with a mysterious natural light

April 11 [Thu], 2013, 18:11
"Ow! Ow" several more howl pierce the quiet of the valley dusk being the third rì drop-rì afterglow steep valley above the cold dragon, the figure of a tall black youth continue to walk in the vast jungle The black youth behind the 49 between the handle flying blade they seem to be jumping silent exotic dance, fluorescent creek meandering into a little bit of a star, dragging the tail of a long silver sè light and shadow, as if a people brought up a bunch of bright meteors glow flow Yunfei blade itself with a mysterious natural light, the teenager went blade where to look extremely secretive, Factory" href="http://www.coachoutletfactory2u.com/coachr-jewelry-c-10.html">Coach(R) Jewelry-> Factory. Never take the initiative to attack the beast of juvenile boy was the spontaneous outpouring of domineering have let all the other animals in the vast mountains, to feel deadly dangerous breath, for this strange outsiders, they only felt death diffuse, if the gods general inviolability of valley the lonely life experiences juvenile, is naturally Ye Xiaolong, three rì since, every second of the dragons of the power of ideas have changed, become stronger! Forty-nine flying blade has been derived out of the the God moving clouds fifty-two Flying matrix method, a the each matrix method has its independence Road genius! Three days, dragons finally know for sea He Wenyu Zen said the flying blade will make their own combat power control increased by five times, each one seemingly small flying blade extending out of the deadly weapon of his own will to dragons just leisurely walk through a whereabouts of the front of the highest mountains,Coach Store, because at the moment, dragons just want to go take a look at the fall rì sunset glow, Chuichui the top of the hill breeze. "Ye Xiaolong, I really did not makes mistakes, the misty descendant of the talent, indeed shock the world!" Came slowly along the steep mountain road when the dragons Poxian gaunt and lonely figure, white old man Zen sea standing on hilltops overlooking and light twist beard sigh. "Zen Sea predecessors, I three rì experience task operator successfully completed it?!" Looking at the mountains old man asked about the dragons. "Then you saw the bright Tongtianhe exist?!" The "ah saw God moving clouds miscellaneous, I also basic insight! Your account hundreds of pieces monitor lizards in cold dragon magic nucleus has been installed in the yīn Yang Jade Luo gourd into! "These magic nucleus keep feeding you the bloodbath four imperial Wicked! three days comprehend than I expected, even better, but I have already felt the danger in a step-by-step approximation to you, the next experience, and three days, you need to do is very simple, is to survive in the darkness! "survive in the dark?! mean?!" the dragons just about to ask what , also found that the old man has a little weathered, turned blue smoke cleared, such a strange way of farewell, dragons somewhat startled! , Leaving only the old word echoed in the air. "The soul of the storm has been solved, you need faster! Otherwise, all come to naught! Three rì of dead or raw!" Do go so fast?! Secretive! "Dragons sigh:" Three the rì of death or life?! So, people have to deal with me?! Come on, I also wanted to know what repair! "stood alone in the mountains there are a, distant rì drop kinds of ambiguous feeling unreal, it is so true! Distance of feeling disappears, all, only in the hearts of dragons. The next few rì, dragons they do not feel a trace of the beholder, the mountain of a man, the time clearly visible speed flow, rì liter rì fall, the wind blows Yunfei "Whoosh! Whoosh! Whiz" dragons came the cold dragon peaks sixth rì night, the weather suddenly becomes cold night wind callsign, blowing the jungle to see the leaves rustling, mid-air with the middle of the night more and more bone-chilling Road, a chill! The darkest time of the night, cold cream suddenly lowered, the beast are looking for a warm place early in hiding, the black youth eyebrows also be frozen on a thin layer of cold fog, just juvenile brow is self-confidence, so that surrounding harsh environment pales. Nameless valley, juvenile quiet sitting on top of the big tree, waiting for death in the face Wen Yu Zen Sea prophecy. "Tonight is the decision of life and death when Wen Yu Zen sea did not tell me exactly who deal with me, but perhaps, the opponents have been on the road!" Everything was quiet, the eyes Weibi black juvenile patiently waiting. "Boom!" A blazing the rhombus missile from the dark sky flashed suddenly bombers kill from. "Shoop!" This raid from missile and hit the target, it touches on juvenile lithe flash into the sky, and easily escape. "Rumbled!" Missile hit dragons where trees, flames suddenly sky, nameless valley was blown out of a huge pothole, all survived the beast in the valley by the loud sound scared panic in panic! The