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December 17 [Tue], 2013, 9:41

ee this list before, he did not think he would enter the NBA . Share changed his form.Next season, Iguodala data almost doubled, reaching 12.9 points, 8.4 rebounds and 4.9 assists. However, no final Wharton Wildcats in the first round of March Madness lose. Andre Iguodala had 19 points in the game. After two years of college, Andre Iguodala to cast on a higher stage. He declared for the draft.Philadelphia 76ers in 2004, the ninth overall pick in the first round of Iguodala. "Ball well, do not hesitate when you need to score," 76ers basketball when he was deputy chief of Tony Del Rio said, "He nike free 3.0 v5 womens
totally reminds us of Pippen." Ball commentary are the some disagreement. Dick Vitale think Philadelphia should choose Oregon's Luke Jackson. "Iguodala left college so early, I was surprised." Vital wrote in ESPN's column; Philadelphia, Andre Iguodala to prepare specifically for a secret training, after watching the training, "Philadelphia Daily News "John Adams ink Wood wrote," since the team selected in the first Iverson after 1996, they got a player who can help the team. "When he was coach Jim O'Brien in the draft shortly after the dinner Iguodala and his agent Shake Lin. After dinner, O'Brien was shocked to: Andre Iguodala showed

maturity in him dinner in an accident. Iguodala then first professional performance in the training camp is also getting better every day. "Glenn Robinson was originally our first choice on the small forward position," O'Brien said, "In training camp, it is clear both in Iguodala is a better player, he is willing to defend, in addition athletic ability is better. how powerful pair of young legs! "Then Iverson Philadelphia team. In Iguodala rookie season, they make the playoffs, Iguodala also named Rookie first team. However, it is this combination that he and Iverson highest light moments. The next two seasons, Philadelphia wins are only 40 games, Iverson was traded; worked in McBride, Adams and Allen Iverson playing behind Andre Iguodala and found the location has changed. He no longer adhesive (glue guy), but headed players (the guy). After being traded, Iverson told ESPN The Magazine, "said Andrea Philadelphia to become the boss do Him not to nike free 3.0 v4 womens
choose." Iguodala trying to meet the challenge. 2006-07 season, he averaged 12.3 points from the previous quarter rose to 18.2 points. Iverson's famous make a lot of players have been buried for a player like Andre Iguodala in particular. Although the same two nicknames, but the actual style of play different. "I think Andre Iguodala played great, but (his situation) has joined Michael Jordan as a player, like a bull," former 76ers player Aaron McKee said.The next four seasons, Iguodala is averaging can get at least 17 points. Ranbir high school assistant Mike McGuire said, "I think every game he played high school and college games, I never think that he can get every game Northbound points.

Impossible ...... he tried become a leader in performance impressed me. "O'Brien witnessed Iguodala change. At the same time, O'Brien said, "He really is not the kind of person ah. Every attempt to see him become the next Iverson people are ridiculous."Summer of 2008, Andre Iguodala finally someone to share the responsibility of leaders. Philadelphia with a six-year $ 80 million contract renewal with Andre Iguodala and Elton Brand leaders to sign with the team. As a result, Bland continued to undergo surgery because of injury, and this duo has never had a successful season. "He loved friends," Brand said, "We tend to call him Malcolm Aiks (African-American leaders), and if you work against him, he will give you face to see; If you are his friend, he would You do anything ...... Iguodala quieter personality often misleading people on him; However, once you really know him, you will understand that he is more than a great man. "76 volatile ups and downs, the coach for another change, the fans lost patience, the spearhead for . Phillies want a scorer, a shooter and a good team, not one can do anything in the field of players. Iguodala but unlike the highly controversial style of gorgeous Iverson. Partial time when hnike free 4.0 v3 womens
is jumper; sometimes he did not talk in the interview; fans sometimes can not forgive him, because they feel it is Andre Iguodala 76 people are determined to let the transaction Iverson. "If we lost the ball, the next day I would not go out," Iguodala said, "I can not walk out, I can always hear on the street 'X you' you can not always of concern to do. 'Why do not you do that, why do not you do that ' Maurice Cheeks said, the reason you are on the team and do what you can Do not listen to other people tell you You do not do those things. ""I spent a goo
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