Multek Certified on Shocking Technologies' Unique ESD Protection Solution

June 17 [Fri], 2011, 16:55

Multek Certified on Shocking Technologies' Unique ESD Protection Solution

Shocking Technologies, Inc., the developer of a breakthrough patented polymer nano-composite for protecting electronic products from electrostatic discharge (ESD), announced that Multek, a wholly owned subsidiary of Flextronics, has been certified to manufacture printed circuit boards (PCBs) with Shocking Tech's innovative Voltage Switchable Dielectric(TM) (VSD) material. The certification is the result of extensive collaboration between the two companies and successful testing of Shocking Tech's XStatic(TM) VSD material into PCBs manufactured by Multek. This certification enables Multek to manufacture PCBs that meet industry-standard electrical,Download usbmemorydrives mp3 or Listen piles 2010 musicRead 6 customer reviews of the airmaxclassic SB mechanical and reliability specifications in addition to enabling superior ESD resistance and offering lower total system cost to OEMs.It is difficult for most of people to distinguish modernsculpture the authentic fake Rolex

Werner Widmann, president of Multek, said,Here's a complete list of ceramicsink for the beginning oil painter. "The unique combination of Shocking's innovative polymer VSD nano-material and efficient system simulation capabilities make the XStatic solution a compelling approach for us to reduce the impact of ESD, as well as save cost and time. The results we have seen have been very impressive and we look forward to offering this as part of our solution offers various oilpaintingsupplie such as pet food,to the world's leading electronics companies."

The XStatic material is embedded in PCBs to protect components and systems from harmful ESD events. Shocking Tech's XStatic solution reduces component count and frees up space for other functionality while simplifying design, improving ESD protection, and slashing development time.

As part of the XStatic solution, Shocking Tech has developed a system-level ESD simulation methodology that complements the use of the XStatic material and the XStatic design methodology. The simulation evaluates the ESD robustness of a design at its highest risk state, dstti without the presence of mechanical elements (such as metal shields). The simulation identifies active and passive components and circuits at risk of being damaged by excessive current or voltage and XStatic protection is enabled as appropriate.

Lex Kosowsky, President and CEO of Shocking Technologies, said, "We are pleased to be working with Multek to help them and their customers realize the significant benefits of our VSD solution. Adoption of the XStatic solution by Multek is an important endorsement from a major PCB supplier of our innovative solution for ESD protection. We are confident that the XStatic solution will enable Multek to bring to market innovative products that exhibit enhanced ESD performance."