Since when they put on a mask

September 28 [Sat], 2013, 11:27
On March 18, 1999, Terry and Norway team Valerenga finish Europa League debut in the European Cup winners ' Cup, then grow step by step as a mainstay of the team, and pick up the Champions League trophy in the preceding quarter. But due to injuries, variety causes of plagued, Terry in blues of status has was gradually edge of, even is in knee Shang rehabilitation Hou, Benitez still often will special in put in bench, using more young of Louis, and Cahill and Ivanovic, this season Chelsea total play 57 field official game, and special in only representative team play has which of 22 field game, such low of attendance apparently with Captain identity very not match. nike blazer vt low sale 3-1 lead in the first round, however, few are choosing to trust Terry turns at the weekend, making it play the Europa key battle, complete the proud achievements of the European baichang.

But blue army long this bondage of performance still is not returned to peak State, despite Terry I does not in defensive in the appeared too more misstep, but by he led of rearguard line is in Kazan of stormed Xia losing, especially in past special in extremely at of air area, was Kazan Rubin in second half continuous twice pressed blue army players completed header broke, besides Chelsea Defense also appeared has repeatedly Bloomer, were it not for Kazan downfield players shot surgery not fine, coupled with Torres early for team first opened records, I'm afraid Chelsea road to qualify will be extremely difficult. It is worth mentioning that, inspired by direct result of Roman Abramovich, the Blues had begun last summer, major cleansing veteran, is currently the all-time great teams this season top scorer Frank Lampard again unable to get a piece of paper the New Testament. Even though Terry still has a year, but if you can't get past yifudangguan's presence, reflect no role as the cornerstone of, 32 people in England will face in the next season, as Lampard's awkward, difficult to establish another record high numbers of European war came an opportunity.

Since when they put on a mask, Guy in the blue shirt on the pitch could not be found it feel to play Torres is gone, replaced by efficient and sharp rendition killer green. nike blazer canvas low With the recovery of Torres, fans question the voice, the industry also began to speak up for the 50 million golden boy. Old Redknapp said, "don't ever call Torres pussy, in England of the ball into a season, 3 days are over, 19 goals for Torres, is a good information, and I believe that this season he will score! "BBC Moscow correspondent Saakov blunt: Torres player on the ball, not only Rubin, also from Moscow, interested Rubin Kazan to fan shocked, because they didn't think it was gonna be this opening! Torres on the pitch after some quiet, but apparently because he was directly related to the lack of team support, early in the second half he played so Marcano elbow hit the face of the other side, once the pain in knees, fortunately, was a false alarm.
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