though the endless endless gold dollar vegetable energy facing Yang Feng flowed out to come over, but Yang Feng is to don't absorb, but closes whole body of acupuncture points, the center of facing this absolute being area walks to.

Way Zu Hong the Jun say to Yang Feng the area is at the five greatest absolute beings in stayed thing for oneself, Yang Feng was finding out that thing to say again naturally!

Continue the facing center walk to, the pressure is more and more big, gold dollar vegetable the energy was also more and more wild to get up, although Yang Feng's meat body is arrogant and matchless, however this time go forward is also some difficulty, hence Yang Feng then displayed to control gold magical power, immediately that limitless endless gold dollar vegetable energy then the facing around expand cheap hats Sa to go out and no longer closed to Yang Feng.

By so doing, Yang Feng finally walks smoothly to the center of this absolute being area, but the center in this absolute being area, but Yang Feng is to see a per huge matchless golden color ball, sent forth plain energy of strong gold dollar, looking at this diameter to contain the golden color ball in the hundred million, Yang Feng's in the mind thinks, this is a Zu Hong Jun to stay to own thing?
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