Tudou announced the completion of the fifth

May 28 [Tue], 2013, 10:20
Dunk sb is understood that Tudou founder and CEO Wang Wei, chief marketing officer Wang Xiangyun, etc. will all attend. The trip to Fujian Province, Fujian potato network of local advertisers will not only introduce Tudou comprehensive advertising platform and products, share Nike, Maid, and other exciting Sedrin cases, advertisers will be tailored to the local referral content marketing opportunities, and the first exposure to the advertisers first home-made potato network drama "Welcome to our love," the three-minute trailers. Another highlight of the event record Tudou video industry in the first, and DCCI (Internet Data Center), to introduce iGRP system to advertisers, advertising in video effects and the precise effect of television advertising Comparison and Evaluation. August 2010, Tudou announced the completion of the fifth round totaling 50 million U.S.

Nike Shox R4 dollars in financing, Wang Wei said this financing will be used in three areas: the development of mobile terminals to upgrade, integrate professional content and the "orange box" planned to further improve the content and potatoes made the user experience. With the potato network development and maturity, the current network of cooperation with Nike Blazers the potatoes brand has more than 1000. Tudou chief marketing officer Wang Xiangyun, said: "Competition is the creative Cheap Nike Blazers video marketing, viral transmission power, and the brand appeal of understanding. In video marketing, Tudou is the secret of success," Nike NIKE brand will continue to claim Rooney cooperation, not just advertising platform We played a party for the brand communication strategy to provide Internet marketing and consultancy roles. "

Nike dunk shoes rooney as the laughing stock of betrayal and turmoil as the media, "Mirror" and set out some of the latest jokes related Rooney, England on the derailment of his best satire conflict. "Wayne State is back, he finally broke the solicitation of prostitutes shortage." "Actress Jennifer - Thompson said she did not like and Wayne Rooney to go to bed, but she do not want to miss such a close look at Shrek (ironically Rooney long as Shrek) opportunity. "" Capello worried about Wayne Rooney's condition, asked him to stay in England, but Rooney said he could not miss the chance to see Niu, Switzerland. "" When Ferguson tells Rooney to work improve the 'rate of fire is', he certainly did not mean that. "" Wayne's strong support of his sponsors, including some pornographic sites, they insisted Nike Blazers Sale that Rooney did nothing wrong. "