Gang Yu to make any moves

May 31 [Fri], 2013, 11:01
> Soon chase shortness of four successively from running. wWw, quanbeN, cOM thick cloud breathing sound could be heard clearly, but whether it is chasing or being chased Fang Fang, are surprisingly quiet, and only because of fast running trampled grass rustling could be heard clearly. And ran in front of the two although speed is quite fast, but from their wounds at the blood flowing out of the ground has been connected by lines, apparently is not how long a spent force support. Suddenly, in this twilight darkness, there is a flexible figure quietly slide down from the trees, riding in the fall of that name took the final surface with a long knife, vicious like chaser shoulders! Yeyu Xuan stout legs caught the man's neck, over 200 power, hard twist thrown under force, the result can be imagined, this vicious like men Menheng soon, the whole people have been wrestling slanting fly out cross hit the rocks next, then quickly out of the mouth of the blood stained confused chest. But his skill is quite agile, even from the raid was violent, but also to keep a cool head, despite blackouts chest pain, scratching and scrambling to climb before rolling on the ground. Yeyu Xuan cold smile, greenstone ruling instantly appear, suddenly waving in the past. Slide down in a moment of good cohesion Skills: half cut. Seeing that will hit the golden crescent long vicious Han's body. I did not expect this vicious man, was actually suddenly shrink if the spherical body, ignoring obstacles like instantly get out of more than ten meters, is almost impossible in the case of completely hid from Yeyu Xuan determined to win this one hit, but suddenly by a very moving converted to a very quiet, embattled lift sword locked with Yeyu Xuan figure waiting for his attack. This skill is like Warcraft Naruto above a person's skills, but specifically is he who forgets, but Yeyu Xuan feels he studied cottage version, or is incomplete version, otherwise he would not only use it to escape the. This moment,Coach Poppy Collection Online, is that light the light of the long knives locked Yeyu Xuan, the heart suddenly emerge trace of dangerous feeling that this is their own to get a strong sense of spiritual perception. Suddenly Yeyu Xuan to guess that he is not two Iron Warriors, at least is a peak.痛打落水狗, no matter what level, have now been injured,Coach Handbags Sale, the strength is no longer peak, Yeyu Xuan and how to give him the opportunity to reply. Kuanghe loudly: "Fleeting immediately start, fast speed just like ghosts dazzling right hand clenched greenstone ruling went ahead, without the slightest idea of ​​retreat. Quitting brave victory, and now the other injured, but Yeyu Xuan just punch out a few steps, I heard his side, not far from a mixture of piercing whir came over, and also with a small figure. corner of my eye a sight, a black arrow in the darkness toward flying their haste, if not Yeyu Xuan has a strong perception and keen hearing, simply can not be found only entering into the dark arrows. rapid run in Yeyu Xuan although found, but could not stop, could do nothing Yeyu Xuan immediately open Want a hidden down a trump card: blur. Suddenly, Yeyu Xuan into one meter to the front, the original place stood a blur. dodged the blow. Yeyu Xuan will be one at the time to give both the opportunity to , taking advantage of the second arrow spared here. Yeyu Xuan run with fast speed rapidly soared. already close distance, and now has basically been relying on. go die, Yeyu Xuan screaming, with a hint of madness, a trace of fanaticism , generally toward the body energy like endless influx of greenstone in the award. dim green light shining on the whole piece of the world. mixed with infinite power toward the vicious hit men go. seems like he has a blood feud in general. felt exudes boundless energy Beryl ruling appeared a glimmer of a man's face a look of despair, is evident they can not Dangxia the blow. ** survival instinct, let him exhausted body's energy, raised silver sword, greeted. "Boom," this is not a grade two forces collided, the answer is not conceivable it. Vicious Tahan again Zhuangfei out. mouth like blood not money in general, crazy protruding. has hit a tree stopped down the whole people fell to the ground, struggling to get back up again, but tried several times, still not the slightest effect, and finally can not stand protruding inner call, fell into a coma. solve one Yeyu Xuan did not relax in the slightest, just concentrate on watching the deep woods, without the slightest sense of want storm soon as Yeyu Xuan expected, he has been a series of powerful attacks had just frightened and lost the beginning of calm, blindly The storm, you want to live in their own pre-emptive repression, and even kill themselves. did not meet her, Yeyu Xuan fumbled for this attitude people have little interest, and just Lu Yu Yan is also a lack of experience, of course, you want this person to pay a her to solve. dodge firmly rely thrilling attract each other's major, let it almost felt like we should hit themselves, as long as the next time their efforts a little bit, you can get rid of him. therefore have power in the dark shooter completely forgot they can shoot a few arrows beside him there is no danger of inputs into ecstasy shot Yeyu Xuan activities. looked dark shooter stood not far from the Lu Yu Yan ready to release skills to prepare high-speed moving The Yeyu Xuan could not help crack mouth, his smile. looked Yeyu Xuan smile, dark shooter suddenly a kind of bad feeling rising from his heart, Gang Yu to make any moves, but everything was too late. dark Archer land where, at the foot grass covered forest, suddenly grow a long thick vines root would dark striker sealed body, can not make the slightest movement. clasped hands are falling dark golden crossbow down. Lu Yu Yan eyes flashed a bear,Air Jordan 11, but smiled at the distant encourage their Yeyu Xuan, or high up in the hands of the lightning rod. a stout lightning never experienced a minute of cohesion released directly out That roar like a long dragon-like, shock and awe of heaven and earth, lightning, and toward the dark shooter swallowed. know they can not stop this road powerful lightning, dark shooter, covered with crazy surging want to struggle out of the thorns. But a few seconds , brontosaurus has dropped his head in his desperate eyes, he will devour. lightning flashes, the Lu Yu Yan immediately be prompted to kill the number of 1/3. watched by his lightning strike, even playing all the ash no remainder, Lu Yu Yan suddenly can not own. spread throughout the body a sense of discomfort. himself seems to do what should not be done, contrary to conscience, contrary to the principle.! ~! .. <
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