dark sky became an instant bright, wildfires burned throughout the the unnamed valley into a sea of ​​flames, in flames over suspension and arrogant teenager upright posture! Dragons around lasts fifty a sleek streamline warp fighter deal Ye Xiaolong, rice country have combined forces of several consortia, these new warp fighters, nearly Earth humans be able to use the strongest field combat weapons! At this juncture around midair mere human, fifty fighters still is the existence of the monster! Unfortunately, around in mid-air when juvenile sigh a: "you! But to die what?!" Electrical roar loud warp fighters, not dragons dull sound masks! "I'm Jamie Lee! You still take a trip with me now!" Why?! "Raised dragons eyebrows, looked around the high-tech warp fighter. Stable above the nearest one fighter actually stood a youth wearing a gray robe, this person, it is the dragons seen the protoss Benito Jamie Lee, just at the moment, Jamie Lee's face hanging on melancholy and helplessness, and that is a very tangled emotions, as protoss Benito, of course, do not want to deal with their own people, his words, and the dragons dull, it seems, the two dialogue, but also Only he and dragons duo can be heard. "Because you broke the law! Rice country of the last things very dissatisfied with the combination of destruction lineup of the most advanced fighters to deal with you, they combined with the nine planets forces have now rì! Although I do not want to deal with you, but you go delay practice openly in Ganymede geographical, so can not blame me, plead guilty Executed "legal? then are you with me?!" they seem to have anticipated the opponents so answer Jie meters Li shook his head thrown wry smile on his face. "Well, the only attack it!" "Well, come on! Since the choice, do not regret it!" Dragons only smile, and shake off the body of the weathered beyond the flesh of the dragons, a layer of pale green surface , around the green, there is dancing in the silver sè light, the Feijian forty-nine handle Rays clouds! At this point, sitting in the cockpit Colonel m loud shout: "Fire!" Die off missile, hair shè! "Frozen guns, hair shè!" "K-type poly armor-piercing missiles, hair shè! "Boom! Boom! Boom." twinkling of an eye, and a few pieces of silver bright lightning missile to fly half-empty that supercilious and arrogant teenager! "Phew!" It was at this time, silver dragons whole body sè flying blade out of anger shè. "Died in my glow clouds in the hands, you do not injustice!" "Boom Boom! Boom." Let the people watching the destruction of the target warp fighters inside the cabin is horror yù never missile hit the opponent, and there is not much change, but the explosion the remaining prestige shock, so warp fighters seemed trembling slightly. Earth people looked branching off juvenile actually relying on flesh and blood vanity riding fixed, do not care about the missile destruction like a blow. "Die off missiles has been sent shè, target stood at his target stood at his post!" Frozen gun has been sent shè,Oakley Frogskins! Goal has not been destroyed! Goal has not been destroyed! "" K cohesive energy armor-piercing missiles been sent shè! goals are still standing still! target stood at his supreme command "rice country widened his eyes and could not believe the things I see! "Damn it! This guy is still a ghost?!" They seem to understand what the middle-aged commander thundered: "b grade program execution temporarily evacuate temporarily evacuate!" But he had just ordered, had seen beside several steps to speed fighter is a thin silver hit successive explosions up, fires raging, violent explosion sound Citylink one! Perhaps those people on the fighter has heard his command, but unfortunately this moment, warp fighter exhaustively destruction! The countless JiuShengCang pop up, frightened people just want to survive, desperately flee! The mysterious young control silver sè beam they seem to chop days fracturing sharp Weaponry nothing overwhelmingly Moment! Just a moment, the fighter known as super defensive warp this silver beam cutting off! "Boom Boom! Boom" earth-shattering explosion sound continuously, nameless valley over the 53-steps to speed fighter actually exploded in a moment between most of the rest of an intact fuselage smoke from the fire, Let the whole valley seems like day! "Intention Weaponry! Xiaguang clouds!" Chaotic explosion, smoke and flames into the sky, the only two people in quiet standing in midair coldly in the eye. Jamie Lee on the front of the miserable situation seems has been psychologically prepared, just to see dragons control flow Yunfei edge, he still could not help but praise loudly. Ye Xiaolong, I've never seen you before so wild the opponent! "Still they seem to be only two people can hear the sound, Jamie Lee looked at the dragons light, said:" Even in reincarnation College, also did not! "
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