but its skin is dark this sè sè

August 09 [Fri], 2013, 18:52
Sure enough, the middle-aged Mei Fu Tian Yue for this trick really works. Tian Yue frowning thought, then middle-aged Mei Fu said: "I'm sorry, this Dear Madam, I will not violate my own promise, as I said earlier, I have three not." - But I can change a way to help you. I will own design ideas and thoughts GM told the lady, with her hand, to complete the design of foreign friends, you look feasible? "Tian Yue's argument, indeed would be a good idea and it would enable the GM proud, nor contrary to what you just said, more to the front who can be nausea, opinionated fat woman. Middle America also solved woman's dilemma, has multiple purposes of the middle-aged Mei Fu face off against fat women to discuss the tone asked: "beautiful young lady, you do that all right? "Sè ugly fat woman face, eyes staring at the flashing Tian Yue, she felt too Bushitaiju Tian Yue, but which she could not yet be thought. Then how to say, Tian Yue is not a club employee, she even thought threat Tian Yue also does not pull its weight ah. had pressured her boss threatened clubs, is to prevent Tian Yue reluctant to come forward and now it seems, wants to get the personal service Tian Yue, is not likely to accomplish things, fat woman regret, when Tian Yue said give their services, why they should be rejected? then as now is that only the first to come up with a unique style to say it! thought here, directed at the fat woman behind the two big burly bodyguard, can not check nodded slightly, Then sè ashen face sitting back in her chair, neither spoke, nor any signs of rage freak Two female bodyguards knowing, which has a left out, and the other to remain in the clubhouse. middle America Seeing women, to understand the meaning of the fat woman, people are embarrassed to speak it in action, "said hands to work it! "So Mei Fu rushed GM winking eye sè, fat woman on the direction of anger Nuzui. GM bitter face will be looking to invest in the eyes of Tian Yue, Tian Yue certainly look to be obtained when just picked up the tools come dawdle fat woman behind the first preparation work, and then sit around and wait Tian Yue further instructions in GM heart, Tian Yue is like God and man. Though she is looking forward to Tian Yue guidance but was just this fat woman services,North Face Denali Fleece, GM is a hundred and not very willing, but the face of such a situation, but she had no choice, but then the fat woman is "God" in it. Tian Yue: "This is the world's most ugly face diamond-shaped face, large atrium and down a narrow court small, cheekbones, jaw very prominent. To cover up the shortcomings in this regard, must be gentle, the next big small modification of the shape to be masked. "GM you can use a special method, let U-shaped area produces high throw mellow feeling, then in its inclined slightly curled hair to create a velvet effect can be completely obscured these shortcomings." In addition, this person look too strong , but its skin is dark this sè sè, be set off with a brown linen sè can reach their skin sè, white sè increasing role. "Finally, this person is a typical bucket-shaped body, if you want to achieve the purpose of self image design,Mens North Face Hoodie, recommended bars texture casual clothing ......" Everyone is trying to ears in music listening Tian high theory. Tian Yue chatter can be heard when to say a large set of so-called design, are almost laugh spray. Where is this in the design, is clearly in the doubly, Jieduan Well! Superficially say quite reasonable, could potentially mean, but in telling people that this fat woman entire body useless, garbage can not be garbage. Chen Kexin was the first one who could not help but smile, but because it is a public place, she was embarrassed to smile again, export, only with a small hand over to shut up, do not let yourself laughing hard choked voice. But Biede she really uncomfortable, are thus filling the crimson face. In this regard, the fat woman had simmering, endured, not for others, they said is the truth, and told her how angry? What's more, she eagerly want to get a new shape this future. In case tied to less Tian Yue, she very good shape to do with this specimen, so that their recovery professional designers out ah! Next, GM according to Tian Yue's instructions, began to give fat woman modeling. Her movements Tian Yue although not so stunning, but at least we can all Tian Yue's intention manifested. Because fat woman watching their shape change and become more and more flavor, and my heart happy. Tian Yue has just been caused deliberately ironic oppressed emotions, and gradually became pale a bit. Halfway to the club boss Tian Yue - middle-aged Mei Fu asked to leave, and take the initiative to the bar as Zhen Kexin pay the bill. In this regard, the middle-aged Mei Fu where they want, do not say styling is done personally by the Tian Yue, even directed at Tian Yue helped her a great favor, to settle the issue fat woman, she should also heartfelt gratitude is. So she not only refused to pay for it, but also gave Tian Yue and Chen Kexin a person a lifetime free Gold Card. Tian Yue and Ji on this TZ is determined not, Ji TZ is not care, she used the cards come, people are sent, how to accept this card do? And Tian Yue even refused to take it, and he made a big disadvantage today, the use of genius button Intelligence data, then use the different capabilities,North Face Hyvent, come up with such a so-called unique shape of the future, can be described as Shuang Shuang loaded to force open a second plug. But for that fat woman talking too much, bananas people breath too obvious, Tian Yue will never reveal the face. Tian has abilities for music, the muffled fortune understated development is consistent with his interests. In the middle-aged Mei Fu hands again, thanks to the constantly, Tian Yue and Chen Kexin drove away. But Chen Kexin do not know is that Tian Yue did not have the license plate number of grades, but a trumped-up grades. Because in the clubhouse, Tian Yue know, that fat woman has sent a female bodyguard ready track myself. Sure enough, until Tian Yue drove away when a black sè coupe silent at your back. For this tail, Tian Yue very easy to get rid of it, get rid of tracked vehicles, the Tian music Oti car, only in the room mysteriously changed back to the original plate. Fat woman playing what Guizhu Yi, Tian Yue understand. This woman in the clubhouse, the reason to make Tian Yue and Chen Kexin two left, is to have an absolute grasp Tian Yue's grasp, as long as that Tian Yue female bodyguards know the specific address, all is well organized. Be wanted, when two car just near the road, just lost his female bodyguards Tian Yue car. Distressed go back to her report to fat women, fat woman on the spot furious. But things are now, the only effort remedy.
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