Obama will also try to make other G20 countries

November 01 [Tue], 2011, 10:56
Noteworthy is that the "pseudo-high-tech" and "pseudo moncler sac -software enterprise" once the violation of one's criminal conspiracy was unmasked, not only to pay huge taxes, tax will not be able to enjoy the benefits of the future, which listed companies, is undoubtedly a double blow. Then, in the a-share listed companies, what enterprises, high-tech enterprise, software, Enterprise Intelligence suspected fraud risk? /Chaos/qualification of high-tech fraud investigation by reporters Ren Shilei
Sun said at a press conference: "if necessary, we will decisively take action. Recent currency volatility indicates that speculative factors, strong yen higher against the dollar has no special reason. "However, Tokyo about to intervene in the market place Sun did not identify.

This is after last week's five sessions in a row after a stern warning, Ann Chun for a sixth day on the given "yellow card", and no reduction.

Yen against the US dollar 31st Asia moncler pantalon highest hit 1 75.31 yen against the dollar in early trading, since the second world war a new low, but Ann Chun shortly after the speech, rapid fall of the yen, the latest reported 1 per dollar 78.28 yen, fluctuations in nearly 300 points.
Because access to certification of high-tech enterprises can enjoy tax concessions, in the capital markets, through fake finds cases related to access to a minority.

The daily economic news reporter a rough survey found that the a-share market, enterprises use cheating gets high-tech enterprise qualification to enjoy tax incentives abound. Reporters found, other than three-year period reviewed, finds the cheating is difficult for agencies and tax authorities investigated and flooded one of the reasons of false or high-tech qualification. High qualification of chaos

Obama will also try to make other G20 countries believe that the United States to overcome their own economic and political issues. Stubbornly high unemployment that United States economic recovery slow progress, and United States political party dispute also led to the debt crisis, United States's sovereign credit rating was downgraded to other countries about Washington's ability to resolve their own economic problems have doubts.

In addition, the exchange rate may moncler 2011 also be placed on the agenda. United States Senate had earlier passed a motion designed to oppression of RMB appreciation, in the United States in the eyes of politicians, undervalued caused high unemployment in the country had been the culprit. However, some analysts point out that, in the case of European debt fires burn, European leaders may have trouble even in taking care of oneself, and ever the exchange rate.
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