but that the wood line repair

September 11 [Wed], 2013, 17:23
Zijin Mountain; line twelve North ice shrine. Although the sacrifice ceremony and two years, and to the Thule only a year, but a road Zijin Mountain still did not stop, after all, a lot of things is sooner rather than later, who can guarantee that some special things to not? Sure enough, on leaving the Canada Goose Chateau big love four months later, they heard some interesting information when Canada Goose Women's Constable a city break. It is a sin city, Zijin Mountain line being settled in a restaurant. Just entered the restaurant, I heard someone say: I heard Xue Mei ancestor left! , yes, these years, thanks to the Xue Mei ancestor, otherwise, our city soon...... , alas! , another man sighed. Xue Mei ancestor? Zijin Mountain was the. I haven't heard of this name, Xue Mei ancestor, is not the wind Zhong territory, female line circle, rob the universe Ding and recruit demon streamers that Zu fairy? With eighth world powers, plum eye, is also copied powers. Unfortunately, when the encounter is Zijin Mountain, Zijin Mountain fierce pupil, Xue Mei ancestors did not copy, will be more blue absorb Jinshu, thus, dignified Zu fairy, it is unlucky to own this immortal. Later the Group China disputes, Xue Mei ancestor is dim and leave, disappear. Zijin Mountain did not come forward to find out, because from the tone of the guests, Xue Mei ancestors apparently here is very famous. Came to a courtyard, restaurant natural somebody greeted. While the Zijin Mountain crowd bearing out of the ordinary, but also has the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper, will it to the castellan mansion, let you master the! Zijin Mountain took out a wooden box, light way. Manager? Some stupid dispensers, what this tone? Let's come to this? Even if you have identity, also not so exaggeration ah, the Duke what person? Can be called to play? The shopkeeper some regret. This group of people, but, in a bow saw the box, the shopkeeper is in the anchor. The fairy tree? The shopkeeper's eyes suddenly released a greedy green. Xian Shenmu, but that the wood line repair the dream of treasure ah, even jealous fairy will look, a small fairy Shenmu, can do a top angel. At present, palm size, this, this can create Daisen device. Baby! But this fairy Shenmu, just a box, a box? The shopkeeper is now the reason later, the baby's the legendary exist, even in front of their own, a huge earthquake in front of a group of heart, that can't be the only person who so simple. The treasure box is arranged inside the fairy Shenmu, what would it be? You tell him, I just want to ask him some words, this is a reward, let him come to! The Zijin Mountain, light way. Are, is! The shopkeeper, very polite way. Kill the Indiana? The shopkeeper also, but the eye is still there, this group of people with the Lord is not put in the eye, he want to die on the gun at. The shopkeeper personally went to the castellan mansion. Along the way, although there is no pass, but, as long as the show box in the castellan mansion, natural someone went to tell. The castellan mansion, small box in front of a black man looking at. The shopkeeper to stand aside. The man say? The Duke did not open the black boxes. He said, he just wanted to ask you something, this is the reward, let you go quickly! The shopkeeper, Parka Canada Goose immediately said!
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