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December 16 [Sun], 2012, 23:13
the braised frog there are stir-fried snail. If to France, and you are not particularly fond of do eat butter dish, recommendations or not to point this. Read to give yourself a little about France's beautiful.But the foie gras, the opportunity, we must not let go. Raising fat already has an exceptional scent, with butter, a fried, in the preferences so fat mouth, called delicious world. But given the appetite and eating habits of the Chinese people, once not more food, and eating foie gras, a little drink their dessert wine, can help to digest fat.Carte restaurants Appetizers duck liver. nike lunar eclipse cheap    
Think of France has not eaten duck liver, it also points to a. I do not know how they are handled, the duck liver which is also fat were oil. Butter a fried, delicious actually no less than foie gras. And they mix great. Fruit tablets after a simple marinated sweet and sour, and a greasy in. Juice mixed with duck liver, highlighting the original flavor of the duck liver completely out, suddenly die of happines nike lunarglide 3 for sale     
s I taste buds. Is a piece of bread with more praise. This is a piece of bread inside kinds of dried fruits, apricots, plums, grapes, the most important one is the fig. Figs and liver is a perfect match. Comrades interested can try it yourself. On this day, with the point of eating to Grau Burgunder white wine bottle near produced. The taste is very good! If you go to this area, you can also try it. I did not take note of the French name of this wine, but you said the German, they know.Mercifully me even in my dreams are to lose weight, so eating habits down, a heavy psychological burden can imagine. I little darling children still random chatter the nice waiter sister and anike lunarglide 4 for sale     
dish of small dessert. Two tortillas plus fresh sweet and sour raspberry is bad enough. That cherry chocolate dip almost Baan beautiful SOUL. Cooking is definitely worth recommending! (And so I find it a bill, to tell you the name of the restaurant)Suddenly thirsty when it comes to think of it, my intention is to summarize learning French. Ahem, now to summary about it. Restaurant waiter sister a few very simple, for me to react for a few seconds, or can understand. Especially the menu in hand, a sweep in the past, basically, no, I did not recognize or could not guess. No longer need to request a daddy divisions grandmother, or take the trouble waiter introduced one by one in German. Eat and drink the big problem will be solved.However, because I am self-taught, and hearing some of the very weak. Pulled after a few words in French with the waiter, caught, and I was able to ask questions, but do not understand the answer embarrassing situation. The waiter young girl striking under thirty-two see through the nature of the quasi-illiterate, automatic reversal of the German people loose a big breath. Can not learning French, there are still differences. One is around Frenchman chat, conversation, not follow, fully automatic filter ignored. I realized around someone in chat French; stop and listen, be able to catch a few words with their body language, you can speculate to the point of their conversation. However, relative to the goal I set myself to learn French, still falls far short. Today I can only be considered just climbed out of the whole illiteracy team.The revolution is not successful, comrades still work ah![Zhou Xiao Yun Quotations] literature that garbage, literati that rogue. Fenqing is more low-level rogue. I do not write literature, I am just stating the facts. I state the facts malcontents welcome the chase provinces, welcome to the gang assassination, pigeon-holing, welcomed the court. I want to always be an honest, kind, simple people.This article represents only my personal position, has nothing to do with the publishing site regardless of the unit and I worked.Core Tip:China the children Tsz will, the full name of the "China Children Charity Relief Foundation, is a deep official background Charitable Foundation. I recently passed open legal channels the Chinese children Tsz will the 2011 annual financial statements, and proven beyond reasonable doubt, children Tsz will account for at least 4.8 billion large sums of money missing, mysteriously disappeared!2011 Chinese children Tsz will account for the year, in addition to over eighty million of income from contributions and donations of more than forty million spending a sum of up to 4.8 billion mysterious cash quietly come in, they mysteriously disappeared. 4.8 billion large sums of money come from exactly And Where What this money used for These we totally impossible to know.I would like to see here, a word from the mouth of a lot of people blurt out, is that "money laundering". Money laundering is a serious criminal offense, identified only by the public security agencies, I do not qualify for recognition.In
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