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October 05 [Sat], 2013, 17:18

Heat veteran Ray Allen's ranking compared to last year, has a large drop (dropped from 64th to 95th place), but finals 6th this year he recorded "Jesus a second" like Trey or give the left a very deep impression. ESPN's evaluation of Alan: "he probably really old, but the three finals 6th, enough to top the adidas rose 773 2.0 cheap top 100. "2012-13 missed the entire season due to a knee injury for Bynum, ranking degree of decline is staggering (from 13th to 100th place). Although he is still in a positive way to recovery, but when his comeback is still uncertain. It is clear that Bynum delays comeback last season angered many people, ESPN has not forgotten his sarcasm in the comments: "one does not know whether I will be able to see his players on the field, this ranking is fairly high. "Di91zhi100wei ranked players include: O.J.-Mayo (91st), Reddick (92nd), Jamal-Crawford (96th) and Javier-McGee (98th).

Recently published on the Internet for a while, "Trapeze," Michael Jordan in a basketball camp in 2006 "child abuse" video of Mayo, making the former gifted high school and study Hua Xiu once again caused a hotly debated outside of the NBA. ESPN by teasing this video way Mayo: "thus it appears that Michael Jordan at least ranked 90th Ah! "As for" gods "radicals," if my head slightly so that at all, he fully deserves top 50 place. "This evaluation should still be relatively balanced look from honors, Janeway combination finals 3 years in a row and 2 Championship, James also won regular season MVP and Finals MVP, top at all. Wei in combination with Abdul have fewer people agreed, although they have not won a Championship, but also entered the finals, and Thunder have the League's top dance troupes, promising, so second is relatively reasonable. Duncan and Parker combined honors more, strength is also good, but because of Duncan's age, this Union stability in doubt, why it is ranked third.

As for the combination of Howard and hardens, they can travel faster than Paul Griffin, rush into the results that say that it is the fans, after all, Paul and Griffin has been tested by race, although postseason average, but the regular season really sharp. Fans put the "magic" combinations in the Clippers [Twitter] before the duo,adidas rose 3.5 visible for all the rocket looks forward to new season. Of course, in order to achieve the objective of fans looking forward to, harden and Howard needs to work hard after the season started. Through personal Twitter account, which he announced publicly on television before joining the Miami Heat this important decision for 2 days.

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