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May 29 [Wed], 2013, 18:33
> "Gee, I did not expect the first to make this move spell so powerful ah. WWW, QUanbEN, cOM" Hu nine pounds looked at the hands of the compass, the above pointers originally been bounce. But now it is pointing to a wearer orientation, no matter how you rotate. It is still pointing in that direction. "Ladies and gentlemen, this person has been found in the West." Compared the coordinates on the map. Looked at the hands of the compass at point, determined. Is in Dali City West. HU nine pounds a pedestrian has come to Dali, with a letter of introduction and Li Ming Liu Yi letter of introduction. They are smooth to assign two cars and two drivers a wizard, HU nine pounds now appear with a group of people to a place Guchong walked. "This HU Masters Ga, you give us Dali Oh come off." (Yunnan dialect) which is given to their guide, called Chen Jinping. "Here before, had come mainly to find a man." Hu nine pounds Oh smiled. "Oh, no wonder slightly I had any brains, you finding the way to mature than my native Ga." Chen Jinping said suddenly realized the sound. Hu nine pounds looks around to take a compass, pointing west to go. To see him this look, like a monk but a bit like a priest. Help people see feng shui point ** to find the dragon kind. Dali here, beautiful mountains and rivers, before some people came to feng shui. Then buy a piece of land, keep buried after use. Monks around him seems to be used to approach things, performing what is estimated to be fake. Thought, Chen Jinping feel pretty close guess. "The Chen brother ah, you know what this man lived west ah?" "Did not have to sprinkle the child, here are the river. Hillside does have a village, which was very poor. Fortunately, a few years come to a support education, opened primary school. dolls are inside classes, can be considered. "Chen Jinping thought said. "Oh?" Hu nine pounds eyes a microphone. It probably is, the pail division are people too. Impossible to live in the big mountains, eat expense are to be consumed. Otherwise one day busy looking for food to spend a lot of time, where there is kung fu practitioners. Estimated in this village it. "So it seems the teachers are very dedicated thing." Hu nine pounds Oh smiled. "Is the thing we are more than this mountain, hill inside the dolls can not learn a lot of knowledge can not get lessons, grew up working out a lot do not even know their own wages have these support education to teach us, we are very grateful to them The. "Chen Jinping said the word emotion. "The teacher did not know what ah?" Two small jeep driving on this winding road, shake to shake off, is a mountain river. If the fall,Oakley Hijinx Online, it is estimated Shiguwucun. "His name Yang Kui, came several years slightly, I remember when I was little point at which he was teaching a." "The Young Kui teachers here to teach for a few years of it?" Hu gave him nine pounds cigarette. "Thank you,Coach Bags Outlet, thank you at least have two or three decades of." Chen Jinping hands Results Hu fed to nine pounds of tobacco, took nine pounds lighter give Hu point. Then gave his point. "231 years ah, the teacher really respectable ah." Hu said nine pounds emotion sounds can a poor mountainous areas who support education three decades. I will not speak if he could teach these students, the light of his spirit on this very admirable. People with emotion. "Not right? Here he taught for three decades, to teach out students at least have a few hundred people, right? Even if all of them are living at least shop and dug drywall will support Click here to die. How was he a teacher? And you have no funding EDB down for me? "was about to sigh about, Hu nine pounds suddenly reflected over. Not right? Chen Jinping was sent to the city's. Even he knows that Yang Kui this person, then the heads of the above does not know? In their own regions out of such a fast hardware characters, are achievements ah. Actually did not go to publicity? Did not give money? "The things I'd heard people talked about a few years ago when the city is to know him, to send someone to the point of his visit. Still I took the road, the school is really shabby. More than sixty students He was alone teach, it says to send a few teachers, but these teachers are both just a few days back. most strange is that these teachers come back for a few days or else he died later no one would dare to go , and they are too difficult to go mountain that point. several mountains to climb well, things are not shipped up. "Chen Jinping looked at his watch, it is now one o'clock or so. Mountains with a little breeze blowing scent of wildflowers, so dull of gasoline also reduces the car a little. "Oh, this looks like ah. Seems there really a bit evil, oh." Hu nine pounds Oh smile, he has identified. This hiding in the mountains of volunteer teachers is estimated that framed Zhao poetic dream parents pail division. "Yes Well, very evil you had any brains, he taught so many students went outside to play working business, actually one did not come back and you say there are twelve black people say, one did not come back. Gee, this it seems he is not very good, oh teach. "Chen Jinping said Baji mouth the next. "This ah? Then we went to the Yang Kui teacher school to look at it." Hu looked at nine pounds of gold sitting in the row behind him, he was sitting behind a bad complexion. Several monks packed tightly, this small Ji Puli of gasoline is very strong, it is easy to motion sickness and vomiting. Estimated that a few of them will so be it. "Which is a bit far away, they did not have road that point,Madison Coach, we get to go more than 30 years now, then go to that point at least, they are dark." Chen Jinping pointed to the distant mountains said. "Nothing, we go up." Hu nine pounds patted the back of a few people. "In this case, we have to get off in front of that point to walk the two drivers to stay at this point, he accompany you to the evening at ah point on the night. Thing down again tomorrow." "Well, so do it . "driving a car again ten minutes, Chen Jinping shouted a voice. Stopped the car, here is a fork in the road, one side is repaired gravel roads, while a man stepped out of the trail. It is estimated that to go from here in the small village of Chen Jinping said. "Everyone take a break Kazakh child! Grab to take things that are not necessary, do not bring it. Mountain road is very difficult to walk, and today it did not rain, if it rains on estimates also can not." Chen Jinping go to say the sound of the two drivers, to take a few people up the mountain. Let them go back tomorrow, when they come back and take a few. "Oh, where the air is really good thing. Come we two rows gold according to a phase." Hu nine pounds of the car, took out a camera and handed Wing wonderful. This stuff is still outside when he was at the University of the West of that confiscated. "Ah? Masters! Which is something I will not use ah." Miao Yong looked at the hands of the guy looked embarrassed smile face Juan nine pounds and root a floral line payments. Well do not need it like a picture taken so excited you? "I came to me, I'll help you picture taken, which is something I would use." Chen Jinping Xiaohe walked over. Results forever Cherish the camera. "Yo, or high-definition digital Oh, but the price is not cheap." Chen Jinping skilled turn on the power, let Hu nine pounds and rows gold stand. OK gold they did not wear that body several monks red robe, wearing a body very casual attire. This is the day before yesterday, when Hu nine pounds given his money. "Well, well. Come together!" Hu told the remaining nine pounds a few envious monk stood up to suffer together. OK Kim shoots them one. "Eggplant!" <
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