Sun Wei heard Fan Report also

April 10 [Wed], 2013, 14:47
(PS: today, I would like to thank you for your support, demand is recommended tickets and collectibles. The WWW, qUAnBEn COM) Hu Xue Fan also empty shut the door, his head buried in a bath towel shy. Heart just jump faster, she can only hear the thump, thump of the heart beat sound. Mind began to wander in the end he did not see? She is not quite sure range also empty to her to see the light. "He did not see it, perhaps he really remind me to take a bath to close?" She was secretly wondering, this matter so that she was completely chaotic. Distraught Hu Xue, open shower heads, and the impact of their own face and body with cold water, trying to get sober, to calm himself down. Not her cranky, she must maintain a sense of balance. The impact of the cold water, she shy hot body slowly began to lower the temperature. Hu Xue shook his head, forced to throw off some unrealistic. For just that thing she did not go to think, to think more will only make her own heart the more chaotic, to meet two people will be more embarrassing. Messy thoughts slowly combing smooth, she took a bath towel to wipe his body, often recall just one eye, and my heart will inevitably burst racing the: "bad guys." Her dark spit out, then quickly wipe clean body of water, for a refreshing dress out of the bathroom. Fan also empty unlike Hu snow so upset, he is very thick-skinned, he think he did not be found, even if found, he would not recognize himself is transformed into an innocent look, he was not afraid Hu Xue asked him. Back to the restaurant, from the toilet, he simply adjust their attitude, quietly waiting for the snow over Hu,Nike LunarEclipse 2 Cheap. Hu Xue see the one white sè Dress sight range also empty can not help but think of just one eye, skin like snow, voluptuous body, but with no trace of fat, a gentlemen's fleeting expression on his face, But just a moment of effort, he resumed a normal appearance. "Hu Xue, your meals do really good, I like it very much and I'll get you the babysitter is really wise, really wise." He is altogether not to mention just the thing, vigorously praise Hu Xue craft, trying to distract Hu Xue line of sight. "Thank you for saying a brief thank you, with Xuxin Xi. Hear the range also empty praise, Hu snow is very happy, she smiled sitting Fan also empty the opposite, not to mention just the thing, just sit quietly as if at the child. Such a move make the atmosphere suddenly became very embarrassed, they do not know what to say. Fan empty look she did not mean to say, just keep eating, and eating food while complimenting him on how good meals how Hong, Hu Xue also buried sandwiched own meals, Fan empty said what she did not hear when now she just wanted to hurry back to his room after dined. In this awkward atmosphere, they solved this dinner. After dinner, the range also leave empty a bank card told Hu Xue password, let her inside the money to buy food with, and then on the second floor in a hurry. Back to the room, he had a flutter on the bed stand up, and then over and over again, he just disguised very good, very calm on the surface, in fact it actually turned the day. Begun to taste the forbidden fruit man, a woman's body in front of him has a fatal attraction. Fan also empty hands with his head covered, let myself not to think just that eclectic one eye, he sat up, the idea of ​​a move space barrier summoned the transparent space barrier only he can see, others can not detect, hit The above will only have the feeling that you hit the wall. This space barrier than the beginning of time, a lot higher rigidity, not only is it Fan empty space ideas a lot into a 30 cubic meters from the previous 10 cubic meters, three times larger or so. This gives him very pleased, he slowly practicing their abilities, the space charge more flexible use than ever before can now be any swimming with his ideas, but not too far away, can only have a maximum of 10 meters. The idea of ​​space as well, within 10 meters of the object can Millia After Fan empty their own practice, as long as he an idea what it will automatically go into space, these two aspects are very skilled. Both laws of integration between the use that he had faith to be able to do to the enemy stronger than themselves, the space charge is his defense system, the time delay can make him a head start, the space which you can put some conveniently weapons surprise attack plus key Even Wang Quan that level strongman enough to his subject, he is convinced that their own hands the baton balls smashed others. While he was practicing while pondering the jīng divine power consumption particularly fast Soon he the jīng God out force slowly to sleep in the past. Sleeping space to do a wonderful dream,Jordan UK sale, and there are mountains and water, King sè very pleasant, and then there are four beautiful women, he also can not see what they look like, a dream in which he and several beautiful women playing in the water , chasing each other, talking and laughing playing with trouble, play tired and empty lying on the grass to rest. Then the surrounding King sè side, into a room, four beautiful women slowly fade his clothes, naked body, Fan empty watching them, some stunned, everyone has its own characteristics, small and exquisite, an abundance of body, a body each range also empty all have the fatal attraction, he secretly swallowed a few mouthfuls of saliva. And then a few women slowly walking toward him, four people around him slowly sit down, four attractive body gently against his body rubbing, several women in their soft little hands The range also empty body fumble around, Fan empty yù they tease strike can not, following long Yizhuqingtian. This time he did not think too much advantage of the opportunity to push a woman could not see who in the end, hands everywhere in this woman's body groping, and then slowly took her bimodal, gently kneading, When he could no longer control their own time, the liberation of the shackles of the following, slowly break apart each other's thighs, ready to break through the last layer hinder. At this time, the line of sight slowly getting fuzzy around the scene slowly dissipate. "Bell bell. Burst of noisy ringing of the phone is dreaming Fan empty awakened range also empty woke up pure heart irritability, he picked up the phone to answer key is pressed. MD, almost, almost, you bastard. "He also regardless of who is rude scolded. "Well, boss, what almost?" Opposite came the sound of Sun Wei doubt. "You Guannameduo doing, anyway, almost if you do not give me one good reason, as you should not even think about at night to sleep well." Fan also empty still just that dream and regret, he sent a little. Sun Wei heard Fan Report also empty jǐng of some lost in the mind, in the end is what almost, he also does not want to understand. Amount, boss, your car, I am now at your door etc. How about you, go car "Sun Wei stated the reason, he helped Fan also empty set RS8 has arrived yesterday, call today allow them to come pick up the car. It comes to cars, the range also hollow depressed swept away, he is still very like cars, especially sports cars, his favorite car brand, Audi can be considered an Audi RS8 Currently no car Order from a foreign country, through domestic 4S shop, but also take a long time, I did not expect so soon to. "Yeah, so fast to? Which said P,Nike Air Max Wright Cheap, I'll be down." When he finished, the range is also empty hangs up the phone, quickly put on his clothes, hurried down the stairs. Hu snow had prepared for him a good breakfast on the table cup of cow nǎi, some sandwiches, ham and fried eggs, next to the left a note that read: "Please slow, I go to school." Then following the signature of a smiley face. Fan also empty looked at the piece of paper to gently smile, pick up a sandwich bite in the mouth and then out the door. <
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