I am afraid magic The security

May 16 [Thu], 2013, 15:56
> Do not say Huang tribe,Jordan After Game Shoes, even dialect is the first time experience the magic of this space has, of course, Qiankun Dai and heaven and earth pot is not those who can only put some dead, the living, he is absolutely not put into . WWW, QUANbEn com listen to the command of the dialect, Huang tribe altogether Crest Stonehenge disk into the surprised looking around, although it is very open, but this is a magic internal ah, everyone would like to not understand looked at the small piece of board, which how would there be such a big place, whole family good Jishihaoren, plus food, fresh water, and even some people with the keeper of livestock, home furnishings brought in. "You say that the the dialect monks in the end is not Immortal?" Ask the person next to a beard loud. "I think it must be, but for Immortal how can we have this treasure, you and I also sensitive to the world of Reiki, the body has also been magic, you feel around a bit, Reiki stronger than you in my body times, 100,000 times. not Immortal can have this ability? "looked like a young man read the book said. Everyone was talking about, while talking about dialects, while another reverie that had never seen the hometown that there really is such a wonderful place? Only Liuer patriarch is not interrupted, they firmly believe that local dialects are the facts, they must also be able to take home hometown. Seeing tribe was still speaking, old patriarch cough: "Do not speak to continue practicing Fangxiu Shi to us but to become immortal Avenue, remember, no matter what their strength is the most important." Listening to the old patriarch, and everyone stopped talking about have come up began with, and began to practice. All this can be concealed dialect, just placed into the dialect Zi do not trust these people, through the knowledge of God is concerned about their magic, they have no discomfort, only to recover the soul, while a flashing Luan Stonehenge disk flew into the dialect in vivo. Dialect that rein in the congregation Satan at the moment has not yet arrived here, dialect and never mind them, even if the hole is the most powerful vector vine just waiting for that magic formula sent. Hole vector vine and did not let the dialect and nine magic for too long, he is a devil, recovery is much faster than the nine magic reality, few days later, the hole vector vine arrived here, has been stronger than a lot of the do not know these days swallowed Great Satan, can be so sophisticated. Of course, this dialect is not out, he can only feel the hole vector vine breath and powerful a lot of specific circumstances are nine magic reality later told dialect. "Promise, this is the magic wand." Hole vector vine just arrived here, threw a feathery things. Not a dialect body tail feathers of the bird kind Jinpeng the same thing, just shaped like feathers. Took the dialect, the soul exploration own soul can not even depth of which, try the the Mana input which does fit like a dead letter, but there is no trace of reaction, dialects do not know exactly what it is, but certainly not bad at least the material is good material. Hole vector vine, this thing nothing special. "Exploration do not understand, they ask such question hole vector vine. "I know what it also nothing special, but I come from an evil emperor level monks who did not think this thing is not Mozu practice things can be used, the loss of countless devil, with no signs of refining and wanted to only you, the way the monks offering training, but your repair is too low, but afraid you do not accidentally hang up, I would not have to give it to you. "hole vector vine In fact, not all things said, when he was still a magic battle with the last term leader, kill a monk Yuan Ying, because he established a small credit princes gave him something, he selected feathers, which know this thing is not only offering training not, and even on the body will have the power of rejection, you need to always consume the devil in order to stabilize after the discovery of the hand. Reluctant to throw, holding and useless, but also a waste of energy, then simply throw these things into their own Dong Fu matter'd wholeheartedly this dialect, the dialect of the body has its own magic heart oath,Nike Air Jordan 13 UK, to protect the dialect is protect themselves, their refining magic treasure dialect can not be used much deliberation, only this sort of thing may be useful. Enough to send things is to send something, the hole vector vine speak at all rude, and not because of the dialect of his master carefully. Dialect is actually not complain, the other was telling the truth, their cultivation compared to the the nine magic reality of the the hole vector vine and beside it is very low, if on the actual repair, hole vector vine can own a finger pressed to death first these dialects these pieces do not know how to use feathers collected. Hole vector vine, nine magic and I want to leave here, you followed on with us, will be our escort to Langhammer Hill, then on did not your thing out, how? "Langhammer mountain? You actually are want to go to self-cultivation sector from Langhammer Hill ? No, no, where time-warped, even if the magic empire can not find the correct channel from which, not to mention the two of you. "Langhammer Hill is nine magic reality tells dialect channel location, the dialects over at channel in the vicinity, nine magic The reality says that this one simply can not go back, side of the matrix method of self-cultivation sector are nine magic involved in the set, this one is fully started simply thought people from out of this matrix method As for the old man in the ring Master, it is not yet fully started seriously injured returned to the self-cultivation sector, leaving a simple Chuansong Zhen not know nine magic. Dialect heard the hole vector vine, did not speak, but looked at him coldly. After quite a while, hole vector vine seemed to accept this fact: "Well, well, go Langhammer mountain." Was finished, and the hearts muttered: "Damn, how bad luck to find such strength low-master do not say, but why are we still have to die, I was not the chaos magic split surgery will own half of the body out, then I do not threatened by this magic heart Oath, but this is my strength to be a great loss, I am afraid magic The security level is not thought of this, but also in the hearts of cursing dialects. Langhammer mountain, but black Devil famous place, not because there pure magic in the air, but there is a lot of space-time channel, but most are not stable channel, many of the channel is very narrow and can not by means of physical,air jordan outlet, some channel violent force, even if it is evil emperor can not safely through some touches can be, but the opposite is desolate than Black Devil might as well, what is more, but only a few miles of the size of a space. All in all, Black Devil devil know Langhammer mountain space-time channel, but not a few people go adventure, the danger there than elsewhere too, believe it, it will enter an unknown channel , even if the repair will be swallowed slag none left, but only relatively low level of the devil in order to enhance the strength to go over there adventure. Choice of dialect, hole vector vine did not dare oppose, even if his cultivation and then high, as long as the magic heart vows in the hands of the dialect, so he lives on in the hands of the dialect, in fact, the dialect you want to leave the Black Devil, the hole vector vine mood is also very complex and says that he wanted him to go, to stay is to give herself a master, although it looks very good talk, but who knows in the end what is the temper of the devil can not the compassion this argument, the law of the jungle is the right way. As long as the dialect left the Black Devil, to his cultivation want to cross-border command it is certainly not, that is, as long as the dialect left Black Devil hole vector vine In addition to having a master's name, in fact, free, dialect no longer came to the Black Devil, that is no different. Hole vector vine are afraid of the death of the dialect, dialects can not be the direct command of their own, but the magic heart Oath inferno oath, even if the cross-border will work, even if weakened, dialect dead, he will be great loss of strength, Black Devil great loss of strength, and death is no different, to practice magic magic handsome guy which is clever generation, those enemies own strength is weak, and will definitely find something immediately retaliate. On the mood of this worry about the outcome, the hole vector rattan followed nine magic of reality towards Langhammer Hill flew dialect or nine magic life care in the side with. (The second to send the worse one vote on the 400, which have a red ticket, by the way for the collection) <
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