Ding Junhui played thrilling battle to clear the table welcomes double pocket

September 04 [Wed], 2013, 16:59
Holt was born in 1978 the nickname Assassin, is a big guy. In Holt current career, and no prominent record, ranking event nike lunarglide 4 review but also the best results only quarterfinals. However, Holt had beaten O'Sullivan, that game was that he himself considered to be one of the greatest victories Ding Junhui in the first round last year, Haikou Open, when he was a 1:5 defeat to fellow Chinese players Jinlong, is striking. One year later comeback, Ding obviously do not want to copy the embarrassed after the start of yesterday's game, Ding Junhui really showed a good state. Holt caught mistakes, Ding a single shot 76 points, one single shot 95 to distinguish between sets, and soon made a 2-0 lead. Yes, Assassin a sword scabbard at this time - the same mistakes are caught Ding Junhui, Holt equalized the score 2:2. And in the subsequent two deal in Holt despite twice behind, but both times tenaciously tied the score. Especially in the eighth inning, when Ding Junhui 4:3 lead to get the match point, but the Assassin single shot 99 points, abruptly the match into a decider at this time, the fans could not help but worry about them, is Ding Junhui continued his In Haikou a tour embarrassing, or bravely facing Assassin sharp sword, in turn, give the opponent a fatal blow? The answer is Ding Junhui won the final victory. With a single shot 50-point performance, Ding tiebreaker 70:6 seal the victory to advance to the next round after a thrilling victory, Ding Junhui good mood. After the game, Ding admitted that he won some lucky, in fact, Holt played today also, I was able to beat him also some element of luck in the lead nike lunarglide 4 review two innings tied, I was feeling a little tired, hit the back energy a bit of concentration, some ball handling was not very good on the offensive and defensive aspects are not so coordinated.

Speaking last year, Haikou tournament ever staged a tour, Ding said with a smile that he did not last so nervous, In fact, this time I did the last time (to Haikou entries) so nervous, because I was the one in the previous game (Wales Open tournament) played good, feel the rhythm of the game back and feel. competitions try not to be too hasty, often still be able to calm down and think about the ball.

In the billiards game, is usually said to clear the table lighting including red ball, including all colored balls, but does not include the white ball (cue ball). However, Ding Junhui in the game yesterday, a thorough clean desk has amused fans this episode occurred in the seventh inning. 3:3 draw the two sides before the sixth inning, so the seventh inning is very important. Game, Holt mistakes, Ding Junhui usher opportunity to get started, he was a one hit countertop ball, hit the ball when only black has ensured the victory. At this point, Ding did not lay down the club, but to show the fans coming times - precise angle hit the black ball into the bag. Unexpectedly, the black ball into the bags, and can also cue ball into the bottom bags, completely out of the ball on the table a rare scene, the fans naturally applause plus laughter, a boiling ......

Once the world's first, world champion O'Sullivan was back in the end is refunded? This is so like his fans worried about a long time, rocket The ultimate choice is back. Beijing the day before yesterday, enigmatic O'Sullivan clearly declared: There is some boring snooker day, I decided to come back. And his return game, has been locked in late April fired the snooker World Championship for the Austrian Sullivan is retired two years ago rumors everywhere. Rocket for various reasons again and again to exit the tournament, a long time away from the stadium, which makes this the fans worried that he would retire. However, O'Sullivan said: These days until noon every day I get up, I feel a little bored, so I decided to come back to continue playing.

Ranking has dropped out of the world's top 16 O'Sullivan, as the World Championship defending champion, will still be played in the 1st seed, I always said to enjoy snooker, but each time losing makes me anxious to see now My mental capacity how strong it, of course, before the world championships, I still need to properly adjust their status.

For the Rocket return, Ding Junhui yesterday welcomed, saying it was welcomed by all. He has a lot of fans, we do not want him to suddenly fade out of our sight. Ding said.