2010年04月11日(日) 22時17分
I'm really, really, really frustrated with all of the drama that occurs on FA.
Do you really, REALLY think it's funny to just steal someone's ideas and then play stupid about it?
Or are you really SO dense and stupid that you had missed the point in the first place?

Ugh I'm just so sick of how people act there, especially the one particular person whom--I was even told by a friend of theirs--that it wasn't unlikely that they stole my ideas and that this is normal behaviour since, you know, THEY hold grudges and think it's wrong for others to do the same.

There's also a lot of hypocritical "You can't copyright things, they're not yours only!" yet freaking out if someone uses anything that THEY do. Yes, I forgot, the whole world revolves around you and it's okay for you, a child, to do whatever you want and think you're the shite just because you have moronic minions on a website for disgusting furries.

Anyway, I'm crossposting this to my LJ since I need to update it anyway but I thought this would be a good place to put it since no one ever reads it. Basically I'm just sick of people and what they do when they're immature.

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